Surround Sound Speaker Stands The Test of Time

In this article were going to take a look at the best form of speakers that many people believe is the best on the market. Also, to make it fun were going to check out some more stylish designs to determine if the next line of speakers stands can hold up to your standards.

Surround sound speakers stands bring a new element to the home entertainment world. It’s brings style by complementing your living room or basement, which has a covenient way of delivering premium audio though the air with movie theater quality and sounds of expectancy when drawn into a good movie.

How would you know where to find the best types of speaker stands?

You came to the right place to find out. It’s quite simple to find the latest and greatest but it’s also important to know what exactly what do you need to bring the high definition home entertainment into your room.

When you think surround sound systems, you think wires and clunky boxes stacked in front of your TV set. In this market, there’s a new way to use surround sound system that cuts down those type of problems.

Many sound systems use different forms of technology to help make the speakers wires seem invisible.

Some people have made surround sound system apart from the living decor, which is a cool way to design your home. Many electronic shops can carry different types of surround sound systems, others has separate stylish models to display which could be all bells and whistles, but do not deliver on what you need most to complete the home theater set.

That’s why were looking into this article to find more than just a fancy stand with a speaker sitting on top.

If your in the market for the best brand of speakers, then your in luck to find more than what you bargain for, the goal of this topic is to not only educate you on the aspects of owning a speaker stand but to know how to make a good decision on what you really need for home entertainment.

Is It All About the Style or Technology

People love stylish shoes and clothes, why not have a stylish sound stand system? it’s completely possible in fact you can see most of these systems on display to entice you to buy it. But I have to say the same goes for technology as well.

It’s hard not to recognize the amazing way technology can change the way we view and experience home theater entertainment. Take for instance using Bluetooth headphones, It totally gives the user freedom to become more active without the use of wires and plug in devices to stay connected.

Millions of people use these Bluetooth headphones for multiple actions like: Talking, running, cooking, working, and sports.

The power of Bluetooth capabilities has change the way we live a lifestyle. So why not infuse it with surround sound speakers to create a world of wireless interaction that helps generate a style of convenience with higher quality sound support like no other.

Imagine the perfect setup of speakers surrounded around your room but hidden to the unknown guest, you pop in a great action flick, and like a flash of lighting, the living room is transformed into a movie theater of crystal clear audio coming from every place in the room.

Your guest will rave about the sounds they heard from different places in the room like as though as if they were in the movie themselves. This is what happens when you infuse Bluetooth technology into surround sound speaker stands. To have the ability to hide the speakers and enjoy great audio from across the room but hear them like it’s right next to you is the key.

Placing speakers Around the House is a Great Idea

Have you ever listen to a tune on the radio from one room, but realized you have to wash clothes in the next? It’s possible to rearrange the speaker stands to carry your favorite tunes to the next room and have them all playing your favorite song while your doing the laundry.

Let’s say it’s time to have a cookout and you want to mount speakers outside to entertain guest but have no outlets to plug into? no problem with Bluetooth enabled speakers. With a simple click of a button you become the DJ with the all premium sounds with no hauling of big speakers and tangling wires, just your remote control or cell phone device it’s all in your hands.

There are many ways to use Bluetooth enabled speakers, but it’s all about what type of sound are you looking for.

If your a movie buff or a sitcom junkie like myself and love a good premium sound system you can rely on to deliver more than just a speaker in front of you type of audio, then go for the best surround sound speakers that can enhance your lifestyle.

Placement Is the Key Factor to Home Theater Entertainment

Placing these wonderful wireless speakers in parts of the room is vital to the safety of you and your guest well-being. The last thing you need is a health hazard trying to have great movie experience. Keeping the distance with these speaker stands is the best way to fully enjoy the quality audio without sacrificing the crystal clarity of sound you get with the speaker close up to you.

The recommendations ask for at least 3 to 5 five feet away for Bluetooth enable devices which in most cases depending on the type of system you use can carry a good signal of quality. Placing these surround sound speakers in different directions cannot hurt due to the regulation of sound distribution.

Some people like to place surround sound speakers near the television set, while others love to place them directly behind them or even beneath them to receive the best form of sound quality.

There is no wrong place to have speakers mounted around the home it is all about where do you want the best form of entertainment to complement your lifestyle.

None of these options is possible without the use of wireless technology.

Wireless speakers is a game changer. This type of technology was not available thirty years ago. People back then had to find better way to hide the wires and mount them to the wall turning the living room or basement into a science laboratory.

Range is almost irrelevant due to its power to hold a good signal from one side of the room to the other.

Cutting out wires helps in so many ways. Can you believe it that some people have built in speakers installed in pools, bathrooms and even the bedroom to name a few.

Let’s take a look at some best forms of speakers stands to start out with and we’ll expand to multipurpose surround sound speakers with high tech capabilities that will give you the choices to see if, which one of these works for you.

Latest Brands of Speakers stands to Use:Vivo Floor Stand

VIVO Universal Premium floor stand

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Price: 69.99

Material Used: Aluminum, Tempered glass, felt

Sizes: 23″ pillars

Weight: 15.9

Dimensions: 25.2 x 13.2 x 5.8 inches

Pro’s: Has three features that make it a good choice to consider: Metal Spikes for a good foundation, Special ports to hide extra wires and Universal concept design for the best speakers to support.

Con’s: Large mounts with limited height capabilities, has no other color other than black, Bulky designs means limited space control

It’s worth the buy due to the more sleek design and style of choice which can more in way enhance the look of the living room. It’s great for starters to build a good sound system with. But it’s not meant to place in different areas of the house.

Sanus Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands

Price: 129.99Sanus Speaker stands

My Rating 4 of 5 stars

Color white (pair)

Dimensions: 29.9 x 12.3 x 3.3 inches

Weight: 18.5 pounds

adjust ability: from 26″ to 42″ inches of height

Pro’s: With it’s sleek modern look design, it’s safe to say Sanus has the cutting edge on stylish technology decor. What’s great is you don’t have to use tools to adjust it to the level of your need. Comes with a cable management system that conceals the wires to the back end of the stand.

Con’s: Although this model requires no tools for adjust ability , it does require a 15-minute setup with the use some tools for assembly. Also, this model is exclusive to only the Sonos play1 and 3 model speakers.

Sanus Adjustable speaker stands can stand the test of time, by the look and state-of-the-art design features, which can enhance the home decor around you. It’s easy to place in different positions of the room. Fits perfectly with Sonos play series speakers which is among the best in the market.

If you have any experiences with these speaker stands or in the market for one and need a few tips please feel free to ask, your comments and questions can help our community readers. Please ask or comment below.

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