What Is The Best 4k Smart TV?

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In the world of smart technology, we love to have the value of convenience and comfort of use. This is what you should expect to have in a TV. But we have to ask What Is The Best 4K Smart TV? Well in order to find out, you would have to know the facts to own and operating a 4K TV system. Also, you would need to understand how does the best 4k TVs can operate and cooperate with surround sound systems.

What you should expect is nothing short of great home entertainment. Especially with Smart 4K TVs. It’s about getting the most out of your Smart TV. We’re looking for the best Smart 4k TVs that’s multi-talented and compatible with other devices and delivers the best features. It’s good to know what can a television set offers that will arm you with the tools to find the ideal set that truly fits your lifestyle.

Let’s take a closer look at what you should look for when buying a 4K TV set. Knowing this will keep you from getting lost and confused with the extra bells and whistles. Don’t forget to have a pen and paper ready to jot down the best features you want and compare it to your own list of options and ideas.

What Should I Look For When Buying a 4K TV?

This should be the easiest and most enjoying part for you in terms of shopping and comparing. The problem is we don’t really know what is out there to look for. Luckily we have found some facts and ideas that will give you a boarder perspective in finding the right smart TV. Let’s dive into the specifics as to what you should know about 4K sets.What Is The Best 4K Smart TV?

Things We Should Expect In Smart TVs

  • High Definition TV
  • Brilliant Color Scheme
  • higher quality of Sound
  • Basic and easy features for operation
  • Compatibility with smart devices
  • Long lasting Functions or Warranty package

Things We Found In New 4K Smart TVs

  • Millions Of Pixels which is 100 times better than the average HD Screen
  • Faster processors that can make the resolution crystal clear to see.
  • QLED Which Is Quantum Dot LED Motion Image Resolution.
  • Artificial Intelligence with pixel management and processing.
  • Customizing your own style of smart TV that fits your taste.
  • Wireless connections to the internet and other electronics.

As you know, these new features and functions which could have a profound affect in a way. But not all of these features can spell freedom and luxury, independence and comfort. We have to gauge the market with a smart sense of knowing what exactly are we looking for, and how to get those needs met with a good reasonable budget.

Next, we are going to discuss the idealistic ways a smart 4K TV can improve your lifestyle, by defining the areas of your life that you need it most. This will give you a clear idea to find that one TV that meets the standards of living.

How To Benefit From Using A 4K Smart TV?

In order to benefit the most from a 4K Smart TV, You would need to clearly define what is your style in a TV set. Nowadays, we have options to use a smart TVs in an ever growing home environment. First, check out this list of ideal places or settings you would consider to be the of choice for home entertainment.What Is The Best 4K Smart TV?

Surround Sound Theater: This type of setting requires a large group or small depending on the number of family members we have. This would be for the amount of sound and viewing you should expect in a home entertainment. We can imagine the possibilities here. But in retrospect, let’s keep things on the fore front of what you may need in terms of compatibility, convenience and price.

Surround sounds would need the use of wireless connections due to the ever-changing pace of technology to accommodate this new age of devices for operation. There’s plenty of affordable surround sound systems that can operate on late model TV sets especially smart TVs. But we recommend you should get more information on a particular TV before pairing and connecting it to your surround sound system.

Stylish Living Decor: There’s plenty of TV sets that fits the style of living. For an affordable price, its kind of a catch 22, with some pricey, but high performing models vs cheap but disappointing sets. This would all depend on the budget you set forth for spending. Let’s keep things simple here, your looking for more stylish, and high performing TVs with plenty to choose from but, remember that it could get pricey if your not careful.

Picture Quality: It’s more important to know the specifics to buying a high quality TV set with great picture quality because we can end up unsatisfied with the results instead. For example, do you know the difference between 4K and 8K TV? If the answer is yes, well your in luck to know that its better resolution and could be pricey if you don’t know what to watch for. Higher resolution means better picture quality sure, but what specific features are you looking for? Is it faster processing or great depth of colors?

Multi-Purpose Use: This is what many people love to use in Smart TVs. It’s all about what a Smart TV captures from our imagination with a brilliant color scheme. You can have updates on news, sports and weather all within a few buttons to push. And with voice command functions, its all about variety of choice. This is a part of why Smart TVs holds more value.

