ViewSonic 4K Ultra UHD Smart (Home Theater Projector Review)

ViewSonic 4K Ultra UHD Portable Smart Projector

Model Number: X10-4K

Size Dimensions: 10.3 x 10.7 x 6.5

Projector Weight: 9.04 lbs

Best place to buy: Amazon

Best Features: Short throw Distance of 2 feet/ LED Lighting/4K Ultra technology

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It’s your chance to finally spoil yourself but how to get away with in order for the family not to rag on your for “over doing it” well here is where you can start. Think in terms of treating the whole family by investing into something you and the family will love for many years to come.

The ViewSonic Ultra UHD 4K Smart protector will give you more of just a good movie experience its all about the way you are using this projector which determine the best use out this device. If your into to the tech gear and fine-tuned options its all in this small sized projector which carries a lot of great features to enjoy.

Let’s get into the specs of this model and determine if this what you really love in a project set that will not only satisfy your needs for great home entertainment but keep the family well entertained too.

Resolution Is Exceptionally Fantastic

The world of 4K revolution has the market catering to it though all the lines of products which can be the best option to have in your home for movie and video play back. For get 1080 p its a thing of the past with the in coming ways of High end resolution and finer quality sound and superior picture quality.

Ultra HD Picture never looks so good. Get a taste of 3840 x 1260 of image detail that continues to deliver you the sharp stunning display of picture quality you will be amazed by. which continues to get better as you watch more and more colors splash onto the screen.

If you like the life like images and high contrasting displays you found the right projector for your living room or basement entertainment center. This is what is its like to witness the features of the movies inside the house as you sit back and relax to the motion picture quality that continues to get clear crisp frames to enjoy.

TV Is Getting More Smarter

To many of us wonder if there is a way we all can enjoy the sitcoms and TV shows we love the most on the projector set, and the answer is absolutely yes. Your can get used to the fact that we can see more of these wonderful devices that have smart TV, Smart soundbar, And now a Smart Projector with added features to complement all the other devices around it.

When your projector has the power to enhancing ability to take what you show have and make them explode into a great epic show event that keeps on displaying pictures and quality images with unbelievable fine detail its time to make the transition over to an upgrade that worth its weight in gold.

What makes it great is your can pull up the show or video on you smart tablet or smart phone and get the smart recliner and smarties and chill with a smarter idea to eat more candy before the next shows stars playing. And display it on your projector set. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Control your Projector By Voice Command

IN order to rule supreme over your domain a certain type of voice must heard in order to control that of which is to have simple controls work the way you want it to be.

You can have that in two options here. One is the Google Assistant which is what you have in your smart phone or device to use for web search except your controlling the devices in your living room with simple voice commands for those of you who are like me and love to stay in that comfort zone for prime lazy movie entertainment. This is perfect for you.

The Second is Alexa by amazon which acts the same way. It’s bit Smaller than next one by will have the same great features to help you in power the projector on or off and help switch between shows and movies plus operate the volume controls that way not one will change it on you with your voice recognition conformation.

Witness The Power of Smaller Sound Speakers

It’s not always bigger is better especially if your trying to conserve more space in the area. You should realize that It’s all about the smaller speaker that makes the biggest difference in the end. Plus this could help in major savings down the road for you and the family when you are displaying the projector as a multipurpose functions.

Just think of this as surround sound system rolled into one for your convince. It’s dazzling sound projection has more than enough to fill up an entire room from different angles.

It’s all wireless technology to use which makes the tripping and wrestling with clumsy cords a thing of the past. Just not there is a second option until you feel your need more to fulfill the sound support system to complete the ultimate home theater entertainment center.

USB Type-C Stands For Better Connections

If you are looking to have more than one place to view a show or event on a tablet or smart phone instead of the screen or wall try this feature in for size. It’s specialize for device that is enabled for C-type connection which will allow you watch the fight, show or event though your own device of your choice.

This feature can be one of the better decisions Viewsonic has come up with in a long time because of the simplest used to display movies and shows on your favorite device. its like we are getting the power back into our own hands.

Frame Interpolation Setup Easy

Wondering how is your projector able to handle placement around the room while delivering the same best quality picture without the funny wrapped picture. Viewsonic has solved this mess with developing a feature that can auto focus on the image and keep the same high quality image without sacificing the color or image size.

Plus you can have option to display the projector nearly TWO feet away from the wall or screen and get not type fuzzy interference. So It’s good to place around the room to your liking and have not blurring at all to worry about.

How Powerful Is The Engine Support ?

Well, this Device is PACKED with Four core processors and a 2 GB or memory and topped with 16 GB of spaces for extra data processing. You can rest assured thinking this system will crash on you, there is more than enough space to keep the system from doing it and has a spectacular fan support system that keeps the whole system on an ultra cool level with even be disruptive and annoying you at the same time.

It’s called the tri-axial Fans system which has a new state-of-the-art technology that can dissipate the heat and keep the sounds on the movie not what the machine is doing to your ears.

My Recommendation:

You have the best feature in front of you. It’s like, you can take your pick as to which one will fully give you a better chance to fully enjoy the experience of the home theater lifestyle a to its fullest extent. This is your projector to use for the future if you are looking to have more than enough entertainment in many ways to use it. If you have any questions about the ViewSonic 4K Ultra UHD Smart Projector Please leave a comment below this review and be sure to check out our next review on projectors here at

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