The Best Ways to Mount a Sonos Beam

The Best Ways To Mount A Sonos Beam

After taking your Sonos beam out of the box, where should you place it? if there is no space to place it near your TV, find out what is The Best Ways to Mount a Sonos Beam without placing holes in the wall. Plus were giving ideas on how to install beam. We also look forward to sharing with you how sonos beam can sync with the best smart TV. Get Do’ (s) and don’t (s) for mounting a soundbar to a Smart TV as well.

Look, nobody wants a faulty mount or worst, a bunch of mistake holes in the wall after the first failed attempts. That is why you should read on to get these simple tips for mounting a sonos beam the right way.

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The Best Ways to Mount a Sonos Beam

We know what you’re saying…” I can get a wall mount and boom it’s done.” but what if the wall you have is too thin or too thick? Perhaps you have a brick wall that requires more than just the standard screwdriver and screws? These are things we must take into account when dealing with mount for a TV or Soundbar.

Luckily, we have some options for you to try out and use for your own particular type of wall. We figured you would need many options because, we all don’t have same walled structure for mounting. Check out the list below for details for options mounting sonos Beam.

The Best Ways to Mount a Sonos Beam Sonos Black Wall Mount For Beam Soundbar (Each)1.Traditional Mounting: some sonos soundbars come with a mounting kit to install it yourself.
For those of us who do not have this kit There is a place we could recommend to you for purchasing mounts specifically for sonos beam. Go to Abt get started with your order. and if you act now, your shipment is FREE. or you could click the image to get started—>

Purchasing this mount, gives you a one-year warranty for parts and labor and customer support is available if you need assistance for installation.

2. Adhesive Mounting: The sonos beam weights up to 8 lbs. In this situation, would we have adhesives that could ease the guilt of putting holes in the wall Plus the need to move or to place it in different areas. Therefore, we have the next option for your needs.

3. Mounting hooks: Mounting beam on a brick wall requires mounting hooks for support and better structure. Adhesive strips may help but eventually they will not support the beam any longer. This can be done with our simple tips below for mounting hooks below this section.

The Best Ways to Mount a Sonos Beam Sanus Black Soundbar Mount Designed For Sonos Beam (Each)

4. A Mounting bracket for both TV and Soundbar: This may be the easiest way to save you are wall from further destruction. By simplifying the process.

A simple one-way setup for both mounts is the way to go for better and safer installation. Most manufacturers have a standalone mount specific devices why not have it for both?

We have a better solution for this It’s made by Sanus which is designed for Sonos soundbar devices. This mount can support up to 14 lbs. of soundbar weight and can take the weight of a TV set in ranges of 37 inches to 70 inches with a max TV weight of 7lbs.

To get more of an idea we have a link for you to take a closer look at ABT or click the image

4 Easy Ways to Mounting Sonos Beam

Now that you have this brand new shiny sonos beam fresh out of the packaging, there is a set of directions for mounting. That seem look like a foreign language. Even though it’s readable. If the technical terms for installation does not comprehend to your understanding. It’s okay, we can help you on this.

The best ways to install a mount on the wall should be the simplest. That is what we want for you. Here is our guide for basic standard setup for each of these options above.

This won’t have the specifics to the instructional guides, but it will give you a better idea as to what you need for a more secure installation. We complied information from Sonos guides and other brand name mounting bracket companies and broke it down to a common English language that’s easier to use.

Things You Would Need to mount Your sonos Beam:

  • Leveler for measuring the balance for mounting
  • Plastic screws and wall plugs
  • Electric Drill with a 5/16 drill bit
  • Mounting bracket
  • Philips’s screwdriver
  • cardboard cutout mount for measuring and size
  • Tape measure or ruler for marking the positional screw holes

Traditional Mounting:

1. Use the Tape measure or rule to make the markings on the wall for holes

2. Make sure the marks are even by placing the balance next to the marks and guiding it along the wall.

3. Use the drill to screw in holes, to support the weight of the sonos beam will be (three screws).

4. Screw in the Wall plugs into each of the holes to secure the screws for mounting

5. Place the cardboard cutout over the holes and screw in two of the screws half-way to see if the mount looks flush.

6. Take off the cardboard cutout and replace it with the actual mount after taking the two screws out of the wall.

7. Place the mounting screws into the wall with the actual mounting bracket.

8. Screw in the plastic screws into the soundbar that is sitting on the mounting bracket.

Things you will need for mounting Sonos beam without screws:

