What Is the Best Recliner for Tall Men?

What Is The Best Recliner For Tall Men?

This is a solution for tall men who suffer from uncomfortable joints and muscles after squeezing into smaller recliners. You deserve better! That is why we wanted to help you find out, What Is the Best Recliner for Tall Men?

Are you having troubles getting up after sitting for hours into a neck aching chair? Do you suffer chronic back problems from unsupportive recliners? These average size recliners only provide relief and comfort to those who are under size and shorter.

You need a better recliner that caters to taller men. We’ve found the recliner to help your situation. Undersized recliners can’t offer the space and length for your Limbs, Neck and Back.

What you’ll find here is the solution for longer height and weight sizes. We’ll compare your height and weight to get the right size recliner for your choice.

We’ll identify what is the primary reason men have with undersized chairs and zero in on the top choice for your needs. Take a look below and discover why it’s important to have a specialized recliner for tall men. Take a closer look at why tall men need a better recliner below.

What is the best Recliner for Tall Men?

What IS the Best Recliner for tall Men?

This is necessary to have the best recliner because your back is worth it. Heck, your whole body needs the best comfort and support. To help you understand this more, we broke down the top things tall men need for long lasting comfort.

Check out what is the best reasons to own a power lift recliner below.

5 Biggest Reasons You Need a Power lift Recliner

  • Longer or Extended Footrest
  • Extra space armrest with more length
  • More space and depth for back and Seat
  • Longer Back support for Neck and Chest
  • Extended Headrest For better support.

Each and every one of these reasons can be answer with this recliner below. Take a look at why most people prefer this recliner over others as the best recliner to have for tall men.

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Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner

This answers all the questions and checks the boxes for men who are taller. A power lift recliner with specialize height and depth can bring a world of soothing relief to your body. Relaxing in Ashley Yandel recliner melts away your stress and tension. At the same time gives you comfort in the right places. Why Choose an Ashley Yandel?  Take a look at why Ashley Yandel checks the boxes for great comfort and support below.

What is the best Recliner for Tall Men? Yandel Collection 1090112 Power Lift Recliner in Black

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1. Ashley Solves Back Issues:

Stop adjusting to the seat of an old, ragged chair that makes you feel pain and soreness. Ashley recliners are design to comfort your back with the most suburb lumber setting for taller individuals. Got a sore back? check out number 2 below.

2. Wider Space for backside:

The wider the space, the better your experience. This recliner is made for you. Ashley Yandel has 35 inches within comfort for the better option to ease into bliss without feeling the sense you went five rounds with a MMA fighter. If you need more softer touch take a look at number 3 below.

3. Smooth to the touch:

With upholstered leather, you can feel the soft cushions crest your body in-style with your choice of color chocolate, black or saddle. These leathers coverings are backed by a sturdy cushion support system. which is built to last for many years to come. Number talks helps with your descend in relaxation check out number four below this one.

4. A Slow Recline Means Easier Time To Relax:

This levels the playing field in terms of ease to comfort control. You can watch as the seat slowly move towards your favorite reclining position, that way you back and legs have time to adjust to the level of comfort the body is receiving. If you are worried about head space take a look at number 5 below this topic.

5. More Space for Headrest and Feet:

It’s about time we seen a recliner that can cover the amount of space, for the most important areas of our body. The headrest is wider and longer. Plus, it provides extra cushion support for those who enjoy that head on the cloud feeling. Don’t miss out on total comfort and peace of mind with a Ashley Yandel recliner to get started read the link to get started with your order below.

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Why is Ashley Yandel Ideal for Tall Men?

It’s recommend for taller and older men. You can’t get any better than this recliner which offers a comfort level second to none. Once your body is in this recliner, say goodbye to your aches and pains of dealing with an undersized chair. It’s actually built for tall men and older gentlemen. Read below on how Ashley Yandel can save you space. Read the next topic.

Ashley Yandel is NOT made to take up space

What Is the Best Recliner for Tall Men? Yandel Collection 1090012 Power Lift Recliner in Saddle

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It’s not made to take up space, but to provide space in sitting for long periods of time. Many of us have smaller spaces and room sizes.

That’s another reason why Ashley Yandel is the people’s top choice. It’s able to be carried though door ways and fits in smaller rooms without taking up too much space.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what other furniture experts are saying click the click the link to get the facts.

