Top 5 Reasons To Own a Kilpsch 40 2.1 SoundBar

The history of Kilpsch has made its mark on the home entertainment world. Many of us who dream of a system that has the abilities to amaze us with style, clarity and performance is almost unheard of. That is until we came across Kilpsch’s latest system. This sound set makes you want to try it out just by looking at the model. Each of the system features screams HIFI.

In an industry of super advance, and great quality performance speakers, you will find a different tone of sound with the Kilpsch 40 2.1 soundbar. It’s packed with features to help you find the high performance sound you have been looking for. The speakers can take your expectations to the next level. Just stream a movie on the TV set to see the difference.

It’s Sub-woofer has to be the top in its class for its low tone bass and deep crisp thunderous bass. You will feel like your in an earthquake. With the way it blasts the sounds and complements the viewing of any movie you wish to watch by making the experience ten times better. Let’s take a look at what the aspects of this system could offer for your home.

Better Sound Quality

Crafted with 90 x 90 degrees of Tractirx Horns Fiber composite cone woofers, your’re in store for some mega blasting sounds that carry over from wall-to-wall surround sound performance. These speakers can make the room shake and tune up the slightest sound you never thought of hearing in this system alone.

This sound bar could be mounted or place right underneath the flat screen to give you the space and opportunity to have other devices and items next to it without losing space. This system crafted and design to fit in with your everyday living decor. It’s sleek, stylish with a new age look to blend in perfectly with your home theater environment.

Kilpsch 40 2.1 soundbar sends you on a wild ride of sound that makes it possible to enjoy using the simplistic value of a sub and soundbar for high grade performance. Most systems would require additional speakers and great mid woofers placed around the room to equate to the performance what Kilpsch soundbar set offers. But you would get that in one sound bar and sub-woofer that is capable of giving you the sound quality you have been looking for.

Space Saving Operation

For those of us living with limited spaces, this would be a treat to enjoy in the home. You have the best situation to place the system in a smaller place but gives you house filling performance. Good things do come in smaller spaces. It’s special to know that its capable of sending a larger amount of dazzling sounds with incredible effects though out the room without taking up too much space in between.

The system does not even take up half the space your average sound system would use but packs a bigger punch with powerful unyielding sounds that makes you think how does it capture every whisper and every foot step in clearly defines the dialogue in each scene. Well, these are some the best opportunities your could get out of a monumental sound bar of this magnitude.

Compatible With Top Flat Screens

In all the world best soundbars, we all wish they would be compatible with each other. We get it, most manufacturing companies do not like to make products compatible to others because of the exclusive products to accommodate in its own company makes the device work better.

But Kilpsch designed soundbars to work with most flat screens to help make the system work together as a unit. A Samsung Flat screen TV with high end features works good with this system. You can find that Sony 4K TVs is a favorite to use among others in the flat screen market. These are some of the best TV you can find that works best with Kilpsch sound bar system.

Samsung QN55LS03T 55
  • Sony 4k Set
  • Samsung UHD
  • Vivo Flat Screen TV

These are some of the best flat scenes you can find that works best for Kilpsch soundbar system. It’s quite easy to find what almost any system you can find on the market that is compatible to use for Kilpsch Soundbar system. To be in the realm of choice than to have to use what the company offers or having to buy another TV set is a plus.

Supreme Sub-Woofer Support

Crafted around a wood grain design and focused in a technical low bass tone performance has made the case for how this sub-woofer completes the way how your home entertainment is defined. Already its fantastic to see how this system makes the room come alive and set trends for the whole room with its sylish design features.

Whatever you are getting in this system its two times the amount in the sub-woofer speakers. Too many of us place too much emphasis how well the subwoofer performs. Many of us believe that its what the subwoofer does that determines the overall quality of the soundbar. But Kilpsch soundbar works together its subwoofer to complete the whole performance needed for premium theater action.

Wireless Subwoofer means you can place this sub woofer between the Flat screen and yourself to capture more realistic sound and requires no wires to limit its range for quality theater performance. The sight of wires lying around the room is just messy. Plus cords laying on the floor at night could lead to trips and falls and bad situations of electrical issues.

The Complete Home Theater System

If your in the market to find a home theater system for premium entertainment, Kilpsch soundbar is it. Even if your looking for something to start out with and don’t have much in the budget to work with its good to have a system that is affordable with a high value support and great serviceable features to use.

To give you more options to look at, Let’s take a closer look at the features and specifications for giving you the best quality performance that needed for you home environment.

Kilpsch 40″ 2.1 Soundbar system

Klipsch BAR 40 2.1 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer (Black)

Connectivity: Bluetooth technology from speaker to soundbar

Acoustical Output: 93db

Mid-range: (2) 3 inch oval fiber composite cone speakers

Sub-Woofer: 6.5 inch enclosed speaker

Inputs: HDMI-ARC optical Digital

Output: HDMI-ARC – subwoofer output


Soundbar- W 39 15/16″ x H 2 7/8″ x D 3 3/8″

Sub-woofer- W 9 1/2″ x H 14 1/8″ x D 9 1/2″

Price: Click here for details


  • 2x 1.5mm cord, wall mount tempate
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • Wall mountable Tempate
  • Bar 40 SoundBar with wireless subwoofer

Best Features:

  • Wireless sub woofer with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatable with Most Flat screens TV’s
  • special Cone shape Acoustical Design for high quailty performance.

Kilpsch Sound bar can take you home theater to the next level and beyond for superior sound performance. It’s crazy to over look the value of this soundbar for home entertainment.

If your in the market to buy a soundbar we highly recommend checking out this one first. You will be sure to check off a lot of boxes for what your home needs in a premium sound system for your flat screen. If you have a favorite soundbar to share please mention it below this page and give us your thoughts. Be sure to check out Kilpsch Bar 40 soundbar and other premium sound bars we recommend at

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