Now that you have a better sense of what areas of the home is best for you, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of this question and find out which major brand is better? this would allow you to see the differences in quality for each one that delivers the most.

Which One Is Better: Samsung or LG 4k Smart TV?

These brand name giants is among the best in market, when comes better choice and value. But what do they offer for the average Smart TV buyer? That is what we found though researched facts and information to help you discover the difference and make a clear and educated decision.What Is The Best 4K Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV:

  • Invisible Bezel Design that offers a broader less protection for full view of the image without distraction.
  • Compatible to Samsung soundbars for a syncing sound feature called “Q-Symphony” (Dynamic theater sound.)
  • Offers an Optional 4k and 8k Real time resolution. This is its highest quality picture performance.
  • Has a Standalone AI Support system that handles massive data information processed fast paced speeds.
  • has over 8 millions pixels that four times the rate of an average HD TV set.
  • Offers in home installation support and setup for operation.
  • Multi-view screening makes the opportunity to see your content on the smart phones and TV while your binge watch.

LG Smart TV:

  • Self Lighting feature Which makes the difference in contrast and darker colors.
  • Infinite contrast allows you to see deeper and defining clear picture options.
  • AI Picture Processor with A9 Gen 3 technology for Sound and Picture Quality.
  • Gaming Compatible feature which connects gaming and computer technology.
  • 8.3 million Pixels shows every detail in every scene.
  • Smooth motion, slim design, Swift response, with a Sharp picture With Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision IQ
  • LG ThinQ AI Technology Has Alexa And Google Assistant built into the TV for Voice Command functions.

As you can see that is some the best comparisons to look forward to when shopping for that an ideal smart TV each of these Smart TVs can offer an array of features in its a own way, but you would have to make the deicision to find out what is perfect for you and your family.

The price ranges for LG TV sets depend on the size and features. We gathered a set of prices and sizes to familiarize you with what’s to come while shopping.

  • Lowest price: 29 Inch LG Class UHD 4K Smart TV- 379.99
  • Mid-Grade price: 55 inch LG Class Smart 4K OLED Smart TV- 1399.99
  • HIghest price: 77 Inch LG C-1 4K AI ThinQ OLED Smart TV- 3799.99

The price range for Samsung TV sets depends on the sizes and features. We found these to help you gauge the market and understand the pricing.

  • Lowest price: 55 inch Samsung Class Q90T UHD HD Smart TV- 1599.99
  • Mid Grade price: 65 inch Samsung Class Q90T Smart TV HD- 1799.99
  • Highest price: 75 inch Samsung Class Q90T Smart UHD TV- 2799.99

Which is better 4K UHD or OLED?

Which one is the better Smart TV? Is it the high dynamic, graphic detailed picture view of a UHD? or does a fully optimized laser digital resolution is better for viewing? That is what you should ask yourself. To many of us get caught up in the hoopla of great technology and don’t really know there is a difference between the two. Both operate in separate ways to bring more value to your entertainment.

Better quality or great value? This is the most important question to ask. There is no doubt that each one of these TV sets can give you a multitude of value. Finding the right value is key. We have a list of the most popular TVs in each one of its perspective quality. One is for UHD and OLED. These features are to help you decide which one can offer you more value.

According to Wikipedia.org, illustrates the specifics to help you understand the differences between UHD and OLED.

*UHD is an Ultra High Definition television that uses measurement of height and width dimensions in pixels for greater illuminations with depth of color images.

What Is The Best 4K Smart TV?

LG 82 Inch UHD Class 4K Smart TV

Key Features:

  • Real 4K Display
  • AI picture and sound gen a7 processor
  • Dolby Vision and Atmos
  • Web Operating System with a Smart remote

*Can up scale to higher resolution, Ultra High Definition allows to see every detail of content with crystal clarity and sharp images. Has an advanced Color enhancer to capture the true essence of the image. Doubles down on its noise reduction by capturing sound and sharping its detail of audio.

Voice Command Structure:

  • Built in Alexa that handles your voice command with accuracy.
  • Built in Google Assistant offers access to the web and handles voice commands
  • Artifical Intelligence for overall system controls making access easy.
  • Apple AirPlay Accessible

Audio Structure:

  • Speaker direction is Down Firing output
  • 2.0 channel speakers
  • Ultra Surround sound
  • Bluetooth Ready for surround sound
  • Syncs with other compatible LG speakers

Connectivity Structure:

  • WIFI Certified 802.11
  • Bluetooth Certified for Connections version 5.0
  • Smart Phone connectivity
  • HDMI Link Connections
  • USB ports version 2 with (2 rear) & (1on side panel)
  • Ethernet port rear location.
  • Digital Audio Input rear location.

