What Is The Best Streaming TV Services

What IS Th Best Streaming TV Services

Everyone wants to know What Is The Best Streaming TV Services? That’s because most of us are fed up with everlasting inflation cost of cable and satellite TV. Did you know, that BIG cable is boosting the rates for services just to give major discounts and free service to new customers? Yeah its true. That makes the most loyal and long-lasting customers foot the bill, while the newbies enjoy discounts and free service at your expense.

If your tired of paying high cost cable services, but do not know how To stream? Just keep reading and check out what we can offer. With the evolution of streaming TV. Your on a new level of entertainment and cost control. Here is an important fact to know:

According The nytimes/wirecutter.com about 88 percent Households were paying for high cost cable in 2010 that number dropped to 80 percent by 2015! The number of cord cutting customers Double in 2016. You can see Streaming TV is becoming an affordable trend each year. That is the main reason there are more options to watch TV shows, movies and sports now more than ever!

This is where Streaming fits into your plans. Just imagine all the TV  channels to watch your favorite sports and movies in a package whenever you want in High definition. That is Streaming TV. We are here to let you in on the best ways to save money using Streaming TV services. Take a look below to check out the best streaming service you can use today for half the cost of what you would pay for Satellite and Cable TV.

What Is The Best Streaming TV Services.

There are so many Streaming Services out there, we decided to give you the top ten for most popular and affordable cost. This will give you better perspective to as what type of service are looking for.

Amazon Prime: Considered to be the best in streaming for sports, music, shows and movies. Thanks to its expanded platforms of services. The best part about subscriptions to Amazon Prime and Smartphone networks is you can access Amazon Prime for FREE! Just sign up as a Metro PCS Customer to claim promotional offers while its still active.

Netflix: This service has made strides on a popular scale for quite a while. Especially when most local movie rental stores went belly up. Netflix is here to stay with some best streams of movies and TV shows available. Even though Netflix prices has change since the mail-in DVD selections, you are still saving some dough compared to cable and satellite TV.

You tube TV: Got a favorite cat video to watch? now you can watch it without the hassles of ads and long boring commercials though You Tube TV. It’s expanded the platform to feature more movies and shows without any interruptions. You Tube TV also features music videos and music streaming at your finger tips.

Sling TV: Sling is the first to offer cheaper services than cable. It’s become a fan favorite due to its expanding access to the internet and Local TV programming. Now You can experience Live TV and sports though selective services with Sling TV.

Direct TV Stream: Delivers the best DVR Storage, Which means you can catch up with all the shows and sports at your command. The best part of this service is you can pause fast-forward and rewind live TV anytime you like with this feature as well.

Hulu: You can get a FREE 30-day trial of this service that handles thousands of shows on tap. Plus Hulu originals and new movies every week. You can watch it on any device and you can share this with six of your friends and family to save more money!

Disney Plus: Huge Catalog of Movies, TV shows, from top production companies like Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic. What Makes it great is the 4K HDR Video Quality. So you can rest assured, These affordable prices makes it a steal.

HBO Max: Offers all new released Movies for 2021 under a low monthly budget subscription. Has over 10 thousand hours of content to stream with shows and movies that will keep you busy for the long haul, or On the go!

Apple TV: High Performance video quality, Plus an exciting A12Bionic processor which continues to enhance every bit of action sequence you see. Delivers the Apple experience which brings the easy to operate functions of IMAC into your home.

Peacock: One the most affordable services to have access to a full library of movies TV shows and live sports with greater in-depth coverage. That 20 thousands hours of content that is yet to be discover today!

Philo: Has HD Quality shows movies and on demand network to help you get every broadcast on your time own time. Witness 720p for Live TV and 1080p for on demand shows and movies. Has a Look Back Option which allows playback without DVR!

These are the top name brands to check out. Seasonally most of these streaming providers run promotional deals and specials. So it would be opportunistic to take advantage of the savings today. I’m sure your wondering how does the whole setup work? And what is the cost to sign up for streaming TV services? Check out the next topic below to get in-depth information.

How Do You Sign Up For Streaming TV?

Most streaming TV services offer some of the most the simplest ways to get your stream on, others would rather you sign your life away on the dotted line to get a free trail. We you to get more familiarized with the process before falling for any tricks or tactics you didn’t see coming. Plus, if it will help, we’ll show you some ways to sign up without the up front cost.

Here is the top Five Streaming how-to guide to signing up that will help you in the long run.

