The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget

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We’re developing a The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget that fits your family environment for years to come. We have many tips to share on how you can design your own home theater system on a good budget. It’s great to put thoughts into action and see what we hope you will establish in the future.

It’s about using your creative ideas to craft the best theater entertainment system for your needs. Let’s dive into the topics of how much size do you need for construction. Also, find out what type of budget you need for development. As you look further into this article There will is a breakdown on affordable prices for items you need for building a fantastic surround sound theater system.

The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget

We’re Breaking down the key aspects to having a budget for a large expense when it comes to home theater systems.

To Make a good budget that can cover the things needed to develop a home theater, It takes a careful consideration to understand what exactly are you looking to add to your theater project. Many of us have an idea to craft out a decent budget but wind up in an over spending in the process. Too much cost and not enough to cover for the necessities.

That is why we would recommend having an ideal budget to for each aspect of the build to get the most out of your home theater project.

Let’s take look at the main ingredients of items to start with. This will be your launching pad to work with as you build out the list things that are add-ons and complementary.

Do you require a Projector? If so, you would have to look into a Projector screen. 3D projectors is adjustable to your level of viewing and lighting. This would make things easier if you would select and find a projector set that is compatible with the latest surround sound system. This would require you to do some digging and researching for compatible projectors and home theater systems. Luckily, we have an article that helps in this type of situation: check out our article on the five things you should know about Projectors

This article is packed with Intel for how you should get the right type of projector set for home theater surround sounds and more.


If your more of an TV person you would have to consider the size of the TV for a small theater room. Ideally we often find ourselves going over budget in this area because the amazing features a bigger TV set has to offer. It’s happen to us all. But you would have to practice patience and look for the TV set to handle the necessities.

Samsung, Vizio, LG, and Sony have the best type of functions you would expect. But it could get pretty confusing when checking out the features. Remember to stay focused on your goals and set budgets. To help you more, we have a mini guide to help you stay on track while shopping for these types of TVs.The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget

  • Does It Offer WIFI Connections? It’s important to have this function because you want your system to connect with other devices for surround sound, or perhaps you love to use your phone for a remote, maybe you like to check the latest updates on TV rather than the phone. Perhaps you are used to using a tablet and want to turn on the system with it. These are important to know when shopping for that new TV.
  • What is Included In the purchase? Don’t get fooled into thinking that it’s all inclusive, when things are not really what you think. There is nothing like opening a new package only to find out that you have to go out and buy more things to operate it like batteries for example. So check the section or box to see what is inside before purchasing.
  • Is It Compatible with surround sound system? Do you really think all TVs are compatible because they are new to buy? guess again. It’s smart to just find out if the TV of choice has the most up to date compatible devices to connect with. Same goes for surround sound systems.

Take the time to understand what type of theater sound system do you want. Then measure what type of sound system your room actually needs. This will determine the value and quality of the particular surround sound system you can purchase that will make sense for you and the family.

We have some tips to share that will help in making the right choices for surround sound theater.

  • Does your sound system have wireless connections? This can make or break your chances of nailing the right choice surround sound. It’s about keeping the area clear of cords and wires. you may see that we will touch on this a few more times because it’s that important to reiterate the importance of keeping a safe and clear home entertainment area.
  • What Do You Look For in A Sound System? This could get messy if your caught up in the features and functions. It’s good to make a list of things you need for a quality sound system to work for your room. Like bookshelf speakers, to a multi functional soundbar. Whatever your need is for this system add it to a list and check it out before buying.
  • Is There Free Shipping On Purchase? This may seem inappropriate but if your on a budget, it can add up pretty fast. Most sites and places to shop have set shipping prices. Some places can offer FREE shipping on a certain amount of cost on purchase. This is a valuable tool to use when checking out certain deals and specials.

How Do I Build A Home Theater Room?

3D projector: This is for those who love a limitless screen and want to have the freedom of use with a larger area of the room. You can imagine the possibilities with a portable 3d projector set, It’s one of a kind and can range between 92.00 dollars on the low end to 4,500 on the high end. Most of the projectors are ready to accommodate your needs on either end it’s just a matter of how high of a quality do you want this projector to operate.The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget

To help you save money we outlined three awesome projectors that will save you big bucks!

Multi-Media Mini Bedroom Projector: by KUDOSALE 24- 60 inch display viewing, Has the resolution of 320* 240 can project from 0.8 to 2 meters of space, and only weighs about 300 grams. This projector has USB, HD, AV and TV ports for use. It’s rechargeable which makes easy for use in different areas. Which also cuts down on wires. It’s small enough to pack in for trips away from home. Has LED lighting which lasts up to 20,000 hours of playing time.

