Top Three Samsung Sound Bars For A Home Theater System

Are you a fan of surround sound? How about high tech electronics that could make your home entertainment easier to enjoy? If the answer is yes to all three of questions then your in luck for something new and exciting in the world of home theater entertainment.

It’s with great pleasure to introduce to you our top three favorite surround sound bars which could bring you great value in many ways. You will learn more in depth about each one of our top-notch choices, but be sure to take notes and ask questions we’re making this an open discussion for those of us who may have better options to share and compare.

What Do You Look For In Home Entertainment?

We know you may have another options to use high grade surround sounds for another needs that is why we would like to know what is your preferred choice on this topic. To help you find a specific need, we’ll break down the most common questions for home theater entertainment.

Samsung Sound bar

In the world of home entertainment, Many of us crave the special effects of a type of device with style and delightful arrays of high definition acoustics. Samsung has made it a mission to deliver on that promise and continue to bring out more than just your normal popular surround sound setup.

So your probably already wondering what is so special about the Samsung sound bar? With it’s smart phones making a smash hit, plus the high-tech storm of flat screens taking over the TV market, what does Samsung surround sound system has to offer? Can this smartphone giant bring that same magic if not more to the table in terms of great sound quality?

Well in order to answer those questions, you wold have to know more about these systems and find out ways it could bring the type of dazzling effects to your home environment. So let’s take a closer look at some the specifications and see if there is something you need for your own home theater system.

Samsung HW-MS650/ZA Premium Sound Bar:


  • Nine Speakers with Full functional amps to us
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless surround sound ready
  • Its Multi-room Compatible

The Best Features:

  • Distortion cancellation technology that is dedicated to keeping the sound crisp and vibrant at every moment.
  • Wide Range Tweeter Mechanism To make sure that every spot in the room is the sweet spot to sit and experience the full range motion of great sound quality.
  • Real HD Audio Sound Make things sound like you’re in the same room where the music is playing in real live action.
  • Samsung Smart Mode Not only you have full access to this powerful device, you’ll have it all under control with a single remote to control to everything the smart bar has to offer as well as your TV functions which makes it easier to enjoy,

The Best Places to Shop For a Premium Sound Bar : It’s where the best models and latest upgrades in tech is at. You can get some good deals here and the shipping is free on all orders. This will you the chance to compare shop and save on the best brands to date. One the best to shop online for virtually everything you need in your home and more. Just make sure you are focused on the right things to buy because there is so many options you could find that will complement the settings you are already have. This could be a good thing but at the same time could be a budget buster at the same time.

Best It’s like a play place for adults. You have the many options on the table for a Samsung sound bar. But many people shop here for the deals to save on your budget. The selections are few because Best Buy displays many of these items in smaller areas to make room for more sound bars. In store shopping is fun and the friendly customer service is worth the visit.

Which Sound Bar Is the Best?

Samsung has created some the best sound bars you could grow to appreciate, so in order to find the one dub the “best of the best”, let’s look at each one and let you decide which one works best for your home entertainment.

HW-R450 Soundbar: The gold standard of home theater entertainment, which delivers the excellent sound and optional features for more increased power that will keep you in engaged with crisp sound effects and includes a powerful room shaking, thunderous sub-woofer speaker. Also, you will have the control of all it with a full access remote.

Best Features:

  • Wireless Sub-woofer- For full theater tasteful sound to complete your movie or live event experience.
  • Game Mode- Have the time of your life with automatic sound effects to adjust to video game action.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity- You can operate without the clutter of wire by connecting to all options with your mobile device
  • Smart Mode- Don’t you love smart devices? It automatically optimizes the content you choose, for full enjoyable audio.

HW-Q90R Harman Kardon 7.1 Channel Soundbar: This award winner has plenty of features that will dazzle you with all of its special effects. This system gives you the real movie theater sound with many speakers to use without taking up space. Total power with the latest technology, makes the argument for the best of its class, back by audio masters Harman Kardon speakers.

Best Features:

  • Dolby Atmos DTS:X Technology- Its designed to give you a full range of optimized sound capabilities from every angle.
  • 7.1.4channel sound- From seventeen, yes 17 speakers, as each speaker have a special array of sound to fill the room.
  • Rear Speakers Included- It’s great to have more speakers with less space to take. Be a part of the action.
  • Wireless Sub-woofer- No wires, just clean powerful low bass to bring an another dimension to this sound system.
  • Energy Star Certified- You’re Saving energy with this system, This unitizes the energy efficiently without sacrificing power.

HW-Q60R Acoustics Beam: Masters the art of true fine sound quality, which helps in many ways to enrich the environment with total sound acoustics. Feel the action around you as well as in front view facing. Paired with a wireless sub-woofer, you will have the makings of wonderful sound system that can be fully unitized as your primary source of entertainment.

Best Features:

  • Acoustics beam- Become apart from the action with acoustics to project where the action is displayed on the screen.
  • Dedicated Center Channel- Great feature to have for clear and precise dialogue, No distortion and fuzzy content.
  • Sub-woofer included- The source of great depth of quality sound is found in this wireless sub-woofer. Feel the power.
  • 4K Pass Though- Technology designed to make your connections like video and gaming seamless at HI-Definition.
  • Surround Sound Ready- Good option to have for exclusive parties for live events to movie theater like selections.

