What Is Smart TV Technology?

What Is Smart TV Technology? It’s the new level of home entertainment that has shape the way we live our lives in this society.

Things people used to see and experience back then, in places like; the drive in, or the movie theater has driven us to crave that same action of cinema at home. We have grown to appreciate the ways of using a Smart TV.

The features have shaped the landscape of how we do business and interact with one another. Technology is faster and requires less effort on our end.

What is a Smart TV? Also known as a connected TV (CTV), is a traditional television set with integrated Internet and interactive Web 2.0 features.

Which allows users to stream music and videos, browse the internet, and view photos. Smart TVs are a technological convergence of computers, televisions, and digital media players.

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As you can see, the features of a Smart TV can bring you multiple options and ideas to improve your lifestyle at home.

It’s just like having a universal remote that has extra features and functions to use. The added value of a Smart TV is to create a fun fulfilling environment that makes sense to us and our family members.

We love to watch TV, but you can agree we also like to do other things while watching TV as well.

The Wikipedia definition shows what we truly love to use these television sets for. We have a top 4 favorites list of things people love to use with a Smart TV.What Is Smart TV Technology? 4k UHD TV

Smartphones– The Joy of our lives outside of family interaction:), connection to our phones for extended uses is paramount.

Tablet– What joy it is to watch popular movies and shows on the tablet. But connect it to a smart TV is a whole lot better.

Surround sound Systems– this is the making of developing your home theater system. Bring movies, shows and live games to life though a premium sound system is superb.

Video Games– There is nothing like getting family or friends together to play classic or modern video game, that brings hours of fun to the living room.

You may wonder how is it possible to be able to connect devices to a smart tv, with so many features and options available to use? well you would have to scroll down to read more about the topics we will share with you. Also, you will get to know about the differences between smart and regular TVs. Then we’ll explain ways to use the TV set with other devices with internet services. From there we dive into the topic of best features and disadvantages of having a smart TV.

What is the Difference Between a Smart And Regular TV?

With regular sets, you know what your given. It’s operated on a set of channels and delivers digital broadcasting though High-definition TV.

With Cable and Satellite, Digital TV provides good exceptional audio, and broadcast images in the sharpest of high definition.

It’s good to own a regular TV. This is why we buy products on needs and have a regular flat screen television that fits the mold.

Days of the old plasma and weight and space consuming “floor models” are a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, the world transitioned to the digital age not too long ago.

This was to accommodate to the ever-changing world that has shaped the modern TV environment. Doing this has developed a world of possibilities to use in the modern age.

You’re in the new age realm of creativity, with the combination of Internet use.

It’s great to know that flat screen television and digital media has open the door to new technology. With that door opened, in comes the evolution of the Smart TV.

With its seek and stylish design and automated features, we wonder what was lifelike in the old days when there was only a two-knob box with metal antennas stuck on top of the set.

From black and white to color TV, to larger and bigger floor models to digital multi-purpose functions. This is what we have witness in this ever-changing world of technology.

The Smart TV is evidence of it. To help you understand the difference we complied a comparison list of the two, to shed more light on this topic. One of the biggest difference is connectivity.

The ability to connect to the internet is and other devices is standard in smart TV’s.

We’re talking leaps and bounds in terms of entertainment. There is much more to do and use for smart TVs. With internet, it only gets better.

Or does it? Take a look down below to find out how does internet play a role in this evolution.

Is it a requirement to have internet or not? For more information about a particular Smart TV, we recommend reading: What is the best 4K Smart TV?

Does A Smart TV Require Internet?

If your not interested in internet services to use for your TV that is okay. Like we discussed earlier, its totally fine. There is nothing wrong with using digital television broadcasting for watching shows and movies.

So to answer the question: No, you can have the TV set to just operate as your main source of entertainment without the use of internet.

There’s many TVs on the market, capable of handling those operations at a much more affordable price.

A smart TV does not necessarily require internet. You have options to watch using a digital TV.

It could be though your local cable and satellite provider. But if your looking to avoid using those two options, its best to get a HD Antenna with a higher range.

This will give your FREE access to several local channels and a few features that is available though digital TV services.