  • 3M Adhesive strips Four strips
  • Leveler
  • Drawing Pen or pencil
  • Cardboard cutout of the soundbar
  • zip ties for keeping the cords together
  • Ruler or yardstick

Adhesive Mounting Steps

1. Measure and mark the wall twice with the drawing pencil for the strips.

2. Use the ruler or smaller yardstick to make sure the marks are even for mounting

3. Place the leveler on top of the yard stick or ruler to make sure it its balanced.

4. Carefully place the adhesive strips with film removed, on top of the markings (make sure it’s in between the marks)

5. Press firmly to secure the strips on the wall for ten seconds. (Do this for all four strips)

6. Take the cardboard cutout of the sonos beam bracket and place it over the strips to make sure the bracket is even.

7. Remove the cardboard cutout and remove the strip covering to expose the adhesive side for mounting the bracket.

8. Carefully Place the Bracket over the expose adhesive strips, by firmly pressing it against the wall for ten seconds.

Things you would need for mounting sonos beam using hooks:

  • Command hooks (two to four)
  • Leveler
  • Bracket Guide comes with the purchase of soundbar
  • Desk tape
  • Mounting screws/ and washers
  • Philips’s screwdriver

Mounting hooks:

1. Place the Bracket guide on the wall and mark the wall and tape it, then use the leveler to make sure it’s even.

2. Wipe the wall gently (without wiping away the marks) with rubbing alcohol and towel to clean the wall surface.

3. Place the Command Hooks where you made the marks and tape it but do not remove the film strips yet.

4. Take off the desk tape and remove the film to the strips and press firmly to the wall to secure it for ten seconds.

5. Place the Mount onto the hooks using the bracket holes and test it by pressing downward slightly with your hand, then place the washers on the holes and use the screws to mount the soundbar onto the mount.

Things You would need to use for a Universal mount:

  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Philips Screwdriver/ Electric drill
  • 4 to 5 Rubber Washers for Mounting between bracket and the soundbar
  • Instructional Guides for Assembling Universal Mount

Universal TV Sonos Beam Mount:

1. Assemble the Universal Mount using the instructional guide to make sure the mount is secure.

2. Place the TV onto the mount and secure it using the screws and instructional guidelines of the manual.

3. Place the washers on the mounting brackets before placing the soundbar on top of the mount.

4. Place Sonos beam on top of the bracket with all four washers secured underneath it.

5. Screw in all Four mounts securing the soundbar to the universal bracket.

Do’s & Don’t (s)’s To Mounting Sonos Beam

Have you ever heard the saying, ” measure twice, cut once” well that is what we hope to educate you for preventive purposes? We all have done it, made uneven cuts or lines in the wall or underestimated the length of something and wine up going over the size or under it. Well, this is about getting the pitfalls out the way by learning from the mistakes of others.

This will ensure a better chance of success and lessens the number of mistakes we all tend to make time to time. Take a look at our do’s & don’t(s)’t’s list to get an understanding to properly mounting a sonos beam on the wall effectively.


Test the mount: It’s always a good idea to pressure test your mount no matter what type it is and what form of bond you are using. For those of you who prefer to use adhesive mounting solutions, press firmly on the adhesive strips for ten seconds to make sure it’s connected to the wall firmly.

For those of you who prefer to use the screw and drill technique, slight tighten the screws enough to so there is no wiggle and jiggle. To test the mount’s weight capacity, place a couple of books on top of the mount to see if it’s compatible with the weight.

Measure twice and apply once: We know it’s measure twice and cut once but, we are not cutting anything..LOL This has to be correct to make sure the mount is at the same length and is evenly applied to the strips This has to be done correctly with drilling, this is in case you may have a lopsided mount which could make the soundbar side off or look uneven. This could drive you crazy.

Give the cords Space: This is necessary. Having access to cords and wires when the reception is bad or need resetting is vital. Most sonos soundbars have a craved-out space on the back of the soundbar to allow access to the connections.

If there isn’t a space or something seems to block the way, Keep it away from the wall by creating the space of at least 1 to 2 inches for disconnecting and plugging in other wires and cords. *Also marking the wires or ports could save you the guess work.


Don’t (s) use any screws for mounting: Mounting a heavier device such as a soundbar needs a sturdy mount for long term use. It’s not wise to use weaker or rusty screws for drilling. This may result in faulty installation and could cause problems down the road. Use Plastic wall mounting screws or steel screws for drywalls.