According to Houseandbeyond.com A spacious recliner is ideal for the best comfort which speaks wonders for tall men to enjoy it more. “Everyone deserves Comfort” is the title of the page take a look at what it means to have a great comfortable recliner for tall men. Having foot issues, Read the next topic below to understand how Ashley Yandel handles those problems.

No more feet dangles

It’s about elevating your feet not hanging them to pain and discomfort. You can rest assured knowing this recliner handles the length of your average tall person by 69 inches. With a recliner’s height of 16 inches. Your feet are meant to be supported.

How much weight can it Support?

It’s about 250 to 300 Lbs. in total. Ashley furniture design this recliner to handle weight like this for very periods of time. Which is a game changer for amazing comfort. It’s like getting a new leather jacket and watch as the leather improves after use over time.

Easy to Sit in and Get Out.

As we mentioned, it’s made for seniors as well, so the idea of getting out of the recliner is just as easy as getting into one. You can imagine yourself feeling confident as you lean forward to rise up without tipping over or loosing balance. Same goes for sitting down.

What can a Power Lift Do For Tall People?

A Power Lift is design for people who have back problems and a hard time getting into a recliner. It’s tilted in a way to help you ease into the chair without hurting your back or legs. this is due to aches in the joints or immediate soreness in the body.

Have you ever noticed yourself making an exhausting exhale after plopping down into a seat? That’s your body telling you to take it easy as you sit down. That is why it’s important to ease into the slow recliner than to be thrown in by gravity.

Great motorized functions

Each of the devices for reclining is made to ease up and down in a synchronized motion to handle your weight gently. While the soft coils and cushions bring you into the world of bliss. Relaxation is on your mind when this happens.

Power Lift And tilt feature

It’s great to have an assist without asking for someone to help you out of the chair every day. With a push of a button, it’s all in your control to ease out and sit in, Which is the way you want it to be. It’s designed to handle the maximum weight capacity in any position.

Ashley has your back for outages

Don’t you hate it when the power goes out there is no way to use your recliner to rest? well with Ashley Yandel recliners it’s possible to use the backup battery for times when you’re not able to use the wall plug in to use. This will give you extra hours of comfort & easier recline while the power is being restored.

How To Assemble an Ashley Yandel Recliner?

We often get excited to get a new shiny toy in shipment and discover after unpackaging how difficult it looks by the way it’s packed. Well, we would like to help you ease into that situation without getting confused over the manual instructions.

1. Unpackage And line up

Take all the Parts and fittings and place them on the floor to make sure you have the connections in place for assembly. This is the easiest way to ensure that there is nothing missing or confusing to locate.

2. Start with the Red bag

You can find this bag underneath the chair or back piece. This will contain the power transformer, Power legs, and control wand, and Power cords. Remove them from the bag and place near each other.

3. Install the Legs

Place the chair on it’s back and find the legs and mount them on the bottom part of the chair. After securing them on safe, now turn the chair on top of it’s legs.

4. Plug in the Control Wand

Find The control Wand, and remove it from the plastic bag, connect it the female plug to the left side pocket.

5. Install The Back

Align the Female Brackets in the back with the male brackets in the chair base, This Should allow you to slide the back in to place to create a clicking noise by locking into the joints.

6. Install The Wings

If the model has wings, align them with the male and female brackets as well. Slide them in downward into place. 

7. Time To Connect Power

Connect the transformer cable with the similar transformer cord plug which is from the back of the chair. Figure A #5

8. Connect the power cables

Connect the power cord onto the transformer Figure A #6

9. Plugging into the Wall

Connect the Power plug into the wall. Make sure all LED lights are on. Be sure the cords are clear from the chair before operation.

Now that you have the chair assembled, it’s time to test and see if the all the connections are fastens and secured.

After you checked for the connections plug in to the wall outlet. Time to check for the LED lights to come on. This will let you know if the wired connections are connected properly.

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Ashley Yander Works Great with Home Cinema

Now that you have your brand-new Ashley Yandel recliner setup and ready for relaxation. It’s with our great appreciation to introduce to you the ultimate home theater system for your home entertainment. If you think having a great recliner to rest and sleep is cool. Then wait till you see what this fantastic home theater center can offer to your living room.

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Sonos Subwoofer

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We hope this article help you in find out what is the best recliner for tall men. We also offer some better home entertainment ideas to help you relax and enjoy your time at home with ease.

For more exciting articles and information on the latest home entertainment needs, visit us here at CoolHomeTheaters.com for more helpful advice thank you for reading our article. Please share this with your friends and family though Facebook, Pinterest, And Twitter. Comment below and tell us what do you think.

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