Top 5 Things To Know Before Buying A Smart Speaker

Top 5 Things To Know Before Buying A Smart Speaker

Are you Looking to get more out of your music? If the answer is yes, then your luck to find this article. Those of you who want to experience the most in life out of a dynamic smart speaker, grab a pen and paper to write down these Top 5 Things To Know Before Buying A Smart Speaker. It’s about carefully making the wise decisions before shelling out more dollars for better audio entertainment.

It’s so easy to click and buy the products that is on sale or has shiny new features that compels you to buy now. But take in the knowledge we have to share with you FIRST, in order to make the smarter choice. Portable speakers may be a easy and safe bet to buy, but there seems to be some unhappy people who regret buying a so called smart speaker only to find out that it’s not what you really wanted. Or worse, it’s plainly defective at best and totally useless.

Our mission is to educate and arm you with the most important facts to buying Smart Speakers. Not To Mention proper use of portable speakers makes it fun to operate. Smart speakers are fun and pretty easy to use, but there needs to be a proper way to use them in order to get the longevity you have been expecting. To get a better perspective, we have some ideas to help understand what you should expect in buying a high performing, and effective smart speaker. Of course the features is the best part, but we need to find the ones that fits our needs most.

Top 5 Things To Know Before Buying A Smart Speaker

Top 5 Things To Know Before Buying A Smart Speaker

These are some of the most common and uncommon things to know about in order to have the best experiences with a smart speaker in many areas of your life. Remember it’s okay to find great deals on smart portable speakers.  It’s best to find the one your going to use in places and times you need it most.

Swimming Pools: It’s great to have a portable speaker around when you’re taking a dip in the pool or just want to relax on a tube and soak up the sun. But are you really looking to do this most of the time? This would make a great gift for those who love to swim or frequent pool parties. But know in mind what it may cost, and how durable is this device around water.

Take A Hike: To take a portable speaker on the hiking trail is like listening to the sound track of your life as you journey though the wilderness. Are you sure you want to use a big bulky object and carry it around with you for miles while walking? This could pose a problem if your not careful. Be sure to get the right size and level of sound to help you make your trek to the apex as wonderful as possible.

At the Park: Do you love listening to music, while laying back and enjoy the trees sunshine and clouds Those of us who love to play fetch with our fury friends. Also, studies under the tree while the soothing music gets us into the mood for cramming. There is a need for motivation from our favorite focus music. A portable speaker is great to use in these situations. Let’s be careful of the duration of use of the device for playback. Which is what we will recommend with our top portable speaker ideas below.

Backyard Patio Fun: If your the type of person spends time in the garden or enjoy a beautiful day lounging in the chair listening to good music. A portable speaker would make things just perfect. Grilling can be so easy and enjoyable when cooking a favorite meal with a favorite song playing. Small parties or get togethers are a blast with a bunch of friends and family members dancing to the beat of your personalized DJ smart speaker.

Work Out Routine: The best way to shed those pounds and look fit is the gym, Most of us opt to have head phones to keep the music to ourselves. But what about home work outs alone? Having a smart speaker that is able to withstand the humidity, while delivering the sound we sweat to is great to have around the home. Also where ever your place of solace is at.

As you can see, these some best places to use a smart speaker. The reasons why we want to outline this for you is to find out what exactly are you going to use a smart speaker the most. This helps in find the right type of smart portable speaker for the right needs. Next let’s take a look at why type of budget you want to target for buying an affordable Portable speaker.

Step 1: Make A budget for Your Smart Speaker

Make an effective cost saving budget requires two things; Thoughtful planning and good sense of finding a great deal. There could be places and sites that have monster deals and savings but fail to up hold the deal in some cases. Then there are places to find a great deal but the Speaker fails to fit your needs for the best experiences you would expect.

Here is a List Of Budget ranges to expect when shopping for that ideal smart speaker:

35 to 95 dollars- is for those who have a very limited budget but need smart speakers for good performance

75 to 160 dollars- Is for budgets with a little wiggle room to spend on high performance smart speakers

190 to 399 dollars- This is for those who have a pretty sizable budget to buy the best smart speakers in the market.

Making a plan to set a budget is so vital nowadays. We can easily get caught up looking for ways to save. We Often fail to find the right type of needs or right cost, because of the urge to buy now. It’s about taking the time to find the right deals as well even if you find a bargain deal that doesn’t fit your taste.

A good rule of measure is to get a range of what type of smart speaker prices are out there to buy. Then compare the prices to your own budget. Next find the right one that meet your needs and fits your price range. This is a vital step in making the right choice to find the right smart portable speaker you have been looking for.

