T.V. Sound Bar Reviews-Sonos Features and Design

Product Name: Sonos Play 5 Play Bar

Best place to buy: Amazon

Retail Price 599.00

My Rating 3 out of 5

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What Makes Sonos Play Bar Different from Other Sound Bars?

Sonos seems to want to over deliver on features, style and convience but may lack on compatibility, price and Sound quality. One of the better sound bars than most others, it’s packs quite a punch when it comes to movie play features and surround sound entertainment

I found out that its three main attributes which I think clearly makes this sound bar different from the rest.

  • Wireless Capabilities- Many sound bars require to use a HDMI hookup to obtain the level of sound quality Sonos play can carry. With the power of wireless technology, you can set up this device with ease and don’t have any trouble with cords and space to maneuver.
  • All in one Speaker System- Imagine having three speakers for surround sound and one sub- woofer jammed into one. That’s right it’s all in one and has a very sleek design to complement the flat screens sound capabilities which delivers and a heck of all lot of sound quality with rich deep bass.
  • It’s all about the bass- The bass has the power to create a wonderful crisp deep sound which will keep you at the edge of you seat.Watching you favorite movies just got better with this device in you living room.

Having Problems With installation or proper placement?

Don’t worry about this, because after you buy this model, Sonos has a 60-day free tech support for new owners of this sound bar, to help you get the right place to install this device. So don’t feel you can’t install it, a 12-year old can have better luck with hooking up the device, that’s just how easy it is to connect the sound bar to your flat screen or other devices.

Tip* If you purchase these devices and it cost over 599.00 or more, the great news is you Quailfied for 12 month financing though Amazon.com store card system. That means no interest to pay for a full 12 months.

Can I Use This Play Bar To Listen To Music?

Absolutely, It’s awesome to know that you have the power to stream music wirelessly though powerful devices like Echo Dot or any Alexa enabled device which can be a plus when you tied up doing other things, let alexa do it those simple things for you like raise and lower the volume and cycle though you playlist. Streaming music just got better, take you music with you around the house and still maintain a wireless connection.

I love the sync feature that allows you device to tirelessly connect to other sonos audio devices so it’s possible and convenient to listen to you favorite tunes anywhere in the house.

Do you Need extra speakers for installation and better sound?

No really, you can enjoy the excitement of the sound bar alone. Don’t forget about you flat screen speakers, Sonos can get the best sound quality out the smallest speakers to create surround sound you have been craving. It never hurts to try out more speakers to complement the power you can harness from this model.

If your looking to add more depth and clarity and sound for you musical or movie entertainment I recommend you to try out these Speakers and tell me what do you think.

Sonos also has the complete system for the ultimate home theater experience.

I believe it’s best to know all you can about this model and do more research on it to see if it’s the best fit for you type of system layout. But I think it’s definitely worth the buy in comparison to other sound bars, this one in particular can knock it out of the park.

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