Theater Room Seating: The New Generation Of Value

In this new age of technology It’s great to be a part of it. You have so many features to building a great home theater room it’s crazy to see it getting better and better. Nowadays You can see the transition in technology in most of this theater furniture seats, and it’s no secret they are improving before our very own eyes. The whole theater furniture set is committed to the excellence of style, comfort, and luxury.

Theater room seating has a new generation of value because it’s taking things to another level for your lifestyle. It’s not just a TV set and a good couch to sit in and chill, you have to realize that’s it all about the aspects of living with the finest in entertainment today.

In this article were going to take a look at some of the best selections in theater furniture and breakdown how it can help improve your life style in the living room or basement maybe even the garage for those who have an adventurous passion for the garage theater opportunities.

Flash Furniture Three Piece Recliner

Why have one theater style recliner when it’s better to have three to sit and share your relaxation with friends and loved ones. Complete with a pillow top design for soft comfort and reclines to your position for watching TV or my favorite position sleep mode. The feature for this lovable recliner set is:

  • Two end recliners with recessed levers
  • Middle Recliner with a pull handle
  • Two Center Storage Consoles With Cup holders
  • Leather Pillow Top Headrest For premium comfort and classic movie style.
  • Console container sizes: 11″ w x 24.5″ D x 23″ Height
  • The interior size: 8.5″ W x12.5″D x 10.5″ Height

Flash Furniture has more of a complementary style type of furniture set that’s perfect for any living room and its accommodating for all types of home entertainment.

You could see yourself in gaming with friends to settling down to read a and relax and it’s great for sleeping in the full reclining position. For those who are into this type of style of furniture set check out these type of furniture seats that is similar to this one with features you can find to have more value in your home.

To check out this set for a good deal you could go to Amazon for details.

SeatCraft 4801 Capitol Home Theater Sofa

Many people love a good leather couch with the cool classic look and smooth touch to rest and relax with the family. There is so many things to love about great leather theater sofa set we sometimes forget there are others like the fabric style sofa.

Fabrics is making a great comeback for those who love the high end design texture and graphic detail made to complement the rest of your living room. Seat craft has made things more interesting in the department of style and dazzling array of class and fine luxury, it’s not wonder people flock to this type of brand to see what’s the new line of furniture coming out for you to see.

Just look at the features you can have in your home by checking out what features can bring the most out your home theater set.

Strong and Comfortable: Wondering about the rigors of life beating up the fabric? don’t be, it’s built to endure the toughest stains and potential wear and tear life can throw at it. Best of all you can easily clean the seats and don’t worry about the smells because it’s breathable which makes it resistant to mold and mildew smells.

Best in its Class: Rest assured to know that it’s all about your comfort and convince. Seat craft has made the sofa life easy to love the comfort with it’s powered headrest, and adjustable powered recliner that has a memory feature to set it and forget all at your tips. Dream about this sofa because it will place you in a whole new level of class comfort with just one sit you will forget about the rest of day and chill out on one the stylish pillows that comes with this beautiful set.

Built for Your Home Theater: It’s time to get the popcorn and relax in one of these seats for home entertainment. You could realize the what a great set features to use for movie theater action like the USB and charging cup holders

The level of quality is second to none when the lights are off and the center consoles lights illuminate the stainless steel cup holders whole you enjoy a buttered bowl of popcorn resting on top of the flip out tray table that hods more than enough devices and belongings to help you enjoy the move and don’t’ worry about spilling.

Seat craft’s dimensions for this sofa is : 86″ wide, 41″ tall, and 39″ long so your looking to save some space for this set it’s perfect for small theater spaces and great on comfort. Three inch wall Hugging ablities allow you fully recline to a 21″ position and still down even touch the wall.

To check out more on this particular theater sofa check out Amazon For more details. If you look for more like these you could look into this review for better a better deal on great theater furniture.

Octane Mega XL950 Home Stadium Seating

We all dream of that one set of furniture that captures our imagination of total comfort and peace of mind knowing you don’t have to pay to sit next to a total stranger and sticky seats but want that wonderful seating to have in your own home to relax in.

Power reclining seating: That’s right, you can recline to your favorite position in a push of a button. This can make your home theater experience that much easier. Just sit and set your favorite position and the seats lock in the position automatically after you press the feature button.

Deep Hidden Storage Container: Looking to store items nearby you when the lights are off and your in the middle of the movie? Well no need to worry because Octane is proud to present deep storage containers located just under the armrest for all of your devices and magazines and makes the clutter go away. Just lit and stow and it’s able to hold a large amount of things as well.

Blue Ambient LED Lights: The awesome part to this recliner gives you light in the right places to see where your going whole the movie is still playing and you don;t have to turn on the lights to see whole disrupting others. These wonderful LED’s is installed in the cup holders and foot rest to which make the overall look truly amazing.

Built in USB ports: Having trouble finding an outlet to plugin? Octane has that covered too. Power up your devices whole you power down to watch a good movie. This is luxury at its best.

Octane Assesory Dock: This brilliant feature can give you more options like tray table access and reading lights, and wine glass holders plus much more. Octane feature is better than you average recliner.

To get a better look at this recliner you could head over to Amazon to catch a good deal for this theater set. Or you could read on to find out more like this recliner by clicking here.

Homall Manual Leather Recliner

For those of us that love a good personal recliner with the basic features and great classic style to sit back in and enjoy the day after a hard days worth of work you could fully appreciate it’s way of stylish living comforts with its modern age look for starters.

The features to this recliner is:

Double thick padded foot rest for extra foot support

Extra wide and long arm rest to get full extension on back and arm support

Adjust to favorite position in easy reclining seats.

Homall recliners is easy to assemble it’s no hassle for installations.

It’s about the simple ways to building a comfort lifestyle. Start off your theater room with this recliner to set the mood for premium comfort and home entertainment. For a better perspective check out more from Amazon and check out more like this recliner for home theater rooms.

What Type of Value Do You get From Theater Home Seating?

This is your chance to share with the world your ideal stylish theater furniture to have in a home theater or a basement.

It’s so many ways to express your thoughts on theater furniture. That is why it’s good to share these amazing ideas to us all so we can enjoy this new generation of theater room seating values. Please share your comments and questions below this article and tell us what do you think.

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