Vizio Sound Bar Reviews

VIZIO SB4051-D5 SmartCast 40” 5.1 Slim Sound Bar System

Best place to buy: amazon

Item Model Number: SB4051-D5

Size Dimensions: 2 x 40 x 2 inches

Color: Black

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Vizio Sound Bar

Has done it again with one the best sound bar systems to hit the market. Introducing the SmartCast 40 inch slim design that takes little to no room and has a very powerful subwoofer which fit into smaller spaces like under your sofa set or next to it.

The classy style of this this wonderful yet amazing sound bar system has a 5.1 channel setup to give you the maximum delivery of premium sound for your entertainment. The installation takes no time and very little hassle to set up.

With a 40″ inch setup base, his fits with your Flat screen or projector, this system could be the one true sound bar you have been looking for. But just get you more familiarized with it, let take a look at the features and specs to see if this fits your plans for great home theater fun.

Great Sound For a Great home theater

have you found it hard to get a decent quality of sound though your Flat screen TV or projector? Do you crave more out of your theater set? it’s never too late to find a good surround sound system that fits your way of quality entertainment.

How you like to experience high quality crisp sound up to 101 decibels? better yet, feel every action scene, every explosion, and loud crash with crystal clarity? Well this is what you will witness in Vizio’s high quality speaking system.

It’s like feeling the surrounding action instead of hearing a mono-tone sound in front of you. You will not settle for less after experiencing Vizio sound set. The best thing you will enjoy the most is less than 1% sound harmonic distortion.

You Can Feel This Bass

It’s one of the best features you could ask for, which delivers a hundred percent. With a low bass of 35 Hz, you are feeling the room rumbles and trembling power of Vizio super sub-woofer. To get the best effects out of the sub-woofer, place it on the floor for great results.

Not only can you enjoy the movies with this sub, It’s great to use your music playlist on, just imagine what would it be like to have your favorite song playing while your in the next room doing chores. Maybe you like to sit back and relax to some soothing sounds while reading a good book. What ever your taste for music vizio has what you need for that right moment.

SmartCast your Devices

Everyone has an app that could make things convent for them, but what if you could stream all your music and favorite apps all on your sound bar using your smart phone as the remote control? Vizio has this great feature called SmartCast application for your phone that allows you to control vizio sound system in the palm of your hand.

No more checking and looking around for the remote to change the dial or sound level when it’s all setup for you though the SamrtCast App it’s self. Vizio makes streaming easy to use your music though mobile devices, there one wondering where to find good music when you have the SamrtCast App that will save you favorite musical choices for you.

High quality sound Is Supported

Backed by DTS audio and Dolby audio, You get the best of the every type of use you can handle with these sound capabilities. Watch sitcoms, or live shows in high definition audio. Take old distorted sound and bring them back to life using vizio premium audio sound which stands the test of all output sound quality.

I recommend giving Vizio SB4150-D5 sound bar a try, for sure but if you need more information and great customer reviews click here to find out more. Do you have any question please feel free to ask by commenting below. We have tips and ways to save on building out an affordable home theater system that could save you hundreds of dollars and many headaches by clicking here as well.




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