What Is The Best Rated TV Sound Bar With a Subwoofer?

As we search for the best rated TV Sound bar with a subwoofer that meets our standards, let’s take a look at what is the best of the best to offer in premium audio entertainment. Those of us who crave to have some the best forms of surround sound theater with amazing smart TV display, want more home entertainment to enjoy.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more value in watching movies and shows on TV with greater depths of high definition. Would it make sense to want the same for audio sound as well? We’ll we think so, as a matter of fact, we think everyone should have what we would like to share with you today.

Soundbars can open up a new dimension to great sound support that makes the whole experience worth our viewing pleasure. Growing up, most of us had to endure poor quality television with even more horrible sound support in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Back then you had limited choices like Satellite and cable, or the dreaded analog TV broadcasting which was a pain to use.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a Smart TV in the digital age. It’s the new standard of living in most counties and cities. But the love of movies at the theater has given us to the urge to want more audio performance in the home lifestyle. By that measure, surround sound systems is born with all types of bells and whistles. You have a choice between bigger sound support or simple yet effective audio systems.

Clutter and space has made us open to smaller and higher performing systems that operates with smart TVs. Hence, the Soundbar was invented. With a Sound bar you are in control of the way entertainment is used in your home. Room rocking sound with clear crisp dialogue to use while the movie is captivating your attention for more attraction.

We found a Soundbar system that is capable of giving you the power to use as much as you need to create the landscape of fun you always wanted. Combined with a great subwoofer, its like bringing the cinema theater to your living room. Just take a look at what is the best rated TV Soundbar system.

What is The Best Rated TV Soundbar with a Sub Woofer

To have the best forms of home entertainment, you might as well have the best sound bar system to enhance that chance to fully enjoy it. Let’s face it, we all don’t want a sub par audio system for the best movies and shows to watch. It’s like putting a fresh coat of paint on an old rusty bike. Those of you who have a great Smart TV with the latest in HD, OLED, Ultra 4K technology, Also would like to have the best TV soundbar system as well.

Sonos Arc is the BEST! You can look at other soundbars and see the qualities that it has to offer, and then look what Sonos has to bring which is everything other brands have plus more! What your getting in Sonos is superior quality that meets expectations in performance. Those of you who own a Smart TV, would be welcomed to try out a smart soundbar. Sonos is dedicated to delivering the high dynamic sound support you always wanted for home theater.

Many of us try to get the best soundbar at its most affordable rate of cost. It’s good to save on items that may have a higher price, but you would have to consider the possibility of low quality that comes with it. Other brands preach that its all guaranteed and has more features and less price. Only after you made the purchase and realize why its at a lower price, because the soundbar is not what you wanted. Sonos Arc is not one of them. You truly get what you paid for.

Have you wondered why we expect the best in higher cost items? Then why do we expect the best in lower cost items as well. The same rule applies, you get what you paid for. Those of you who want a cheaper soundbar you may get sub par or poor quality service. Those of you who pay more for a soundbar you should expect better to great service. That is what Sonos Arc is about.

Why Is Sonos Arc The Best Rated?

For the level of quality and features is the reason why Sonos is the best alone. You have many ways to use this soundbar for home entertainment. It’s in your favor to enjoy and use this soundbar for many functions around the living room. The environment for living just got better with a soundbar system like this.

Sonos has a many sound systems to offer. We considered the Sonos Arc system is best rated base off of Google reviews which rates this device 4.8 just check it for your self by typing in the search Sonos Arc. There you’ll find many forms of reviews and videos talking about the overall aspects of its functions as well.

If those of you who are asking? where does a subwoofer fit into this setup? is the subwoofer included? Yes, you can order the Sonos Arc with or without a subwoofer. Of course its a bit more expensive with a sub-woofer, but you are getting the bang for your buck by ordering the package deal instead.

Introducing the Sonos Arc Entertainment w/ GEN3 Subwoofer

Sonos Entertainment Set with Arc Wireless Dolby Atmos Sound Bar and Subwoofer (Black)

The power of a 3D audio sound is truly amazing to hear. You can sit in any part of the room and get the same amount, if not more intense sound support as if your in the movies. The range is crazy to hear which is great, especially if your have larger room space. There is no need to modify a room for better sound, Sonos Arc entertainment system has all of what you need to get the best in home theater action.

Just to give you a peek we included some of best features here.

  • Connect to WIFI to control it with Sonos App, the remote and your voice
  • TruePlay technology is the sound acoustics that automatically set to your rooms size and structure.
  • Wireless controls for greater reach with no effort.
  • Stream Music, though popular apps like Pandora, Spotify and Apple Air Play
  • Combined with Sonos Sub make the room sound like a movie theater.
  • Voice Commands with Alexa and Google Assistant built-in.

Why does Sonos Arc Works Best with a Sub woofer

It this way, you don’t want to have Mustang GT without gas. In our opinion without a sub-woofer, your only getting the half of what Sonos arc has to offer. Getting the Sub with this amazing soundbar opens your ear to the world of true sound stability that most soundbars can’t EVEN reach.

The added effect is way better bass structure and high definition sound quality. Sure you can get premium sound support from Arc alone. But only half of the power it possesses. Sonos Subwoofer is sleek and stylish so it can easily blend in with your home decor. In most cases you don’t even see it. Which is another reason why you should own it due to its low profile design.

Sonos Sub - Black

Sonos Sub has wireless connections, so there room to move it around if you wish. The Sonos sub was built to complement Arc. It’s more than just extra piece of equipment. From its low tone bass, to the crystal clear dialogue. Your entering a zone of no return from this spectacluar soundscape.

How To Use Sonos Arc with a Smart TV?

This is a easy question. Just use the pairing functions available to use like Bluetooth, WIFI, and HDMI connections. That is the only forms of wires you have to deal with outside of the outlet plugins. Sonos is programmed to tune into the latest Smart TVs in the market. Just as long as your TV has wireless connections. Soundbars should be made to connect easy. It’s not about rocket science. Nobody wants to fiddle around with controls, wires and hookups to navigate. Just plug and play.

Smart TVs are mostly built for multimedia platforms for maximum performance. There is some TVs with pre-built apps and services that caters to other forms of soundbars. We recommend looking at our previous article:Plasma TV The Best That Never Was for more information on this.


Types of smart TVs that would be perfect for Sonos Arc has to have the following:

High definition Visual Display*

Ports for Audio Connections*

Wireless Device connections*

Sound Controls options with Apps*

To have to these types of functions in Smart TV’s for the Sonos Arc is recommend. If your in the market for shopping for a Smart TV that carries the features we recommend following this link: 5 Important Facts To Buying LG Nano Cell TV. It’s an depth discovery on how it can offer more than just good entertainment to your home lifestyle.

Where To buy Sonos Arc with a Sub woofer

Ways to purchase the Sonos Arc is though our recommendation site. It’s packed with advice on how its functions will help you get the most out of your home entertainment Plus we have a few exciting features for saving on shipping and handling costs. What Is Smart TV Technology?

We hope you found this information useful towards find that soundbar that meet your requirements for better audio entertainment. Comment below and tell us what do you think. Also know in mind that your choice in purchasing a Sonos Arc is not do-or-die but, if your looking for the best, You are getting the best recommendations here at CoolHomeTheaters.com

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