Comes with: Charger, AV cord, Remote control, Manual

Cost: Found on Walmart for only 31.49

Projector Screen: These wonderful screens can enhance the way you view the movie or TV show of choice, The size will make the difference in price. You would need more than enough space to operate but the good news is that portable projection screens can be either wrap up or fold into a much smaller space. Projector screens can range in size and prices like for example:

Electronic Rolling Projector screen 77.09 at 120′ inches to an inflatable 17 foot larger screen which comes with an inflatable pump at 239.00. again these screens can help you on either side of the coin, it’s all about the size and the room that will determine you taste for building a theater center.

foldable Anti Crease Portable Projector Screen: This is made by Outerdo and is 84′ inches, which great for saving space and it’s ratio for viewing is 16:9 ratio which makes it easy to use for movies, gaming and more! This screen can be hung by string, with hooks and 4-6 holes, pinned or stuck to a wall. This can also work for backyard cinemas, also Check Out Our Article For Creative Backyard Theater Ideas To Find Out More. we found this on Walmart for only 10.00

Indoor Outdoor Portable Movie Screen: This screen is made by Hzgang this screen size is 120″inches. It’s not recommended for white backgrounds. You can also fold this screen to backpack size. It’s double-sided, so there is no need to guess which side to use for operation. This projector screen can be use for multi-purpose functions like shadow dancing, lighting techniques, and of course you can use it for the home theater action. Take it outside and post in the air for a backyard theater as well. This was spotted on Amazon for only 9.99 dollars!


Smart TV: This is another option to consider, Most of us love the big screen TV with great resolutions and fantastic features. These Smart TVs can offer the most in convince and is built to communicate with surround system as well.

The sizes and quality functions will determine the price for sure. That is why we recommend only looking for the things you need when shopping for a smart TV. But ultimately it’s to get you more familiarized with the brands and prices we have a list to show you.

24 inch Westinghouse ROKU Smart TV:

Offers: Voice Control, Stream Services Built in, Access to Gaming Consoles, and is surround sound ready. Cable, Sat, and Antenna ready. It’s an automatic update to get your latest apps and software so you are ready for use it.

Has Three HDMI ports for wired connections/ Has a resolution size of 720p which is a good picture view to start with.

The Price for this Smart TV Set is 99.00

Toshiba 32′ inch LED HD Smart Fire TV

  • WIFI Connections
  • 720p resolutions
  • Alexa Voice remote
  • Stream movies and shows with built in apps
  • LED Display
  • 3 HDMI and 1 USB Ports

This Smart TV Price is set for 159.99

What TV size is Good for A Home Theater Room?

Let’s take a look at the size of a room which you will create the home theater system worth designing and loving. We will give you our recommended sizes and for particular sound system. Also, we’ll give some tips for certain items to check out.

For those of us just starting out, an average room size would be 10 by 15 feet of space. An ideal personal family room for entertainment. This would be fun and affordable to have good to better surround sounds. The TV set would be around 43 to 55 inches which gives you a space of 7 to 11.5 inches of space to watch.

We suggest you should get a good measure of distance between where your sitting and the TV screen to enjoy viewing at your own comfort level.

For the projector screens crown, this would require for your viewing pleasure of at 80 inches. Which is the lowest size to use for smaller rooms. The highest would be 150 inches.The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget

This is a small breakdown of what you should be comfortable with in terms of space for viewing TVs and Projectors.

How far should you be from the screen

Tv screen size (1080p) Suggested viewing distance in inches Suggested viewing distance in feet.

70 in 114 – 120 in 9.5 – 10 ft

75 in 120 – 129 in 10 – 10.75 ft

80 in 129 – 135 in 10.75 – 11.25 ft

85 in 135 – 140 in 11.25 – 11.5

How far should you sit from 120-inch screen

Projection Distance

Screen or image size Projection distance (1) Minimum to Maximum Screw hole number (2)

80 inches (203 cm) 110 to 121 inches (281 to 306 cm) 4

100 inches (254 cm) 138 to 151 inches (351 to 383 cm) 3

120 inches (305 cm) 166 to 181 inches (422 to 461 inches) 2

150 inches (381 cm) 208 to 227 inches (529 to 577 cm) 1

This would be perfect for the average size room. This is what we believe to be best sizes in average. For those that are in large spaces like the basement and garage areas, you would have to use bigger space for viewing and a bigger TV or Projector screens to make it work.

For Surround sound systems, this is our recommend options for use in a 10 by 15 foot room size.

Sonos Surround Sound system does the job for rooms that are 10 to 25 feet in diameter. Each speaker is designed to reach out and reflect sound vibrations to make the experience that much better. Plus Sonos is designed to accommodate to your room size. Know in mind the bigger the space the better the surround.The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget

The price ranges for Sonos surround sound

Surround set (1) 1,359.00 Which Includes :

  • Subwoofer- a low tone bass that is room rocking sound with deep rich contrasting tones and crystal clear sharpness.
  • Surround Speakers- One SL Wireless speakers, uses Bluetooth connectivity. Plus delivers surreal audio performance.
  • Sonos Beam Soundbar- Wireless, communicates with the system and the TV or Projector set. Also, has voice control.