Don’t forget about the Wall plugs: It may seem tedious, but it’s needs to be installed. It’s the difference between a sturdy mount and wobbly one. Plus, you are saving a lot of unwanted damage to the wall by placing these plugs in the drill holes. They will prevent wear and tear from the movement of mount.

Don’t double stack the mount: It’s not a good idea to place more than one object on top the mount. It’s designed to carry the weight one device. Doing this could make the mount buckle and fall apart over time. Try to keep things off the mount that supports the soundbar (Only). Even though it looks secure, it does not mean it’s strong enough for more weight,

The Best Smart TV For Sonos Beam

Now that you have one of the best Sonos soundbars properly mounted to the wall, what are you going to watch it on? Are you sure the current TV you have can handle what sonos beam has to offer for an ideal home entertainment system?

Perhaps you are in the market for buying a new TV. Would you like to know what is the best TV for Sonos Beam? We have some suggestions for you to take a closer look at to help you get the right type of entertainment and use beam to the best of its abilities.

These smart TV’s are the best and the top of the line in terms of visual theater quality and syncs well with sonos soundbars. If you click on these images, there is a chance you could catch some great deals on these sets while supplies last.

The Sony X1 4K UHD Smart TV

XBR65Z9F 65

This has the makings of a fabulous home theater set. Turning on this smart TV is like unlocking the vault to a new world of colors and contrast. Sony X1 has the technology and the ports connections for a high-powered sonos beam.

Wireless connections are seamless and can be such an ease to use. Just look at these features below and witness the power of fusion with Sony and Sonos beam. Click the image to check out more!


X1 experience Processor: With X1 processor running, Sony can detect and enhance the objects by brightening every detail of color. Making every image seem very realistic.

X wide angle: Enjoy watching Sony X1 Smart TV from Every angle in the house, no more moving around to get the best seat when every seat in the room gives you the best viewing. That means, every shade of color and contrast never bleeds away or looks fuzzy from different angles.

X- motion clarity: No more wondering if the picture has the ability to keep up with fast-paced motion when you have x motion clarity to display crystal clear detail in the fastest pace action sequences.

Triluminos displays: a beautiful wider color pallet that develops as the image is focused to bring in a realistic view of pictures with a wide array of colors, hues and shades. Think billions of colors to use for viewing

HDR entertainment: Now the power of gaming and movies in you are hands with HDR programming formats. This feature is built to handle all the complexes of soundbars equipment and gaming software combine to deliver and never disappoint.

4K HDR Display: No more “Banding” and making up for color tones and gradations when you have a smoother super bit mapping setup from Sony 4K HDR picture quality. That means, you can enjoy true views of the sunset with a natural look and many colors of shade and contrast with love.

Alexa Powered: Voice control the Sony X1 Smart TV without even touching the remote. Alexa handles the task that you may end up trying to find by remote. Just use your voice to flip to a favorite show or movie and turn up the volume,

Samsung OLED TV Is another amazing Smart TV with fabulous features. To take a closer look at is design and functions for the sonos beam check out our recommend article which goes in-depth about all the ways for syncing it to sons beam and other home theater devices as well it called: How To Buy A Samsung TV?

Lg OLED 65′ 4K HDR Smart TV: This is the best smart TV You have ever imagined. Witness the true power of AI technology with thinQ processors, discover more colors with brilliant image displays for crystal clear pictures.

Have it under your control with Alexa. It’s perfect for sonos Beam in every way possible. Just check out what LG can do for you Today! Follow this link to the home page by Clicking the Image Below to get started


Benefits To Owning a Sonos Beam

We cannot explain enough about how the great it is to own a brand new Sonos beam. Then mounting it on you are wall for the world to see it’s magnificent display of power coming into you are home.

This would make you are neighbors green with jealousy. You have so many options to choose from because it’s crafted from movie Theater technology. It’s in you are hands to explore what sonos beam can do for you. We would like to share the best features Beam can do and how does it improve you are everyday lifestyle

hearing the speakers as they interact with you are living room in a way you have never heard of is truly amazing. It’s no wonder why people are chopping at the bit to own one. But here is why they are so fascinated with its features.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) - Black

Be sure to check out our article review on Sonos Beam before you make a purchase on this site. It’s vital to understand how soundbar works before use so you would know what it is fully capable of doing for you are home theater system.

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