Those are great selections to choose for a budget. With Internet you’re getting the best of both worlds in digital and local channels.

With  access to pre-installed apps to enjoy your entertainment though the Smart TV instead of squinting at your smartphone for shows to watch.

Without internet, its impossible to use your tablet and other devices which depend on internet and WIFI for access. You might as well get a regular TV that only handles digital services and movies if Internet is not an option. If your interested in checking out a regular digital TV here is a link to check out a set that would help you out, Click here to find out.

What is The Best Features Of A Smart TV?

This is our lives favorite part. We love to brag about the latest of the high tech TV that are out there in the market. More importantly we display only the best fit option to your needs. Looking for bigger sizes? How about fantastic audio support? There is so many things we can share in Smart TV features. To get you started here is a list of top features people love to have in the home environment.

  • WIFI and Bluetooth Access
  • Access To Personal Song Playlist
  • Greater Audio Support using The Smartphone
  • Voice Control on Demand
  • Connections To Devices like: Smartphones, Tablets, Smart Watches, surround sound speakers, Lighting, Alarm system.
  • Faster Access To the Web and Apps to use.
  • Create slideshows for family, or view photos and images from trips and vacations.
  • Access to Media Players Like: Pandora, Apple Air Play, Spotify, Amazon Music
  • Video Chat With love ones, friends and associates.

With a smart TV in your home your watching the world of brilliant colors with MILLIONS of pixels. Dazzling arrays of colors splashing on your screen. Fast pace action scenes are more visible to catch. The wider angle of displays capture all of the event in great sequences. Little to no distortion on digital HD TV. It’s truly amazing with HD audio backing the shows and movies you love to watch.

To take a closer look, we have a in depth review of LG Nano Cell Smart TV with many features and options for the best entertainment you ever ask for click here to check it out

What Are The Disadvantages To Smart TVs?

Explain what the cons to having a smart TV and give a solution to help prevent some disadvantages as well recommend at product to offer

We can go on about how much a Smart TV can Make a great impact on the home lifestyle. But we have to understand some the disadvantages to owning a Smart TV, and what it could do to your personal lifestyle. We only want to bring this to light to touch on issues to avoid while enjoy the best features a Flat screen smart television can offer to you.

Although Smart TVs has access to different devices’, its possible, this can act as a access to other spying and data collection companies that study and analyze your use of these sets to help push different a agenda. In some cases, maybe influence you to buy or try other things that is not naturally apart of your daily routine.

Of course, there is the over use of watching the set for longer periods of time that may hinder you of that sleep time due to high interest of the shows movies and live events that we love to watch so much. It could disrupt your normal everyday living environment which is not a good look.

Did you know, That the average American watches 4 hours of television a day according to CSUN.edu That’s 2 HOURS MORE than the daily recommend average according to medical experts. It good to have a healthy balanced lifestyle of television and physical activity to keep a healthy and fun life.

Check out guidelines on use for access on your smart phone, Tablet and other devices’ including your TV set to limit controls for access to your devices’ when there is no use. Also watch where you shop and surf the net. make sure the site cookies is no enable to copy the data of your searching. We recommend getting a VPN address to help disguise your access and privatize access to sites and app for use.

What Is Smart TV Technology to You?

Offer the reader the chance to ask questions by presenting some to them and recommend an article to ready on your site that is relevant to the product you will recommend to the reader.

This is important question. It’s ask you what do you really need in a smart TV. Today there is so many features and options to choose from, we get caught up in the sea of riches.

It’s so easy to forget about the main things we need most in a TV. You have to write a list things down that is high priority and select these things wisely. We have a recommendation for you check out that would help you on selection options. Check our lives article on: What Is the Best TV brands To Buy? click here

Are you look to get more action on the bigger screen? does your current TV lack the feature you want for better entertainment? these are questions you should ask yourself and take careful consideration for.

These are the most important topics to look into when considering the a smart TV what technology are you interested to know about in smart TV’s? Please share with us your ideas and opinions below this article and share this Pinterest link with your friends. Visit us again for more interesting topics like these and more at coolhometheaters.com

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