What Is A Sonos Play One ?

Okay so you are looking at these sonos devices to see what is the big deal is. As your see the display of the latest technology, There is this new item that has the world on its feet to have in the living room or basement but your not sure what is this Sonos play one about.

For Those of us who would like to know what is a Sonos play one , It’s one of the best things to have in a home theater entertainment system that interacts with in family lifestyle to help us get the most out of life with great sound and fantastic entertainment. It’s an audio based system that is easy to use in different places around home.

Allow us to help you on this journey to find out more about this  powerful machinery. There are many ways to bring excitement to your home, but in order to get the maximum return for your dollar investment, you would need a sound system that is geared towards many options to use in the household. Thank goodness you came to right place to find out more about it. Alright let’s check out what is Sonos play one.

Breaking down the Sonos Play one

It’s fascinating to see what is new when it comes to sonos, It’s another to hear that it’s affordable to buy as well. If your tired of the old way of listening to music and entertainment, well your in store to find out more with this amazing device. There’re many ways to enjoy using a Sonos play one.

Did you know it’s possible to take this with you in every room of the house? okay maybe you have heard about this feature before. Now sonos has gone out of the box by making it able to listen to your favorite hit songs in  the great outdoors as well.

Just imagine yourself grilling burgers with the soothing sound of jazz playing and in the backyard while your drinking an ice-cold drink. These moments are worth the investment in a sonos play one.

Maybe you want to take a trip to the park and listen your favorite tunes while you catch up on a good book while resting under a tree.

It’s your downtime to enjoy properly with a great sound system that packs a punch but weights much less than you think. Yes sonos play one is virtually lighter than a notebook computer but has the astounding sound quality to rock the party and entertain a good size crowd.

To make sure you have a good idea of what were talking about let’s break down some the features of this system to give you more clarity. And see what makes this sound system the number one option to buy for your home and away use for home theater and music selections.

Play One Features:

Humidity Resistant worry no more about the damaging the play one because it’s made to withstand the moisture of high humid situations and could prove to be a more durable device worth buying for the long term.

One Touch Controls- Don’t you hate it trying to figure out how to execute the most simplest command on a device, but just can’t seem to find the right button? well you should get a play one for just for this simple one touch button control that allows you to make the adjustment with ease. Now you can get back to painting that room you have been eyeballing for weeks.

Control It With Your Voice Too busy with cooking dinner and ran out of hands to use for stopping the music of switching to another song? not a problem with voice recognition. You have the power to make simple commands with google assistant, and Alexa built-in apps to use for sonos play one technology. This feature alone makes life that much easier.

WiFi Connections- Now we are living a wireless lifestyle with many ways to use this device for premium movie and music entertainment. One sonos play one device is great to have but to use two at the same time is truly bliss. Just try it out for yourself and find out why.

What Can Play One Do For You?

There is many ideaas to use when you have the options to take the play one with you to other places and have the ability to control it with voice recognition technology. But for those of us who would love to know some the best ways to use this device we’ll gladly share a few ideas before you go out to shop for you own play one smart speaker.

  • Pair up for complete sound theater action with two surround style speakers connect them with Sonos Beam or Play Base for the full movie theater action at an affordable cost.
  • Take a shower and place play one next to you to keep the dog from barking at your acapella singing. Don’t worry about the humidly it’s built to withstand moisture and some of your singing as well.
  • Use voice Commands to set the room up to the way you want it to be as you enter the room by using the Alexa and Google Assistant built in feature to get the weather or turn on the lights. These simple features can grow on you and you’ll learn to love it as well.

As you can see these are some the most common things you use for sonos play one, but we’re sure you have more things to discover as you play with these features when you buy one for self and your family.

You have the ease of taking care of your daily chores with no problems. Most people tend to forget they even have a play one as this system tends to blend into your lifestyle. This is what you should expect in an audio device with powerful features and great sound support.

