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Top Five Ways To Mounting A TV On The Wall

Are you having trouble with a wall mount for your smart TV? Is Your mounting Smart TV safe from vibrations or bumps? Knowing the answer to these important question is vital to your television’s well being. It’s okay to check out these facts and ideas to prevent drops and destroyed walls due to drilling. In this article, you will learn how avoid the pitfalls of misplacement & Improper installments. These are the Top Five Ways To Mounting A TV On The Wall that will help you with safer placement.

 The Top Five Ways To Mounting A TV on The Wall

We will teach you how to:

  • Properly Install Your Mount for smart TV’s.
  • Give Alternatives to Mounting (No Drilling).
  • Find The Best Smart TV’s Perfect For Mounting.
  • How to hide Wires For Wall Mounted Smart TV.
  • Find Out Which Mount (Universal/Traditional) Works Best For You?

How To Install A Wall Mount For Smart TV’s

This can be such a daunting task if your equip with the knowledge and tools to install a wall mount successfully. That is why we are giving you an instructional list of steps to follow for installation. Most smart TV’s have wall mounts and instructions for placement. But we have simple steps below. Follow these directions.

For Traditional installation, You Would Need:

  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Mounting Plate to attach the TV
  • Drywall anchors for support
  • Electronic Cordless Drill
  • A screwdriver Small Drill bits for drill.
  • Stud Finder for making drill holes

1. Place a marker(s) of where you want to mount the bracket.

2. Make sure to find the clear sport to drill on the wall using a stud finder.

3. Start drilling the holes where you marked them for placement.

4. Insert the drywall anchors inside the drill holes.

5. Mount the bracket to the wall using the screwdriver.

6. Attach the mounting plate to the TV using the screwdriver.

7. Attach the TV with the Mounting plate attached to the wall, and screw in the mounted plate into the bracket.

8. Test the Support of the mount by giving the TV a firm nudge while holding the TV set.

*Make sure you have the correct types of dry wall anchors for mounting. The reason for this is for a stronger support of weight to balance. Regular plastic anchors can only hold so much and could give way to the pressure. We suggest getting Steel hollow wall anchors that is capable of hold up to 100 pounds of weight.

Using a cordless drill only make new holes for placing the drywall anchors and screws. Use the screwdriver for screwing in the brackets and plates to the TV set and wall.

But for those who are looking for a safer and proper way to install it with simple tools and better support please read below and follow our recommendations.

*Important* Tips To Install A Wall Mount Without Drilling

Are you tired of seeing holes on the wall due to drilling mistakes? Is your wall mount unsupported due to misguided installations? Well have some tips and ideas to share with you. These are alternatives to drilling holes on the wall and give a much better support for heavier TV’s. Check out these tips below and see which one works best for you.


Using Strong Adhesives: This maybe a great idea for preventing holes or causing destruction to your walls. The industry has made a adhesives strong enough to support weight for the size of your TV. But this is not a guaranteed options to use. Maybe for temporary, use but not for permanent ones.

Even if you have a strong adhesive attachment bracket of the frame, what are you going to do when the time comes to take the set down for moving? If there a possible chance the wall is not fully clean and the Adhesive is weaker in other areas? Improper attachments could spell disaster for you and your TV.

Make sure to clean all surfaces before applying adhesives. Also, give it time to set before placing weight on the wall. It makes sense to consider all possibilities before using this option.

Using Rails For Mounting: What a choice to have for Smart TV’s. With this option you are in control of which side of the room do you want you TV to be placed. Its good measure of understanding that makes things easier and you don’t’ have to rely on placement on the wall

At least you now place holes in the middle of the wall. But this would require making the support of the rail it’self supportive to hold weight. Which means making sure the ends of the railing is sturdy and secure enough to hold more than it’s average weight.

Tightening rails could be an option but may have setbacks in support of the TV. If you are to use a railing system make sure it’s a steel or reinforced with dry wall anchors for placement of the rail.

Using TV Hangers or Clips: This option is wonderful for those who love to have TV support though a more balanced system to keep the TV on it’s evened axis. This is great for temporary space to hang and use. This feature could also save time and money from drilling and messing with adhesives.

Clipping on hangers are a simple setup which does minimum destruction to your wall. But may not be the most supportive. In terms of weight and strength. You may have to find something that is sturdier to support the weight of the TV.

We suggest more than just two hanging clips for mounting. It’s better for support to have four to six that is the better solution to hold the set in one place.

Hybrid TV Stands (Recommended Option): More and more people find this option the best to use in almost any situation. This option can not only prevent you from having to insert holes in the wall, it’s the safest and most sturdiest system to use for any TV on the market. The best thing about these Stands is that you have the option to move the stand in different places without having to adjust to the structure for support.

Hybrid stands can come in different sizes and setups as well. If your a fan of the portrait view, It’s a adjustable view point. If your style is more for the landscape view, also it’s capable to adjust to that view as well. Once the TV set is mounted you have the option to adjust the height or shift the TV set to your viewing.

How To Hide Wires For A Smart TV Mount?

Now That you have a well-supported TV Wall Mount successfully installed, What are you going to do about those pesky wires hanging out of your TV? We have some solutions to help you hide them. This is what we call the tuck and roll procedure. Check out our helpful tips and ideas to making a tangled bunch of wires disappear.

There are several ways to hide TV wires. We want to give you the top options and do and don’ts to prevent a mess on the wall.

Options #1: Using Wire hooks: This can be a simple and easy process to mount smaller or larger hooks on the the back of the TV and wall to guide them in one unison. Which makes things less messy. You would need the following for this to work:

  • Large or small Plastic hooks from Amazon which is cheap
  • Adhesive or making sure the hooks have adhesive strips connected to them

Option #2: Hide them inside the TV stand. This works perfectly for those who do not want to buy additional items and mess with sticky adhesives. For this option you would need the following for this to work.