Amazon Prime: The First thing to do is download the Amazon Prime App to device of your choice. Upon Entering your information for sign up, make sure to only choose Prime TV streaming. This will give you the lowest price for subscription. ProTip: If you already have Amazon Prime this will give you free access to without paying additional cost.What Is The Best Streaming Services?

Netflix: Very simple process to sign up. Just download the App to your favorite devices. Upon Entering your information you will be given a three tier selection to try out. The first tier has access to the services with no more than a one device to use under one account.

The Second Tier offers five devices to use, plus you have the choice of high quality picture. Third Tier has all the second and first options with all of your streaming is HD quality.

After choosing what tier you want, Netflix  gives you a free trial of one month. This works great for those of us who are on the fence with cost and quality of streaming.

Hulu: Two ways to sign up, You could head over to the Hulu site, and click on the free trial button to get started. If you never ordered services for Hulu before. The next one requires to download the App on your device and click on the free trial button. You will have the selection of three options to select. Just makes sure your under the free trial system before choosing.

YouTube TV: Offers Streaming free for one month, Which gives you full access to the streaming service and DVR selections. You will have Five accounts to share with the family as well.

The get started just go to YouTube.com or Google.com to sign up. If you already have a membership and would like to add You Tube TV to your membership, they will give you the free trial with access to the streaming. Just download the App or visit the site to get started. This sign up, is very easy. You just have to get through some of the verification process which is for your security and safety.

Apple TV: Download and open the Apple TV App, Go The Menu bar to watch Apple TV+. This give you the option to select the subscription to choose. Just make sure you’re choosing the free Trial option with it. Follow the onscreen instructions to activate. Pro Tip: if You have Apple ID you can just sign in to start the free trial streaming.

You can see the top streaming brands come with free trial service to try out and experience some of the best streaming services they have to offer for you. Our recommendation would be to give each one a try, and right before the trial service ends, cancel the service and go to the next one to sign up. This will give you additional free monthly service to check out and experience.

The Cost Of Streaming Services.

Now Let’s get to the fun part of Streaming, Paying for the monthly bill… Just kidding. We all can agree paying subscriptions is as fun as taking out the garbage. But we would have to keep tabs on our expenses, especially if there is many to pay for.

For those of us how are on a budget, and need the nitty gritty on cost, Here is a quick list of the top streaming subs. Plus we added the Tier system to some of them, give you an idea on the quality to service. These prices are brought to you by the good folks at MoneyGeek.com

Netflix:What Is The Best Streaming TV Services?

  • Basic Price: 8.99 a month Gives you standard definition quality video on one device.
  • Standard Price:12.99 Gives you Two Devices On High Definition Quality Video.
  • Premium Price: 15.99 Gives you four devices and High definition or Ultra High Definition Video.

Amazon Prime TV:

  • Prime TV Alone will cost you 8.99 a month
  • Prime TV with Benefits of Free shipping and Prime day pricing would be 12.99 a month

Apple TV:

  • Free One year subscription to Apple TV+ with purchase of IOS device and Other Apple products.
  • Apple TV+ would cost 4.99 a month after 7 day trial.
  • Annual Plan Would cost you 49.99 a year


  • Hulu Streaming Alone would cost you 5.99 a month.
  • Hulu with Disney+ ESPN+ would cost you 12.99 a month.
  • Hulu plus Live TV for custom channels would cost you 54.99 a month.

Sling TV:

  • Sling Blue Has Local and select channels for 25.00 a month.
  • Sling Orange has some feature channels but no local channels for 25.00 a month.
  • Own both For 45.00 a month.

You can see, these prices are fair in some in areas, but could be costly in others. Just be sure to know what you are getting into before paying for it. It’s a great way to view television shows. These services offer more than you think. Its more of your choice to use, which will determine the overall cost in the end.

Is Streaming Services Really Cheaper Than Cable?

Now that you have seen some of the best streaming services, check out these features and cost below. It’s time to see how  streaming stacks up to Cable and Satellite services. In this topic we are going to compare the price of top cable and satellite providers to streaming providers and let you decide which is best for you.

*These facts were brought you by Broadbandnow.com

Xfinity By Comcast: Has over 112 million customers and covers 40 United StatesWhat Is The Best Streaming Tv Services?


  • Has XFI which is broadband internet services with 987 Mega Bytes of Speed
  • Xfinity DVR which allows you to record shows, pause and rewind plus stream on the go.
  • X1 on Xfinity Is a Voice Remote which responds to verbal commands and has one touch play action.
  • Xfinity Mobile for Xfinity Customers. This will give you full access to streaming services with mobile service.

