What is A Sonos Play 5 ?

You are about find out what sonos has been up to with its new flagship model for premium sound entertainment. The way we listen to our music and interact with others is about change.

We are living in a world of style, transparency and technology. The creators at Sonos realized that, and developed a system of devices to help you navigate your lifestyle much easier with Sonos play 5.

There is so many things you can do with a sonos play 5. We are able to give you a look into what is expected to experience when using the play 5 speakers. Be prepared to be informed before making the decision to purchase. We’ll uncover the specifications of this device and how does it work for you, plus look at other options and features to see if this is truly compatible for your home entertainment center of choice.

At the end of this article you will have the chance to see what is the best and worst things sonos play 5 customers have to say about this system. This will help you get a good idea of knowing what is good for you to use or not.

So please keep a pen and paper handy to jot down some things to keep in mind for research about this device.

What Is a Sonos Play 5?

A new high tech design of a speaker that is made for your home entertainment. Instead of relying on a smart phone with analog headphones and wires, sonos makes it easier to use while you relax, and and take care of chores or take up a good book or magazine you been looking to get into.

Not only you have the choice of your own though popular streaming services, This gives us the ability to use smart phones to enhance the way we surf the web and interact with friends. Play 5 Truly enables us to use the speaker in different ways to fully experience life on a different level.

From planning a family gathering to getting a video gaming session in play, Your number one audio source is a Sonos Play 5. It’s sleek with a lightweight design to blend in with your home decor.

Simple to hook up with other devices like the TV and Stereo receiver. Sonos has what you need its up-to-date features like streaming and voice command settings to help us get what we need.

How Does Sonos 5 Work?

There are many ways to use a Sonos play 5. It is really easy to use. Simple as it may seem, it’s about the plug and play style of do things.

Sonos has made it a point of emphasis to enrich your life with ease and comfort followed by a powerful yet convenient way to entertain your home lifestyle.

Place it next to your TV set and use it to enhance the audio sound and make your TV shows and movies come to life, or have it staged on the bookshelf for premium, soothing book reading  time.  Using voice commands to get the latest up dates in weather news and sports a snap once sonos recognizes your voice.

Use you voice to make adjustments to your selection of music and stream that playlist that everyone craving to hear with ease. Just know that your in control of this device with the options of features at your fingertips.

Where is the best Place to Use Play 5?

It’s really where ever you need it most. Some of us love to listen to the morning radio show while getting ready for work. Others like to relax and chill in the living room.

You could be cooking a good dinner and need a great recipe to follow, so there is a place to have sonos in the kitchen, or maybe your at work and require to have some tunes playing while you get the job done it’s your choice to have. Love to sing in the the shower no problem, place it next to you while you sing to your heart desire.

Sonos Play 5 Review

*Information gathered from sonos website page

Dimensions: (H 8.03) x (W 14.33) x (6.06)

Weight: 14lbs.

Color: Black or white with a Grey matte finish grille

Listed Price: $499

Best place to buy: Sonos.com

Audio Capabilities:

  • Six class-D Amplifiers,
  • Three Tweeters,
  • Three mid-woofers,
  • Phased Speaker Array for speaker drivers on the top and bottom of device


  • WiFi Port for Your Wifi Network that operates on 802.11 b/g, 2.4 Ghz
  • Ethernet port One 10/100 Mbps
  • Apple Airplay 2 Works well for apple devices IOS 11.4 and higher
  • Power supply Has auto switching for 100 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz


  • Power cord
  • Sonos play 5: base
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Legal/Warranty Information
  • Ethernet Cable

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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Pro’s : According to the sonos website, play:5 has a recommendation rating at 89 percent. Most of these reviews play:5 customers gave it a better rating due to the following features and selections most used.

Superior Sound 5 stars: With the best in the music industry help to deliver you the best type of sounds that is mean to be true and clear to enjoy with impeccable technology Play:5 has the premium sound to keep you satisfied.

Wireless 4 stars: Connect to the internet, your favorite devices and enjoy the features play 5 has to offer like streaming apps, and control it from your phone using the sonos app

Easy to set up 4 Stars: The plug and play never gets old especially when your ready to use Sonos play 5 right an away. It’s easy to connect to other devices and comes with port cables for internet and power connections. Also, you can connect to mobile and audio devices with ease using the ports on the back of the device.

Streams All My Music 5 stars: This has to be one the best features to have on a sonos play:5 with all the wonderful steaming services out there that is available to use though the sonos app. Upload your playlist to your app for continuous playback with no interruptions.

Expandable 5 stars: To be able to not only hear the music and content that is coming from the sonos play 5 you can arrange it all around the house and listen in every room without getting up to make adjustments. The sonos play 5 is compatible to connect with TV and other devices to enhance your use for music, streaming and playback.

Con’s: We’re highlighting the things people may have the most difficult with in terms of what is the biggest issues people commonly recognize while using the sonos play: 5 model.

Unreliable technology: Was the highest, in all the issues customers seem to face. In review of this section, most customers had a difficult time with installation and setup which is common with new technology. The quick start guide is available to use as well the online guide which should help you troubleshoot these issues.

Difficult To install: Even though the setup seems simple, customers had a hard time with it. This could be due to adding more additional equipment to operate instead of taking the time to understand the instruction to operations before connecting different devices to the model

Poor Sound Quality: This was the least of customer issues when it came to using the sonos play 5. This is due to poor Wifi syncing and connections problem to the internet. It’s best to check the connections to the router and make sure that all of your cable connections are firmly connected to the device.

Our Recommendations

Sonos play 5 has come an along way to deliver the best forms of speakers you could love to have in your home office and backyard. This device clearly defines what it means to have the best sounds and technology in your hands and total freedom to continue your day or night without having to make little to no modifications to the play:5

Your in store for some the best type of entertainment, but the play:5 is not just an audio device. Many people who have purchase this device have discovered many options to use that sonos works hard to produce.

You have the best combination of style quality and class with a premium sound system for the ultimate home entertainment lifestyle. We recommend the Sonos play:5 for your home and tell a friend about this device.

Please give us your thoughts on this sound system by commenting below this article and tell us what do you think.

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