Check out The Specs

This is one of our favorite part of this article; taking a good look under hood and seeing the nut and bolts of this device. It’s like taking apart a favorite toy and putting it back together to see if it works out better than ever. But here we’re checking out what makes this machine so great to use at such a small price and size.

Be sure to take notes as you get ready to buy this smart speaker this will determine the right type of functions you need to place in your home.

Some people may require two play one for full entertainment. Or you may only need one in different colors, whatever the need maybe it’s good to have the facts about this smart sound system.

Dimensions: (H-6.36) x (W-4.69) x (D-4.69) Inches

Weight: 4.06Lbs

Color: Black w/ black grille, White w/ white grille

Contents: Sonos Play One, power cord, Quick start guide, Warranty information.

Power supply: Auto switching from 100 to 240 volts

Audio Features: Two acoustic class-D amplifiers, Responsive chime feature for voice commands, One tweeter for crisp speaker sound, One mid woofer to give you rich deep bass structure.

Listed website price: 199.00

The Pros and Cons of Using a Sonos Play one

Many of us wish in a perfect world everything we buy should have all pros, and no cons. But it’s good to have options on both sides to see if there are any concerns and possible mistakes we could encounter when comes to managing home theater equipment.


  • You have one the most innovative and most creative designs to use in the home lifestyle. Not only can you enjoy this great audio technology at home, it’s able to operate in different areas around the household as well.
  • One the most interesting things about this system is that it comes with little to no wires at all. Plus its lite weight in design to carry thoughout the household and around it as well.
  • Program Sonos play one to your voice commands. There is nothing more exciting giving instructions to a audio system to operate without you having to get up and press buttons. This is what Sonos does for its customers, deliver comfort and ease of use for maximum satisfaction.


  • It’s common to have some issues with new technology. But with the continuing efforts of ongoing technology, your tasked with the decisions to buy with hopes of easy installation, good efficient operation, as well as multiple ways to use.
  • Sounds fills the room with good premium sound, but you have to carry it from room to room in order to get full sound support. Other audio system have powerful bass structure and creative sound support to carry though the whole entire house.
  • Using only Bluetooth Capabilities has a limiting effect on most sound systems due to the fact we all love to use different forms of connections like Wi-FI. Don’t forget those of us who would love to use Ethernet cable and HDMI port connects for direct sound support.

The most common questions people have asked is listed below. This will give you tips and better advice to prevent possible mistakes and pitfalls from happening. Here is a few FAQs from Sonos customers.

What makes this sound system better than the rest?

The fact you can use this sound system in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom and have the ability to carry the base around like it’s a small lite vase and have no issue with it taking up space.

Can you pair these device with other surround systems?

It’s possible to connect, but it’s best to check to see if your surround sound is compatible. Sonos play one, and other sound systems don’t really interact well with the Sonos platform for surround sound due to it’s latest technology.

Is it possible to have more than one sonos play one operating at once?

Absolutely, It’s possible to use two base devices at once to get the most out your music and entertainment lifestyle. Sonos pair these devices automatically together when in use two combine the great bass sound and crisp clarity when you need it most.

How durable is the Sonos play one?

Very durable, It’s possible to use this device while your showering, Imagine you in the shower while your jamming out to the sounds of this system playing right next to you at full capacity, That is what you rest at ease with knowing play one has the technology and design features to resist the moisture water drips the system may in be exposed to.

Our Recommendations

This is your sound system to have in the home or around the home for premium entertainment and great sound quality. Combine powerful bass and crisp sharp sounds to your favorite songs and playlist to create a good fulfilling home life setting is possible with a play one to use for in many ways to get your life back on track or wine down the day with.

It’s vital to know that you can’t be without this type of sound system once you try it out. The way you listen to music and experience audio with your favorite movies will never be the same the again.

Were living in a new age of technology that strives to keep us well suited with the best of fun and family entertainment. To ask what is a sonos play one? is asking yourself ,”do you want more quality sound in you life?”

Give your thoughts on this topic by commenting below. Also, Check out our article about Our Top Three Samsung Soundbars for Home Theaters

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