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Do you know what’s cool about the new flat screens with all the tech stuff added into it, It reminds of walking into a radio shack and looking at of the cool electronics, My favorite store to shop all the most is Best Buy.

All the T.v.s and radios and computers are on display to look at and touch and get an experience to tell you to buy and buy now. I would take a stroke around to the high definition home theater systems, and I see these sets of surround sound bars that I never heard of in my entire life.

The place has a full glass box enclosed to help you get the better feel of entertainment.

Now while you watching the movie to play the seats where plush Swede and it’s oh so soft and comfortable. Manly, I just wanted to take a look at the line of Sound bar to home theater systems.

I slowly walked while drooling at all this wonderful technology I see it…. The full display of sound bars with tons of information I would like to share with you. I am going to show you the real deal in these sets of sound bar you go to have a good sense of what to buy and what not to buy. Which has the right qualities for you needs.

Looking For the Next Best T.V.

Flat screens Make the home theater system complete, I would like to share some great models you would like to check out models. I only want the best style and quality when I shop for a flat screen. I check the price and then look for reason why it is at this high or low price.

The T.v. I wanted has to look the part of an entertainment system. Do you know what’s cool about to have a cool home theater that I can have a movie like, experience with sports, games and movies especially.

I into the smart t.v.’s, because of the hook ups of devices and control from you own cell phone. It’s crazy to think we would be changing channels with a cell phone nowadays.

You go to like to features I found on this particular model I found at best buy

  • VISIO’s have the right Value

From the bright Sharpe picture, to the sleek design to the of the controller, this smart screen has the best in what you most for you system and here is why.

Always have a Back up plan to purchasing a new surround sound system

Have a plan b option in place will keep you from having any disapointments with what I like to call the dream rug slip. Make sure the system has all the hook up and works as well. 

A Sound bar You Have To Try.

This is the most fun I had in an awhile running around in the store like a kid in a candy store when I saw the screens and high definition, this was heaven to me and I thought, It’s time to share my sound bar choice, because I was in love with this one sound bar in I liked the most and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Some of these sound bars have fancy names and extra sound bass to get you at The end of you seat. But I’m looking for the best sound bar to enhance my experience and enjoy playing my videos games.

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As you can se the many features to this wonderful model as in store for you living room and this sound bar as the right type of quality you need to set off the excitement of entertainment.

T.V. Sound Bars Complement You Sound System

Wow, what a great combination of sound and flexibility to have the whole room buzzing and exploding with sound and high preforming bass.

I think it’s great to connect many devices and enjoy a well deserved movie to curl up to while the soothing sounds of theater, music and live action 3D takes you to a whole new world of entertainment.

Sound bars works in a CPU like setting, It’s kinda the central hub to the whole home entertainment center. So it supposes to complement the sub-woofer, T.v., and surround sound and devices you have connected to the system plays a huge role for use on of place of music and quality of balance.

IMPORTANT: Proper Installation is Vital

I can’t stress how vitally important it is to get the right position on you sound bar. Most people think it just plug and play, but fail to realize setting up the surround sound has to be good.

You can have great times of sports and totally miss the next play or score due poor placement of speakers and the sound bar connects to the whole sound systems and creates this harmony to fully engage to the viewer.

Check you space is key.

Never just eyeball the space take measurements and do a ruff sketch of you ideal set up to help in the installation process.

Adding too much power in one area alone creates electrical problems and along with damage to the equipment. It;s be a difference maker when you testing out a new musical device and the systems is over load with high out put but with horrible performance.

This can save you time, money and frustration from think you sound bar is broken or disabled.

It’s All Up To You

So there you have, the best line of sound bar systems with specifics on how to properly use them so you can get back to chilling on the couch, with the 5.1 buzzing and humming to the deep clarity of send being displayed when you watch a good high definition movie.

I can show you all type of ways to find the best in value for a sound bar but it’s really up to you I think it’s great to get education, do research, and check reviews on what people think, which helps me in a big way prices wise as well,

If you had any experience in purchasing and using these sound bars please feel free share with us you comments below this article.  

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  1. Hi Jerald,
    Very interesting! I’ve been looking for something like Soundbar, this sounds perfect for me! Thanks for the share of this.
    I will check it out in Best Buy this weekend since I plan to buy a high-quality camera out there.
    For installing the Soundbar, do I need to call the technician to put it up for me?
    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Great article! I never knew sounds bars would make such a difference to a sound system. Thanks for sharing this great information.

  3. I remember back in the day when VIZIO was considered the “low quality” electronic products. While I can’t speak for their other electronic products, their televisions have come a LONG way and I proudly have one sitting in my front room. It’s my main source of entertainment when I don’t feel like going out. Thanks for the informative article!

  4. Hi,

    I just moved into my new house and your article just come right in time! You mentioned installation is important. So, I am just wondering, is it good to just install it at sides of my TV or I need to make it further and like surrounding my living room? (Sorry, I’m an absolute newbie in this area!)

    • Hey Crystal,
      I think It’s great which ever way you want to install them,
      It all about your style and comfort. Going for the tradition style is good,
      but your also looking for a way to complement your living room without giving upon room size
      and clutter. I hope that helps you out on your new Apartment. Let me know it went.

      The Advice Giant-
      founder of

    • Hey Crystal,
      I think It’s great which ever way you want to install them,
      It all about your style and comfort. Going for the traditional way of doing things is good,
      but your also looking for a way to complement your living room without giving upon room size
      and clutter. I hope that helps you out on your new Apartment. Let me know it went.

      The Advice Giant-
      founder of

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