Total monthly price:

  • 125 channels and 200 Internets: 79.99 for 12 to 24 months then increases to 89.99 after promotional deal.
  • 10 Channels and 200 mbs internet: 54.99 for 12 months no term contract.

*Information provided by DirectTV.com

DIRECTV: is the largest satellite TV provider with availability in all 50 states.


  • Entertainment Package:160 channels +60channels in HD/ Streams Live TV and On Demand Shows/DVR Included.
  • Choice Package:185 channels +80HD channels/ Regional Sports Networks Included/DVR Included.
  • Ultimate Package: 250 channels +115HD channels Regional Sports Network and DVR included.

Total Cost for each:

  • Entertainment Package: 64.99 a month for 24 months. 69.99 after promotional deal.
  • Choice Package: 69.99 a month for 24 mos. /regular price: 79.99 a month + 9.99 a month for regional sports network.
  • Ultimate Package: 84.99 a month for 24 mos./regular price: 89.99 a month + 9.99 a month for regional sports network.

Monthly Streaming services=Netflix: Standard 8.99 / monthly Cable=Xfinity: Standard 54.99

Monthly Streaming services=Apple TV: Standard 5.99 / monthly Satellite=Direct TV: Standard 69.99

* These prices are subject to change, deals and packages are temporary.

There you have it, Its obvious to see that Steaming is WAY more affordable than cable and Satellite TV. But you can also notice there are more features and functions for Cable and Satellite services as well.

You would have to carefully make the right choice for both selections. Make sure to read the fine print on the package deals. This will give you the better option choose which service is right for you.

What Is Required The Have Streaming Service?

This is very simple to understand. You would require to have internet services with the best speeds capable of streaming all the music, movies, games and shows to download and stream. With the ever changing systems of technology, its also recommended to keep your devices up-to-date and ready for streaming.

Just to give you a fresh perspective, We have some devices to get you started on your streaming journey right away. It’s a three device option with features to help you get the most of your steaming capabilities.

*Disclosure: I am the owner of this website, The products displayed below pays me a percentage commission upon your purchase of these devices.

Smart TV:

Samsung UHD 55 inch Smart

UN55RU8000FXZA 55

Experience entertainment with vivid shades and stunning detail with the RU8000 Smart 4K UHD TV. The TV features dynamic crystal color. HDR. Bixby on TV and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers. Catch the Savings by Clicking the Image to Learn More>

Streaming Device:

Amazon Fire Remote/Stick

Amazon 53-008355 Fire TV Stick Streaming Device - 3840 x 2160p - HDR - HDMI - Dolby Vision - Alexa - Dolby Atmos - Wi-Fi 5 - Bluetooth 5.0 - Black

Enjoy streaming media content with HDR 4K UHD compatibility on any compatible display with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Media Player. It provides access to content such as movies, TV shows, music, games, and more. You can also access premium services such as Netflix and Amazon Video.

This device supports video resolutions up to 4K UHD and connects to your display via its integrated HDMI connector. For high-speed Internet connectivity, the Fire TV Stick 4K is equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi 5. Using Alexa voice technology, you can intuitively navigate apps and search the web for additional information, such as the weather and sports scores, by simply speaking into the included Alexa Voice Remote.

Fast and fluid content browsing is enabled by the device’s quad-core processor. The Fire TV Stick has 8GB of storage for your apps. In addition to using the included Alexa Voice Remote, you can also download the free Fire TV remote app for compatible Fire, Android, and IOS smartphones and tablets for enhanced control. Catch the savings by Clicking The Image To Learn More>

Internet Streaming Services:

Internet Providers : Xfinity, WOW, Spectrum

Arris Surfboard Cable Modem

ARRIS SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem & Wifi Router

Up The 686 mbps DOCSIS Download Speeds/ 16 x 4 Modem Channels/ AC Dual-Concurrent/ Two 1-Gigabit Ethernet Ports/ Supports IPv4 and IPv6/ Compatible With Major U.S. Cable Providers/ Black Finish Save Now By Clicking The Image>

Owning these three devices, will give you more than an added advantage when it comes to streaming TV. To get more information on Streaming Devices, We recommend checking out our newest article on What Is The Best Streaming Device For TV?

Thank You, for taking the time The read this article, We hope you found some great information for What Is The Best Streaming TV Services The use For your home. Please comment below, and tell us why do you think Streaming better than cable and satellite. Share this article with friends using Pinterest the click to save the image below to your board named Streaming TV

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