Theater Home Seating Review: Seatcraft Delta Recliners

Seatcraft Delta Recliner Row of 2

Best place to buy: amazon

Deals To Watch for: 50 dollars off purchase upon approval for reward card

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Colors: Brown, Red, Black

Product Dimensions: 37 x 66 x 33 inches

What Type of set: Two Recliner set

Best Features: Lighted Cup Holders / USB ports

Seatcraft Delta Line of furniture is one of the amazing pieces of furniture to cherish and keep for years to come. Delta specializes in better comfort which makes things simple for style and convince. As you get to know the better traditions of the seatcraft family you will notice the commitment to serving you as a potential customer.

You can cal it an intuition or a knack for knowing what people want and then delivering on the promise of giving opportunity to others so we all could benefit in this great home theater entertainment.

It’s just as apart of the theater lifestyle as a projector to watch movies with. Or even the lighting is good for creating an avenue of quality which brings things into focus. Surround sound systems is integral part of the process of developing a world of great sound clarity that enriches your daily thirst for better entertainment.

If you take notice of the fine aspect of this recliner set. You will realize how important it is to have these in home for the years to come. Plus the quality of life will give more to family and friends as they will see how great it is to have an amazing home theater furniture seating

Let’s check out the features to Seatcraft’s theater seating, If theirs something you would like to know more about in detail please visit for more.

Seatcraft Delta Features:

Getting a Shaking and Rumbling Feeling

This is one the movie surrealistic features to have in your set for home theater action. To be able to not only enjoy the full action of the movie by watching dazzling colors of display or high speed lighting or even sharp crisp sounds coming from Surround sound speaker displays but nothing comes closer to this feature when your actually feel the power of the movie action sequence delivering you the greatest value of realistic motion in seating.

Feel the Boom, crash, or explosion of the movie coming directly into your own recliner. Impress family and friends for the first time and have them in shock and awe over that power to feel the action as well as see it in real time motion.

This feature is called Sound-Shaker which is sold separately by giving you the option to have in your home. But I strongly encourage you to take the opportunity experience the type of feeling you may think is totally worth it’s weight in gold.

Check more details on the sound shaker amplifier by check out amazon information page here.

Lighting up your Recliner

To give more thought to this, imagine your self trying to navigate though a crowded theater with two hands full of popcorn. It’s dark and you don’t want to disturb anyone while stepping over and around people so it’s best to take the long way around and hope that you don’t trip, fall and spill your food everywhere.

So we all look for the illumination lights aligned along the walls and stairs of the movie theater, make our way to the seats and realize you only have one cup holder and no space to sit it in.

In this case it’s your choice to ask for an extra cup holder that isn’t in use or simply hold your drink throughout the whole movie. The cup holder you see is dark and almost barely visible to place your drink inside of and end spilling a cold tall cup of ice soda over an expecting person.

Well thank goodness you don’t have to relieve those days of movie nightmares when you can enjoy the simple comforts of home theater lifestyle in the most amazing ways that caters to the convenience of quality and comfort that you value most.

LED Cup holders and Base Lighting is installed into the recliner unit which will help in times of watching the movie while enjoying a soda to drink. This genius, yet simple illumination can turn on and off when ever you want and you can drink with confidence knowing that your not spilling anything or anybody for that matter.

Power Recliner Support

On the verge of dominating the market in comfort and style, Seatcraft displays ways to solve the problems people have with back issues and getting into right position to enjoy a movie with a simple push of a button. This makes things in life that much sweeter. To have the power to control what position your back neck and legs go into while reclining it’s about the experience you share with loved ones and family taking the pain and stress off of your mind and body while you focus on the entertainment.

These button has a simple control feature, four different sets to control the parts of your body that need the comfort and adjustment the most. As you look for more relaxing ways to sooth your back and neck remember to look closer than you will see the USB port to hook your favorite device for charging as well.

This is all located around each recliner control panel this will give you the ease of reach with try to strain for a remote or look for a button to push.

Tray Tables and Arm Storage Opportunities

Thought of a great option to have around you who need it most. No more fumbling around with remotes or losing other devices willing watch a movie or simply just relaxing. When you have arm rest center console at your service this make the process simple to get in tuned for good entertainment.

But while your stashing the good peanuts and candy from others, there is an option to have a tray table mounted right in front of you to use for placing the tub of popcorn and nachos in one place while your attention is on the movie.

What a joy to have optimal spacing for magazines and books to store and keep by your side. It’s like the gift just keeps giving for seat crafts line of features. Each recliner has its own tray and table and storage unit so it’s possible enough space for two as well.

My recommendation: It’s with great consideration to humbly give you my recommendation for taking the opportunity to see if this is what you need for your living room or just take a leap of faith and make the initial investment toward fine home theater furniture seating.

For more exciting devices for theater systems take a look at some the most effective ways to get the best for your living room on a budget by clicking here. Please don’t’ forget to leave a comment and share this with friends.



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