SVS Prime Tower 5.0 Surround System|Review

SVS Surround Sound Specifications

SVS Prime Tower 5.0 Surround System (Black Ash)Click Her For Special Offers

Our Rating: 4 out 5 stars

Dimensions:  36.6″ x 8″ x 11.6″ inches

Item Number: WWSPWFS50B

Speaker System Weight:

  • Prime Tower Speakers 40.2 Lbs
  • Center Speakers 20.2 Lbs
  • Satellite Speakers 6.5 Lbs

Best Features:

  • 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter
  • 4.5″ midrange driver
  • dual 6.5″ woofers
  • SVS’s exclusive SoundMatch crossover  capacitors

Color: Black Ash

There so much to know about the SVS Prime Tower 5.0 It will Probably take another one of these reviews to find out more on it. But were going to just discuss the specifics and show you how this wonder yet very powerful sound system can help you and your family get the type of home entertainment your have been looking for.

SVS prime tower is one of the premiere Surround sound systems with great options to use for the basement or living room just to name a few. To really get the full idea of what this system could do you lets take a closer look at some the features that SVS has displayed to enhance your movie watching experience.

It’s all About that Bass

It’s Loaded with so much low bass power even Meghan Trainor could blush in embarrassment for it’s low tone frequency bass that sets the standard for creative excellence and phenomenal description of sound quality bass when you need it most.

The wow factor is in full display which can be the best form of opportunity you could use for your movie projector set.

If your worried about the space eating capabilities,don’t be. It’s designed to hide away in the biggest living room, yet stylish enough to blend in with the furniture with its’ sleek style of design which is slam dunk to have around the home.

SVS Prime Center Speaker (Premium Black Ash)SVS Center Speaker

The best part about this Sub-woofer is SVS built their groundbreaking new 6.5” bass woofers on an all-new cast ABS-fiberglass composite basket for precise component alignment and an inert frame without resonances or added harmonics.

Like all of the other woofers in the Prime and Ultra series, the 6.5” woofers use aluminum shorting rings for reduced distortion, and vented voice coil formers to keep the motor assemblies cool during high SPL playback.

Front And Center Sound

Most of us think, This is the main speaker to hear all the premium sound

and high quality performance, well yes and no. It’s a very important part of the speaker set and design but it’s not the most important. We all should know that speaker work together to bring out the best sound.

Each one has a very important part to contribute. It’s like having a starting five in basketball,the center is apart of the offense and defensive set that works with the other pieces to create a set to execute a play on either side of the ball. Well the same works for a surround sound system.
SVS Prime Center Speaker (Premium Black Ash)

You could say it’s the first thing your hear when the movie in play but in actually it’s one of the loudest pieces your could hear while the movie is in play.

It quite wonderful to know that there is such n amazing device capable of delivering the most out your living in terms of great music fantastic sound effects.

Limitless to Attachments

That mean you can on more than you though it was possible to add. Just remember it starts with a great system, make sure this what you want to do to increase the sound value around home by expanding the reach of the speaker output by many times fold.

It is remarkable on its own in a two-channel system and in a home theater, and its voicing seamlessly melds with the other Prime or Ultra speakers in your system.

SVS Prime Tower Speaker

SVS Prime Tower Speaker - Each (Premium Black Ash)This makes so much sense to have this option for use in larger family rooms a that will require more sound reach around the room for large number of guest or family. Yet, when called on to play its part in transitions  — like a jet fighter soaring across the sky from left rear channel to front right—it blends in to create a smooth, realistic transition.

Elegantly styled like its Prime siblings, the Center will look beautiful in any listening environment.

Pro’s: Improves with time, How many times have you heard that a piece of technology can improve over time? I have found that this system could do that as well.

Perfect for mid to large size rooms and great technology to save money on as well.

Prime Tower 5.0 has the most to keep you in the focused mindset of creative opportunity for great sound and great audio performance it’s what people have been waiting for. Great sound with the durability to hold up to test of time.

Con’s: Even Though This System Has some the best features for a ideal home theater system, You could fund yourself quite overwhelmed with amount of space this SVS surround osun could take up in a  smaller room setting.

These are not Dolby Atmos speakers that means you wold have to get the speakers that is capable to handle it but it’s capable of handling it’s self for a good quality speaker system with high performance upside to it.

My Recommendation:

it’s worth the investment to have the best system in your home for many reasons, my reason is the family aspect of giving you and your cherished ones something to really enjoy and really understand how things are supposed to be in the family lifestyle household.

SVS is a good company in terms of style, comfort and convince and durability but the one thing that stands out along the most is the price it’s self. it’s quite affordable to buy in pieces.

No one could not over look how much you save for the amount of power and performance this machine delivers for the long run. You get a steal that could be at a much more high price due to it higher out put of quality performance and technical style of play.

But don’t take my word for it, try it out for you and your family and guest and tell us what do you think of SVS Prime Tower 5.0 surround sound system.

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