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Step 2: Find The Right Smart Speaker

This is where the fun and tricky times happen. On one end, you have the aspect of shopping around for the new shiny toy to buy. But on the other end it’s time consuming and you can become lost in looking for the next shiny toy that has better features and functions. If You don’t believe it, just go to an amazon store and shop for a particular object that interest you. You would later find, ten more things that you never though of buying looking though the shopping cart as well.

Shopping to find the right Smart Portable speaker requires careful attention to detail in what you need most. Some smart speakers can be used most for walking to and from place to place. Others can be used for swimming, Then there is those smart speakers that can make the party jump and come to life. These are some of the things you must consider in order to find a specific smart speaker.

Although we love to shop online for that special Smart portable speaker, we have a some good options to get you started and fits most of our recommendations for use above. Here is a few Smart speakers to find that is great to save money. These speakers make the most sense for optimal performance below.

Sonos Roam- Most effective for outdoor and indoor activities. Makes operations simple and gives you longer hours battery life. This device is Waterproof. Comes with voice control, plus more! But wait till you see the price- Check out review page for more!

JBL Smart Speaker- It’s stylish and easy to use. Durable and handy when you need it most. This is an affordable smart speaker that requires less money. The JBL smart speaker has plenty of features to enjoy. To find out more on the prices and features click here for details.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker- It’s the quality that makes you want more from Bose smart speakers. It’s powerful, and sleek as well. You have options to use this device in many areas around the house or take it with you. The features are amazing to see and experience. Just take a look for your self in our review article by clicking here to find out more.

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Step 3:Connect It To Your Devices

Now that you made the decision to buy the right type of smart speaker device that fits your needs. It’s good to connect it with your favorite devices. We have the list of devices we all use in our everyday life. This will help you make the connections much easier.

Smart phone- It’s very simple for those who have iPhone. you can scroll up on the device to pull up the list of Bluetooth and WIFI connections available and look for the portable device that is on and ready to connect with a simple click.

Smart watches- It’s pretty self-explanatory to find that you device is connected to WIFI that it will be a easy task to get the connection. Many of us make something so simple to use very difficult. But it’s all in the wrist.

Tablet-The WIFI connections is pretty solid with he is device and connections should appear the moment the devices is active. You should have no problem with getting started with controls and know in mind there will be a delay but in the end it’s well worth the wait.

Pairing to other speakers-It’s quite simple as long as the speaker is on and ready to operate. Wireless speakers tend to connect easier to the same brand speakers. This require little to no effort on your end. In some cases just turn on and place it next to each other for syncing.

Step 4: Select And Connect A Music Streaming Service

This step is probably the most important, due to the amount of selections and choices we have for getting a good music streaming service. Those of us who love variety, here is a list of streaming services you could use to connection and streaming music.

Apple Air Play: It’s one of the best go to options for premium music content. It’s acts as a greater source for streaming music when you need it most especially for iPhone.

Streaming Apps: If you have heard of some these popular streaming services like: Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Prime Music then this would be an easier step to take in the process of getting back to your style of tunes.

Smart Speaker Music Apps: Most Smart Speakers Apps have personal Apps for streaming and downloading music. These particular Apps have more control over the music settings and controls to the Smart speaker, but may give you limited amount of selection. But the process of transferring and uploading music becomes much easier.

Uploading Playlist: To save yourself the headache of picking and choosing a streaming service. Why not upload your own saved musical playlist to the smart speaker device for continuous playback. Finding the right smart speaker device that is able to upload music is a great feature to have as well.

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Step 5 : Charging For Optimal Use

Although it’s good to know we have extended periods of time to use these smart speakers, but let’s keep in mind what type of smart speaker has a length of time to use for optimal performance. This is vital, especially when taking the smart speaker with on long trips where is no option for recharging.

Recharging a Smart speaker should easy and fun. But at the same time, a fully charged the device gives you the best performance you have been looking for. In most cases, It’s good to have a long life battery that meets the needs for your entertainment.

We would recommend looking for Smart speaker with a run time around 10 to 12 hours for extended use. This would give you a full days worth of operation with no thought of recharge it. Also, Charging should not take no more than 4 to 6 hours tops for better performance.

We hope these Top 5 Things To Know Before Buying a Smart Speaker helps you on your journey to enriching your musical entertainment. If you have questions please feel free to comment below. Also share what you found on this page to Pinterest on the board named Portable Smart Speakers. For more articles like these and more, check out

Top 5 Things To Know Before Buying A Smart Speaker

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