  • A TV Stand with a hollow pole structure to hide wires.
  • Shop for it on Amazon or Walmart.
  • Use a Track Set With a Adhesive strip on the back of the stand.

Option #3: Hide them in plain sight. This can work as well. Getting a strip of painters tape and matching wall paint should do the trick. Simply attach the wires towards the wall and place the tape over the wires. Next paint over them using the matching paint. It’s a lot less noticeable. It may take some time but it will come out better than you expected.

Things You would need for this option:

  • Painters Tape
  • Match Wall Paint

Option #4: Use a Cable Concealer Kit. This is for a more effective and professional look. Using this option does require some use of tools. But this has a two fold option in one, to help you save the destruction of your wall.

Adhesive Raceway Cord track: Is better for not making any holes. This can be purchased at Walmart or any hardware store. You have to remove the cover strips and place them on after running the wires though the track. This can be a plastic track or metal. But make sure it’s matching the wall color. Things you would require to have for installation:

  • Plastic Matching color Raceway Track Kit
  • Adhesive strips

Traditional mounting Raceway Cord track: This would require you to making some holes that is small and not too noticeable. You would start with marking small holes where your going to drill for mounting. But first make sure the Track raceway is allied with the markings to drill. Next, drill the holes, then insert the screws in using a screwdriver or drill. Make sure that you have the wires placed in the track before mounting. For this option you would need to follow to install:

  • Electronic Drill
  • Screwdriver Phillips or flat head
  • Pencil for marking
  • Mounting Cord Concealer track

Now that you have the options to use for hide wires, let’s get you up to date on things you should not do to hide wires.

Do not place them on the TV set it’s self. Doing this would cause many problems down the line and could cost you in many ways.

Do not place them under any fabrics or carpeting, It’s best to avoid placing them under a rug or some picture frames or objects. This will make things that much more difficult for tripping over or wear and tear on furniture.

Don’t cut holes in the wall to hide wires. This may look good and in some cases could be a professional look, but it could require you to use more materials and time and effort to pull this off. Remember we are not trying to reconstruct the place, only make things easier to use. Plus what happens if you are to move and need to get a hold these wires? Or what if there is an issue with the wiring?

What is The Best Smart TV To Mount On The Wall?

Do you feel your TV is capable to be mounting on the wall? Not every Smart TV is able to be mounted. That is why we want to give you some selections on TV’s for easy mounting. Find out which size and weight is safe for placement and get the facts on which brand name TV can save you money.

According to the There was a clear winner out the many that stands above the rest and it’s called:

Sanus VMPL50A-B1. The best tilt-only TV wall mount. The Smart TV has price ranges for 250 to 300 plus and can be assembled easy using the steps we discuss earlier.

It’s runner-up for upgrading your TV is Sanus VLF728-B2. The best full-motion mount. With this Smart TV set your getting the best of both worlds great TV and Great Full motion.

Our recommendations For TV to Check out are:

SAMSUNG 50″ Class 4K Crystal UHD (2160P) LED Smart TV with HDR: great for mounting, and has some the best features for TV. You can Save some money on this Set though Walmart. The listed price was an around 250.00 dollars but price may have changed.

Vizio 40″ class-D series LED 1080P Smart Cast TV: One of the best ways to get better quality at a better price for your budget is with Best buy. Plus you can have geek squad to help installation options as well.

TCL 32″ Class-3 Series HD Smart Android TV: Not the most flashy but has the bells and whistles to keep you entertained the set is available through BestBuy which is a smart choice.

For more options and details on the best Smart TV’s to shop and save on Check out our review page: What is the best Smart TV for watching sports?

Which One Is Better: Universal Vs Traditional Wall Mounts?

If you Bought a Smart TV and The set does not come with a wall mount, do you buy a universal, or stick to a manufacture’s recommendation? We have the pro’s and con’s to using both. Also, you will find out how each one can work best for you. Check out what is the difference below and find out for yourself which one works best for you.

Traditional Mounts are for particular Smart TV set that are Brand specific. That means you would have to buy the Brand name TV or mount that matches the same maker. These Mounts work for sure, but could be confusing due to tricky manuals and guides.

Universal Mounts are for many Smart TV sets. This makes the difference and could give you the added benefit to choose between prices, sizes and mounting options. Universal mounts have full motion, Standing, and hanging brackets to help you with any type of situation your room is under. Be careful of the sizes and setups these universal mounts can be an issue with the particular size.

Just a heads up tip* Make sure your TV is able to be mounted by checking the manufacture’s info for The VESA meaning the (Video Electronics Standards Association) on the manual or the TV itself, followed by a number such as “VESA 75.” Any mount with the same VESA number will work with your TV.

To Save money NY added a Budget Pick that makes to grade for mounting. It’s called: Monoprice 10483 EZ Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket. It’s a good Motion Tilt for only 18 bucks!

Bonus Tip*

The Best Wall For Smart TV: Perlsmith With Full Motion Bracket fits 16″ 18″ 24″ studs

It’s Rated 4 out of 5 stars :

Price is 89.99 It’s available though Amazon Which makes the financing options simple and easy. You can check the page and find out if there is a sales special. According to our updated research, this item can save you 20 dollars from it’s listed price.

These are The Five Things You Must know Before Mounting Your Smart TV On The Wall. It’s always best to get informed before heading into any home theater project. Be sure to check back with us for ideas and tips and advice on Home theater equipment and setups at If you have any question comments or concerns please comment below and share with your friends on Pinterest using the Banner below this screen.

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