What Is Sonos Smart Speaker?

What Is Sonos Smart Speaker?

Sonos has made some of the best forms of speakers and home theater entertainment you could ever ask for. From its great surround sound theater systems, to the personal audio devices, you know it’s always something to appreciate. What Is Sonos Smart Speaker? It is well known to give us great entertainment. As you can see, people have found new ways to use its technology in different areas of the house.

Nowadays, Sonos has made the world known that it’s designing a for portable Speaker for traveling to different places. We all know about the portable speakers, and how they make fantastic travel pieces for extended fun and activities. But Sonos has taken it to the next level with its new astonishing Smart speaker set. You can grow to love this device. It’s not only a portable speaker, your in store for some great features that will make you feel like it’s not the same without it.

To put it this way, Sonos has the top grade quality in stereo speaker sounds you have yet to experience. Match it with a portable smart speaker at an affordable price and you have a match made in heaven for special speaker fun. Get a sheet a paper and jot down a few things you would like to expect in a smart speaker though Sonos. This will see if Sonos Smart Speakers fit your lifestyle.

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What Is Sonos Smart Speaker?

This is Roam, a portable smart speaker for on the go entertainment. What is the difference between Roam and any regular smart speaker? well for starters your getting the superior sound theater of sonos audio speaker usually delivers. Also, You have the option to use different streaming networks to listen to your favorite podcast, music and stay up to date with the latest content in news and more.

Roam has the features to bring you home when your away and on the go. Most portable speakers can’t tolerate the extreme weather conditions of what Sonos roam can operate under. That’s right, this speaker is waterproof. And can operate in high heat conditions. Roam is built to handle different environments. Click The Images To Get More Details.

Let us show you some the features of what Roam can do for you:

What Is Sonos Smart Speaker | Sonos Roam - Black

WaterproofMeans it can stand up to and operate up to three feet of water for a good period of time. So don’t worry about splashing liquids on it, because it will not become damaged

WIFI Enabled- You can enjoy the streaming and stereo sound performance all around the house. Plus Roam can automatically hookup to your network to deliver the performance you have waiting for.

Bluetooth Enabled- This is where your Smart phone can shine as the controller to your Smart speaker. Sync your music to play your favorite tunes, or stream your favorite music though Apple Air Play and other Apps including Sonos app for live streaming music and other content.

Battery Life- No more worrying over the short time frame of use, or constantly charging the device to get the most out of your day. When you can have up to ten full hours of fun and enjoyment with Roam.

Voice Control – This would give you the added advantage to go hands free and live life while Roam makes the soundtrack to your journey. It feels great to command the device to listen and cycle though different songs without reaching around to find the button to push to turn on or off. With Alexa and Google assistant, it’s the voice recognition that makes Roam operate.

Drop Resistant- Don’t you hate dropping your smart phone, and wish it was more durable to drops and bumps? Well Sonos has made it a bit easier to handle and resist our butter fingers. While maintaining the same performance with its drop resistant design that is tuff enough to handle knock overs and drops.

How Does Sonos Roam Work?

To operate a Sonos Roam, its very to easy to get the device activated and ready for playback. So easy, they made it simple enough for a toddler to use. Not really, but you get the point of what we are saying. Roam gives you the option to use your voice control to activate or turn it off. Plus you are in the drivers seat for controlling how loud you want it to be and what type of music and content you want it to play. Click The Image To Get More Details.

What Is Sonos Smart Speaker | Sonos Roam - White

Manual Controls: There’s buttons on the device to use as well, but you will fall in love with voice features for sure. The Sonos App is another form of control functions to use. In case you are in a quiet area, and want to manually control it with the use of your voice.

The Placement: Roam has two ways to place it on a stable place for playback, It’s horizontally and vertically. Either one of these positions you choose is the same. It’s just depends on the areas and situation for use.

Connections: It’s possible to connect it with your devices and enjoy the benefits of extended use for streaming movies, TV shows, music and podcast. With Bluetooth your on the go with this option to connect your device and stream. With WIFI at home it’s easy streaming plus it’s good for continuous playback all day long.

Charging: Once you have the day spent, and your ready to go to sleep. Don’t forget to charge the device. But know in mind that its easy as well. The Sonos Roam Charging base is different from most, you have a magnetic base for placing the speaker on top of the base for charging. There will be a status light to let you know when charging is complete.

Where Can You Use A Sonos Smart Speaker?

We often wonder, is it safe to use our devices here or can it operate under different type of conditions. What we going to show you is Roam’s ability to operate the same if not better in your home, and all around the house. Its able to follow you out around where you want to be.

To help you understand this more, we have a list of places that is possible to use Roam This will let you decide where do you need it most. What Is Sonos Smart Speaker?

Places to Use Sonos Roam:

  • Bathroom- It’s possible to use it while taking a shower, Love to sing, well this device can help you pipe up to the favorite songs. Its Water Proof so moisture would not damage it.
  • Kitchen – Learning a new cooking recipe? Take Roam with you while you cook. It’s the perfect cooking partner for getting the feast completed. Or listen to great tunes while getting your cooking diner.
  • Basement- Washing clothes or cleaning out the basement makes it an excellent idea for soundscape. Due to the walls and large area for sound theater, you will have the effects of surround sound with Roam next you while you work.
  • Garage- There’s nothing like working on that car or a project and listening to your favorite show or audio book while getting the job done with ease.

These are place to use Sonos Roam on the Go:

  • At the Park- The best part of using Sonos Roam is playing a smooth jazz collection while watching the clouds roll by. Or maybe read a book while listening to classical music. Whatever your choice sounds is, the park can be one of the best places to use Roam.
  • At the Pool- The pool party is a prime time area to enjoy a speaker system while having fun swimming with friends and family. If you have guest over at the the house, and want to enhance the fun with a little musical theater. Roam is perfect for long hours of fun.
  • Go Camping- It’s great to crowd around a camp fire and tell stories while enjoying the music. friends can interact with each other as well. This is what Roam was built for.
  • Go Hiking – If you feel the trip is going to take a bit longer than excepted, why not listen to a podcast while reaching the summit or area of destination along the way?
  • Backyard Parties- Of course the party is not set without the bumping sounds of what Roam can carry in the classic festive backyard party.

Is Sonos Move Affordable To buy?

We all would love to have the best things in life at an affordable price. But in modern day times, it’s not the case. If you look for the most affordable smart speakers, we found out Sonos Roam is pretty cheap as well. Determining whether or not if this device is cheap is not the question. To help you understand this more, let’s dive into the other portable speakers and see what is the cost compared to Sonos Roam. Click The Image For More Details.

What Is Sonos Smart Speaker?

As you can see, these prices varies for each one. But Sonos is the cheapest and most accommodating smart speaker to buy in the market.

There was confusion with some people, that most of us thought Sonos products were too expensive to afford. Some thought  this would be a hassle in some cases. Sonos has a good financing options on shipping and payments so you should be able to have the Smart speaker you have been waiting for.

Where Is The Best Places To Buy A Sonos Move?

Sonos 2 Room Set with Roam - Black

The best place to buy a Sonos Roam is though the source itself. We could give you list of options to find that could be cheaper, but that would further complicate things with shipping and misinformation on financing. Plus you have a guaranteed warranty with the package if in case your not so sure about the device. But we encourage you to try it out and use it in your everyday living. To get started with Sonos Roam Click here.

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What Is Sonos Smart Speaker?

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