What Is Sonos One SL? (Review)

Home entertainment is a staple in modern times nowadays. Just look at the current landscape of what our society has left us with. We often find ourselves bored with nothing to do but to surf the internet though our phones. Also, just to check the status of social media. But even after that, it’s still nothing to do at home. We’ll we have a solution to this problem. What Is Sonos One SL? (Review) 

It’s about increasing the level of fun in the household, which is paramount to our everyday living. There is enough mess going around the world that keeps us from being happy. We might as well enhance it in the safest and most convenient way possible. Starting with the most basic way to enjoy ourselves, though music, movies, TV shows and gaming.

We’re already doing these things in the house when we get bored, so it would make sense to simplify and extend that way of enjoyment? Improving our happiness while tackling other issues and situations helps your day go by faster, and creates a fun positive outlook in life for you and your family. Take a look at what makes Sonos One SL Speakers elevate your everyday life at home. There could be something you are missing which could be fixed below.

What Is Sonos One SL? (Review)

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Sonos One SL offers a multitude of ways to upgrade your everyday living at home. Think of it as appliance or extension to use for greater entertainment. When the need to eat is apparent, there is a stove to help you cook food. You’ll need a washer and dryer to clean and dry your clothes. You would need the hot water heater to wash dishes and take showers or a bath.

Wouldn’t it seem reasonable to choose a wireless stereo speaker set for soothing music while cooking, and cleaning? Sonos One SL delivers that, plus more. Take a look at the features and ask yourself what can it do for you?

Sonos One SL Wireless Compact Speakers - Pair - WiFi Enabled - AirPlay 2 Compatible - Humidity Resistant - When You Don't Need Voice Control - Black


Sonos One SL Is Wireless: Yes, you read it right. This speaker set has no cords to hook up. So how does it connect to each other? Sonos One SL uses the power of WFI. You’re probably wondering; Where is the power coming from? It’s battery powered.

That makes the situation to use it, very simple and easy. To find out more on this, we recommend checking out the specifications by: clicking here at Sonos.com

Streaming Music: It’s your choice to decide between Apple Airplay, or using Sonos App for streaming services. Load your entire playlist from the most popular streaming apps to the device for constant playback.

Moisture Resistance: Now you can place it in areas other devices would not work properly. Look to the next topic below on details for placement.

Works Great with Other Sonos Devices: Now you can connect it with other devices wirelessly though Sonos Arc, Beam, and Sonos Subwoofer. All Of these devices is able to connect though WIFI which makes your living room a wire free environment.

Financing Options: Working around a budget is easy with these 3 options to choose from. This means you’re getting the best wireless speaker deal in Sonos. It’s called Klarna: Get started today by clicking this link to Sonos.com


Where Can You Place Sonos Speakers?

It’s great to have Sonos One SL Speakers set the way you want it in your home. But its even better to know that you have the power to extend it beyond the living room as well. Imagine your tied up in the kitchen doing dishes, but you want to hear the latest podcast. Now, it’s possible to place one of the speakers in the kitchen right next to you or on the counter top while finishing up dishes. Sonos One Sl Speakers

Let’s say you want to impress some guest your having over for dinner by cooking up an exquisite meal. But your hands is tied trying to get that tune of music to the right setting. Sonos one SL can load your playlist and have it ready at your command.

To help you understand this more, look this small list of places you could increase your productivity while enjoying the services and sounds of music provided by Sonos One SL

Living room: Game play, Movies, TV shows, Music.

Kitchen : Podcast listening, Music, Instructional information, News updates, Music

Bathroom: News updates, Music, Podcast listening

Bedroom: Music, Movies, TV shows, Sleeping aids, News updates.

You do not have to worry about the moisture of a running shower or the steam of cooking food and washing dishes. Sonos One SL Is built to withstand the environment of moisture while delivering superb stereo sound. you could say that, it’s no sweat to use this speaker system. Working out on the treadmill or stationary bike? have sonos speakers by your side to complete your workout regime.

These are some the best places to get the most out of your day with ease using Sonos speakers. This set comes in pairs, so it is possible to listen in two different rooms (at once). Plus its easy to carry into the next room, like the laundry closet, or the basement. Whenever you feel in the room is the most need Sonos makes it possible.