Surround Set (2) 1,856.00 which Includes:

  • Subwoofer- Has the ability to reach any size room structure and deliver the performance of any special effects viewing.
  • Surround Sound Speakers- Pairs with The sub and soundbar to sync into a powerful surround sound theater.
  • Sonos Arc- Not Your typical soundbar, Has Voice control, Music Apps, Mini subs and amps built into it’s system.

Shipping is always free. Sonos uses your shipping information to present you with customized shipping options.

Bose Wireless Surround sound system is great for smaller room sizes. The superior performance you get with a powerful sound system makes the difference with Bose. Equipped with two wireless speakers and a subwoofer which turns the room into a home cinema worth investing into.

Bose Surround sound set(1)

  • Smart Soundbar 300- WIFI and Bluetooth technology, Voice Control and hand held remote, Bose Music App. For 399.99
  • Bose surround speakers- Definite Sound clarity, Surrounds the room with superior audio entertainment for 299.00
  • Bose Base Module 500– Massive carrier of sound bass and completes your surround sound theater for 399.00

Bose Surround Sound Set (2)

  • Smart Sound Bar 700- Universal Remote, Voice control, Wireless Connection to TV and surround sound for 799.00
  • Bose surround sound speakers 700- A little taller than the four inch 300 series speakers, twice as much sound for 499.00
  • Bose Base Module 700- More crisp powerful bass with a room shaking depths of sound creation for 699.00

These two sets are different from one another. The first set is more for those who are on a tighter budget. The second set is for those of us who crave more home entertainment and has the additional room and family for cinema fun. All Shipping on these two sets is FREE as long it’s over 50 dollars or more. And you get to try it out for 90 days risk free to see if it’s what you wanted in surround sound system.

How Does A Theater Room Add Value?

It’s about improving your overall look of the home that makes sense for the long term. This could make your home value double or set you back for years if not crafted the right way. That is where we come in to help you understand and navigate though the pit falls.

This is where we give you a simple step by step process to designing an ideal theater system. This will give you the creative juices to brainstorm your own ideas for making a theater room of your own choice.

Using a room To create a home theater entertainment center should not be all technology and electrical equipment. It should complement your room with stylish, and living room types of design that is easy and comfortable to be in. Theater systems have come a long way in today’s styles of home entertainment. We have some tips to help you get more of that type of feel with some great ides to use when selecting an ideal theater system.The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget

  • Stick to Wireless systems- It’s easier to connect to other systems and you would not have to worry about tangling cords and wires taking up space an around the room. Nobody likes tripping over wires trying to move around the room.
  • Use Voice Controlled Systems- That allows you to access the web and control the audio. This makes things easier to operate in case your in a comfortable spot and don’t want to disrupt the mood by moving around and looking for the remote.
  • Smaller Devices Is Better For Small Rooms- You can make the case that having bigger speakers and longer soundbar is great but in a room, but that has only so much space to move around in. It’s better to have powerful speakers that is half the size than the bigger and more expensive ones that take up space.
  • Limit the lighting In Your room- Once Your in the mood of viewing and watching great movies or TV shows, having more light distracts and take away the quality of picture your eyes has yet to see. Using darker curtains to help would also block noise and sound distractions.

Following tips would greatly improve the quality of theater entertainment the room. You will find that friends and family can not resist the room to have a royal night of enjoyment that will bring the family together with ease. This is what true value is in developing a room for cinema entertainment that whole family can love and enjoy together.

Small Budget Home Theater Design Ideas To Use

These are the top recommended ideas and tips you should check out for designing your own theater system. This would include affordable electronics and where to position these items for the full cinema theater performance.

Room Space savings Tips: Decide to use limited device for use in the room which could cut down on the clutter in most cases. It’ best to use good judgment when operating under such tighter and strict budget.

It’s great to understand the where exactly the system is placed this will determine the ares of space are able to work with the amount of people be allowed to have in the room. Most of us have these devices placed around the room for full entertainment experience. It’s good to have it placed between the furniture sets and around the floor area of the room that’s not too noticeable and can create a fun filled environment.

Purchasing Options: It’s best to keep your options open for better deals and savings when shopping when you see an okay deals on item and see a certain time of day when savings are abundant, It may pay off more to save more and wait, versus just get the item when you first see it. Check for specials and when shopping for projectors and sound bars and speakers. These types of equipment can add up when not noticing at first.

Buy in Bundles: We try to get the most inexpensive deal on every piece of device we can find to help our purchasing power grow. But it’s better to buy in bundled set that will limit to amount of items to buy, which in turn will make the process much more smother and cheaper to navigate though.

We hope that you have found these tips, and advice very helpful to developing a fun fantastic and amazing theater system, for your room on a good reasonable budget. For more tips and advice on these topics check out our articles on home theaters and more at We have a link to share this on Pinterest just click the link and save to your favorite board on Home Theater designs Ideas and comment below if you have questions.

The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget.

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