Theater Sectional Recliner Review

Octane Seating Blaze Home Theater Love seat

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Size Dimensions: 120 x 39 x 44

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Color: Brown

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Weight: 230 pounds

Model Number: XL900

Octane Blaze is Better

tter Octane XL900 is what you have been missing for very long time. Why? well that’s just what we are looking to find in this review for those who seek great comfort and convince at the highest level. Let’s be honest here, you work hard for your money and deserve to have the best when settling into a great love seat that’s built for the ages and considered beyond its time.

Many of us could understand the focus on style, quality and great comfort, then its time to seek more in life with a premium choice to get your hands on for the theater quality life style. Octane not only supports and gives comfort, This wonderful theater set has many more things to offer for multiple areas of satisfaction.

To put things more clearly let’s take a look at some of its feature to get an idea as to what you need to do for better home entertainment. Understand the meaning of the phase of High performance comfort because this what you are experiencing every time you sit in one these sofa sets.

The leather is Top Notch

As you know it takes more than you usual cover seating to help solidify your needs for premium comfort. Octane use nothing short of a high quality in touch leathers selection, which brings the best forms of texture and tonality for great durably and fine style for support. The color scheme is consistent which is nice to see a one level color to complement your living rooms overall look and feel not take away or confuse.

Octane uses Luxe to help keep that overall finish for fantastic look and feel. You could get the feeling this was selected wisely in from its array of color pallets to bring out the best for its lines of furniture. You will be amazed by the thickness of the leather that continues to improve throughout the years as more age and seasons help improve the overall look.

Blaze’s Accessory Dock

It’s about the convince of having all of your drinks and devices in the right places to use at the right moment. People love to have things placed in a particular place to have at arms length, so why not have a better opportunity to illuminate the cup holders so at night or when the movie is playing you will have the ability to know where your placed you drink without spilling it?

These cup holders are placed in the armrest near the hand rest area, this is another fine the piece intuitive technology Octane has use while listening the customer in the process. With a simple push of a button you can make it illuminate to keep an eye on your drinks in style.

LED Lights For Everyone

Just imagine people getting up to leave for the bathroom or need to refresh the drink without disturbing others turning on lights or tripping over each others feet.

This feature can be the game changer you have been waiting on for your own home theater. Have you ever notice the lights placed around the seating area at the movies? It’s like that but much better to have them in side your home. Now you can have those special LED lights around the base of the recliner to show where you are heading in case of a bathroom break or something that may come up, without making a mess or disturbance to others.

Hug a Wall Recliner

Are you worried about the recliner scratching and rubbing against the wall when relaxing in the full position to read or sleep? Don’t even think about it when you are relaxing in a blaze recliner. The design is set up to give you maximum recliner position without taking up too much room or scratching the walls in process.

With only four inches away from the wall blaze calls this feature the “Wall away” feature which could mean you have full relaxation and confidence of knowing its not too close or rubbing up against the wall.

My Recommendation:

Its one the many reclining love seats that could rival a couch, sofa or sectional in its a own way. This brings many other options and ways to get the best opportunity for premium fun, and excellent entertainment.

Octanes Blaze’s theater seating has much to offer even for the most skeptical and loyalist to other brand name furniture sets. Once you take a seat, its a transformation in heaven. I would give this seating a try but if you need more reviews to find more information about this check amazon’s review page for more.

Please feel free to visit our helpful page on placement and savings for better theater room features here. Give us a quick comment to tell us what do you think of this model.

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