Sonos Beam

How to set up Sonos One speaker?
Not to worry if you’re thinking it is going to be a hassle installing and activating these speakers. Sonos has made it easy to plug and play it is devices for home entertainment. That is the way things should be. Other speakers require cords to connect while Sonos One uses none.

All you have to do is place it where you need it, turn on the speaker and program it with your smart phone device or Sonos App. It is that simple. Pairing speakers is easy as well, since it connects though WIFI. One SL speakers will recognize the connection and give you a simple notification.

Just make sure each speaker is nearby each other for pairing before separating the speakers. As you get use to using One SL speakers, Tasks in your in household you once thought of as hassle, or chore will become apart of the best things to do at home. The fun shouldn’t stop because you are away from the entertainment. Bring the fun with you by purchasing Sonos One SL Speakers Today!


The Pro’s and Con’s of Sonos One SL

Every Product has it is good things to value and bad. We simply want to you educate you of these pros and con’s for Sonos One SL to help you make the right decision on purchasing. Take look below and see what’s our pro’s and con’s list is about. This should help you understand the benefits and limitations of operation.

Pro’s to Owning Sonos One SL:

  • Works great with Beam, Arc, And Sonos Sub woofers.
  • Can place it in different rooms for enjoyment.
  • Links to your WIFI broadband for wireless connections.
  • Apple Airplay ready, and Uses Sonos App To Stream Music.
  • Moisture Resistant.
  • Financing options available.

Con’s To Owning Sonos One SL:

  • Compared to other wireless speakers its pricey.
  • Doesn’t connect to other brand name speaker devices.
  • Its not Water proof.
  • Batteries has to be replace every so often.
  • Requires a fastest and latest Internet broadband service for WIFI connection.

As you can see, these are some the most important things to consider when making a purchase for home entertainment needs. It’s good to have this in mind when shopping for the right type of speaker system. The best thing to do is always check for reviews and the pros and con’s to buying an item before purchase. This could save you HUNDREDS in the end.

Reviews and Recommendations

We like to show you what Sonos itself has to say about it is own wireless speaker set. Also, we have a few comments from others who purchased Sonos One SL and gave feedback on it. Customers reviews is vital to understand what type of service does sonos offer. Plus knowing this information can help you to prevent other mishaps or experience buyers remorse.

Sonos.com rates the SL One Speaker Set 4.3 out 5 stars, which is really good in terms of overall satisfaction in customer reviews.

Here is a few customer reviews we found helpful and you may want to check it out:

Reviews from Sonos.com

Rated 5 stars

By Demeused

From Wisconsin

Big sound in a tight package

I use the sonos SL’s as surround sound speakers with the arc and the sub! And although the arc fills the room with sound these little SL’s add exactly the sort of left and right dynamic I was looking for, constantly making me look left and right when I hear something. The sound quality is superb and I would highly recommend picking these up to add to you’re home theater set. Thanks Sonos


Rated 5 Stars

By An_druuu

From Everett, WA

Best Sound for a good price. Will recommend buying

I use these speakers mainly for surround sound and by adding these to the collection just fills the room with all the sound you need. I love these so much in the living room that I also added them to my media room along with my Sonos Arc and it is just amazing how it completes the system.


Rated 1 Star

By Charles

From Spring, TX

Why did I buy this Sonos One SL?

I bought these speakers to use as wireless speakers with my Windows 10 PC. It was difficult to actually determine that they would not work for the purpose I purchased them. I feel I was duped by your false advertising. They have turned out to be useless for the purpose I bought them.


Our Review and Recommendation:

The Sonos One SL is quiet the speaker to have in the home environment. It helps in many ways to improve and enhance the way we live our lives though work, chores and family fun. We rated Sonos One SL 4.5 out 5 stars because the level of quality you get out this speaker set.

It’s higher in price compared to other devices, but the other brand name speakers can’t quite offer the same or better of what Sonos One SL carries to table. You are getting a deal in our opinion, for the amount of features and functions this speaker set can do you and the family. We highly recommend you should do your own research and make the decision to buy. Base your decision around the things you need most for your home.

We recommend you should look into a bundle package set that will pay off in the long run. Also, could save you hundreds of dollars to complete your home theater set. The home theater set we recommend, has more options and twice the fun for your whole household. It’s called the Sonos Beam Theater set. To check it out, Click this link to read more about: Simply the Best Home Theater Speaker System 

5.0 Surround Set with Sonos Beam & One SL

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