Operating Power:

  • AC 120W 50/60Hz
  • Max Power Use Is 350W
  • Projected amount of Power use 150W
  • Dimensions: With stand 72.8″ x 44.8″ x 13.6″
  • Weight: 103.6 Lbs
  • UPC: 719192638686
  • Warranty Information: (Parts 1year), (Labor 1 year)

*OLED which stands for (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Delivers emissive electroluminescent layer of film. This film is an organic compound that emits light when expose to electrical current. It’s transparent and lies between two electrodes OLED’s is used to create digital displays for TVs, monitors, and smart phones.

Samsung OLED CX 65 inch Class 4K Smart OLED TVWhat Is The Best 4K Smart TV?

Offers a Slim Design with a sharper detail of picture though its state-of-the-art a9 gen processor which allows you to see the way TV is supposed to be seen in real life clarity. Millions of self-lit pixels can show for proof that this TV set is on an another level. Plus has a smooth motion setting to capture the fast pace detail work of the content you watch. Also, makes a swift response to any changes of scenes for light or dark images.

Key Features:

  • Self-Lighting OLED which gives off Dark and Color Super Contrast.
  • Dolby Vision IQ And Sound Atmos.
  • a9 gen Processor 4K picture pro/pro sound.
  • Gaming G-syncing Compatible with computer and game consoles.
  • ThinkIQ smart remote.

Voice Command Structure:

*Alexa and Google Assistant Built-in to give you full control of the functions.

  • Apple Airplay.
  • Intelligence Voice Recognition.
  • Home Dashboard.
  • LG ThinQ Response.

Audio Structure:

  • 2.2 Channel
  • Front Firing Reflector
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Sound Sync
  • OLED surround Sound
  • Bluetooth Ready

Connectivity Structure:

  • WIFI Certified 802.11
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Smartphone Connectivity
  • HDMI-CEC SimpLink

Operating Power:

  • HDMI ports (3 side) and (1 rear)
  • USB ports (2 rear) and (1 side)
  • Ethernet (1 rear port)
  • AC 150W
  • Dimensions with stand 57.0″ x 33.9″ x 9.9″
  • Weight 71.9 lbs.
  • Warranty 1 year for Parts and Labor for each.

As you can see, there’s plenty to see in why OLED and UHD is different from one another. Also, notices that each one these important pieces of technology, has a specific function in delivering the best the highest quality TV you have ever seen. It’s really your choice to find out which one is the better option.

Even though there seems to be similarities, each one has a special feature to enhance smart TV capabilities for amazing performances.

What Is The Best 4k Smart TV?

Now that we have found out what is a Smart TV, plus defined what does it offer to our home lifestyle. You’re armed with the tools of knowledge for shopping for particular set that will give you what we call “The Shoppers edge” .

This is your chance to use the smart sense facts and ideas you’ve acquired to select with confidence. Making a wise decision in choosing a Smart TV is an investment on you and your families lifestyle.

This sets the tone for future upgrades and additions you may want to towards a delightful home theater system. We often find our selves wrapped up in getting rid of old sets and systems that either doesn’t function well or is not compatible with newer brands of technology. That is why your choice today can greatly affect your motives for tomorrow.

The ideal smart TV set we reviewed fits your motive for now and the future. It’s stylish and sleek. Has the most features and functions you would generally need in the modern 4K smart TV. We recommend checking out our article: What Is Smart TV Technology? This article is packed with Intel on why these particular Smart TVs are perfect for your home.

We hope you have found this article helpful and informing. This should get you in the right direction for smart buying choices. 4K Smart TVs is great to have, but if your not careful, you would wind up with a great set that fail to reach the full entertainment satisfaction.

If you like this article, share your thoughts with us below in the comment section and share it with friends on your favorite social media platforms. We have a Pinterest Image to save to your Board labeled Smart TVs. Thanks for visiting and be sure to catch our previous in depth reviews on name brand Smart TVs here at CoolHomeTheaters.com

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