There you have three of Samsung best sound bars. As you can see each has one or two particular qualities to bring to the home entertainment lifestyle. Each one has the ability to get the job done with ease. We mentioned above it’s more of what is your need is for home theater and other forms of entertainment around the house. These three soundbars is back by a warranty, plus you get free shipping though Samsung’s website as well.

Samsung Pros

Samsung continues to lead the pack with state-of-the-art type of technology that will keep you well entertained. Fully loaded with features that makes a profound effect on you how you watch or interact with the home entertainment world. You can find that Samsung has the market on technology for daily use for those who need more quality of sound in the home.

With the continued use Bluetooth, 4K technology, acoustics positioning, and fine-tuning bass content as well as additional speaker options, there is more to discover with this sound system.

Awarded by major review sites :

AV Forums- Awarded the HW-Q90R Soundbar 2019 “best in Class”- “A genuine soundbar with 7.1 surround that includes 4 channels of surround sound.”

Tech Radar- Awarded Samsung HW-Q90R Soundbar 2019 “Best in Class” – “NO other soundbar comes close in terms of object base performance.”

AVS Forums- Awarded Samsung as the “Top Choice”- “This Is definitely the top choice among soundbars for 2019.”

Samsung Cons

With every great device, product or services there seems to be something that worth taking a closer look at. So what were doing here is looking for the most common problems and give you the rundown these potential issues. Don’t worry, Samsung has solved these issues but its good to know the possible pitfalls before crossing them.

These are some the more common question and issues that were asked by Samsung customers, if there is any questions you may have with these in the future its good to be educated before taking the plunge into this vast world technology.

Can Samsung Sound bar easily connect to any Flat screen TV?

Yes and no, because not all the Smart screens and Flat screen Television sets are compatible with the latest technology that Samsung has to offer.

The good news is that most of the 4K Ultra HD set is compatible with Samsung sound bars. As a matter of fact you can check out some Samsung bundled package for TV and soundbars. Many of this TV set have 4K and OLED technology which is highly recommended for the best type of audio and video performance

Can I Connect an another manufacturers surround sound speakers to Samsung sound bars?

It’s possible but you will not get the full optional selections and full capacity of power and peak performance your would get in a compatible a device that Samsung recommends. It’s best to do some research on the particular speaker you have and see if its ready for the connections and output Samsung has to offer.

Is it easy to Install mount and display Samsung soundbars and connect them to the rear speakers?

It depends on what type of setting you have. Many of us think it’s okay to just grab and install it without taking into thought of size space and what type of speakers do you have to use for surround sound play action. It’s suggested to get the facts about these things before taking the next option of buying and installing them without using simple basic instructions to use.

Our Rating

Taking all this information on service and high quality technology and the ability to experience another uses for this is well worth the money. But it’s great to take into account which one of these top of the line devices works best for your home Another tip we would suggest is get as much information on any new device you plan on buying.
That means checking out the sizes, look into options for compatibility with other devices you have. Also, keep things on a good reasonable budget, sometimes we get caught up on the new shiny toy and forget about the whole cost of spending on an exceptional surround sound system.
Samsung Sound bars is simple to set up and is well worth the money to invest in, but the installation process between the Bluetooth connection may give you some trouble, therefore make sure to check the instructions to see if there are any concerns. Samsung has a support team willing to help you with any problems which is a plus.
Overall we’re giving the Samsung soundbars 4 out 5 stars.
We would to hear for you on this topic, if you have your own top three sound bars to use please share it with us at Coolhometheaters and please to check back soon for more reviews on soundbars and other home theater devices.


  1. Wow thanks for this 4/5 is a high endorsement.  i notice that you have not gone into pricing or value for money. given the very similar nature of most of these products these days I am always interested actually more in the value for money rather than actual cost of the item.

    I am a great SAMSUNG fan but which Samsung sound bar would you personally recommend as the best VFM and do the prices vary by country of supply?

  2. Your guide is very helpful for everyone. The good news is that most of the 4K Ultra HD set is compatible with Samsung sound bars. As a matter of fact you can check out some Samsung bundled package for TV and soundbars. Samsung Sound bars is simple to set up and is well worth the money to invest in, but the installation process between the Bluetooth connection may give you some trouble. Thanks for sharing such useful guide

  3. This sounds really cool and my kind of product. I am a musician who plays with a band and I spend most of my days in music production mixing and mastering our compositions. Sound, good sound is always at the top of my list. My phone is a Samsung smart phone so I am already into Samsung products. With that coverage of speakers, sub woofer, blue tooth technology etc, this is very attractive for me. Thanks for the introduction. I’ll be checking this out

    • Hello JJ, 

      I’m glad you found a passion in music. To know more about the way we listen to music is vital to hear it from true pure quality of samsung surround sounds. Samsung has stepped up in a big way to deliver clear, consistent and high definition audio. 

      Your a musician? great! Samsung has teamed up with some the most biggest music artist in the game to master a powerful sound bar system, which gives you premium audio quality at the highest levels. Check back with us for more in-depth reviews on samsung and other surround sound music.  Look forward to chatting with you again and thanks for check us out at

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