What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth Vs Wireless Speakers?

What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth Vs Wireless Speakers?

So you want to know What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth Vs Wireless Speakers? Then you came to the right place. We are excited to share with you some great news for what’s all the hype about using these magnificent devices in home theater entertainment.

We’ll touch on topics to not only help you find out what is the difference, but we have in-depth facts on how Bluetooth and wireless speakers can elevate your quality of life. Plus we’ll take a closer look a how wireless and Bluetooth speakers work for you. Plus stay informed as we will give some great tips and advice for to get most out your Bluetooth and wireless speakers.

If you do not have any of them, Don’t worry we have the best recommend options to help you get the right wireless Bluetooth speaker that fits your needs most.

As you continue to read on, take down some notes and bookmark this site to stay up to date with the latest details. It’s good to get the facts before buying, this will empower you to make the right decision towards improving you home entertainment needs.

What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth Vs Wireless Speakers?

What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth Vs Wireless Speakers?

In order to understand the differences, we need to know first, what can each of these options do for you. Let’s look at what Bluetooth speakers can do for home theater systems.

Bluetooth For HomeTheaters: If you have a modern aged surround sound system operating on Bluetooth connections, this will give you connections to other electronics like Smart TV’s, or the other audio devices such as sound bars or surround sound speakers. Bluetooth uses a form of connection called pairing to connect wirelessly to receiving speaker devices.

Though this technique, you have the choice to connect to multiple devices within it’s own range. Although the range is limited, the connection allows you to take it with you or place it in different areas within range of the radio transmission. Ultimately, it is the device that’s connected to.

To sum this all up, Bluetooth speakers connects to your receiving devices though multiple connections like a music streaming service. Then it transmits these signals to the loudspeaker receiver. This allows the receiver to connect freely without cords and wires and sends audio signals to whatever transmitter is receiving. Like smart phones, tablets and TV’s

Wireless Speakers For Home Theaters: In this case a speaker with wireless capabilities has a larger range with connections and can allow up to ten or more connections at once in the same network. Same thing can apply for devices and electronics. Once the connection is established your using a network service that operates under WIFI (short for wireless fiber optics).

For home theaters, this can be a good device to use. Your Smart TV uses WIFI to communicate with the internet. Surround sound can connect with a sound system or even the subwoofer it’s self. Some surround sound systems can connect to other devices such as smart phones and tablets to get access to streaming content.

Wireless speakers like sound bars, sub woofers and portable speakers are the receivers to connections of a WIFI network. This keeps the option of using wires out of the question because the range to move around the room without wired connections is possible.

What’s A Bluetooth Speaker?What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth Vs Wireless Speakers?

A Bluetooth Speaker is a portable speaker device you use for listening to music or podcast to surround sound bookshelf speakers. These speakers offer a high range of audio sound around the room. Bluetooth speakers can come in different sizes and name brands.

It’s such a modern day joy to have Bluetooth. You could see it in smart phones for connections for headphones. We can experience live action gaming with speakers ten feet away. We can connect tablets to TV using Bluetooth to watch videos and photos of love ones.

To make Things clear, A Bluetooth device is used to connect electronics to each other. This is possible to make our lives much easier to enjoy. You can use your home theater sound bar to stream music using Bluetooth connections for streaming. While your surround sound system and TV’s syncs with each other in communication for a grand sound performance.

Many of us would love to have these speakers in a smaller & wireless controlled operation. That is what JBL has figured out and delivered for the masses. It’s called portable wireless speakers and they are such a convenience to use.

Here is what JBL Bluetooth speakers offer for you:

  • Waterproof design.
  • Outdoor and Indoor use.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Connects with you smart phone, tablet and smart watch.
  • Personalized graphic images on speakers.
  • Voice command features.

As you can see with Bluetooth, there almost no limit to the use of this technology. But what does it do for home theaters?

  • For Sound Bars it’s a gateway to connect to smart TV’s, Just find the signature in the settings and pair it to your device.
  • For Wireless Speakers that rely on wireless connections with Bluetooth it’s easier, just turn on the subwoofer or surround speakers nearby it and allow the system to connect it’s self though Bluetooth.
  • Smart TV’s It has a section for pairing devices such as smart phones and gaming consoles. Just find the signature and pair it with the TV and your in business.

These are some the things you can look forward to when using Bluetooth technology in your home or away. The difference is the level of convenience you get from using these devices. How easy it is to use it is the question.

What’s A Wireless Speaker?What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth Vs Wireless Speakers?

To find out what is a wireless speaker, you have to think of an electric lawn mover with a cord. Sure you may have some range and connection with a cord, but your limited to a certain type of range. There’s nothing better than to have the freedom use a cordless gas or electric powered mower that can give you limitless range and carries it’s own power source.

It’s possible to find that wireless connection in home theater systems today. With the help of WIFI, your in the drivers seat to control it from a distance without even the single use of a cord of connection. The power of wireless connection opens up a world of possibilities for your home theater system.

Your stove can talk to your fridge and the lights can be controlled by your phone. You set the room temperature to your ideal setting from great distance. As long as the appliance is connected to the WIFI network, it’s accessible to control. Let’s say you have a premium sound speaker from Bose:

You got your arms tied up cooking and want to get some music playing while you complete the masterpiece dinner. Using your tablet, all you have to do is press a few buttons and you steam music to your own delight.

Bose has some of the most dynamic sound speakers to use in the world. With it’s stylish design to the high power, mastered audio capabilities, you to get best out your entertainment.

Bose is built in voice command technology to not only use WIFI for access and control, but enhances the range with crystal clarity. That means you have the option to take the speaker with you in different rooms, or outdoors without sacrificing the level performance and sound.

Here is a few things to expect when your free of cords and wires using a home theater system:

  • Taking surround sound speakers to different parts of the house or building as long as your in range of WIFI.
  • Wireless Soundbars to communicate with surround system with no cords. That means placement is your choice.
  • You can place the Subwoofer around the room to test it out for the loudest bass performance. With ease of access to WIFI.

Some of you are wondering “well that’s great, But what if the WIFI connection slows up to too many devices in the network.” Yes, maybe that is true, but know there’s an option to increase speed from your network provider, or use what sonos has developed in it’s own. By using a standalone device that is designed to help with speaker connections.

This will free up more speed to other devices using Internet broadband. To find out more on this device from Sonos, check out this article: What Can Sonos Amp Do For You?

What Can You Benefit From Using A Bluetooth Speaker?

Using a Bluetooth speaker can give you options you never had before. There is almost everything in electronics you can access with Bluetooth technology. But to find out how to benefit from it the most, is to look into what do everyone wants to use it for when they are at home or out and about.What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth Vs Wireless Speakers?

To understand this clearly, we listed a few things that provides the most value in Bluetooth technology.

  • Outdoor Activities– A battery charged Bluetooth enabled speaker, gives you total access of range to take it with you where ever you go. Just connect it to your smart speaker or your car’s Bluetooth access panel for streaming music.
  • Pool Parties– Use a waterproof portable speaker For bigger bass and sound display action for a group to enjoy together. It’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.
  • Home Theaters- Combine Speakers and connect it to gaming devices, or use your TV for access to shows and movies.
  • Personal listening- Connecting to a pair of wireless ear buds or head phones is great if your looking to keep the tunes just in your ear. Or maybe you have a smart speaker that is Bluetooth enabled to carry your favorite podcast.

Here is a list of Bluetooth JBL Speakers with Bluetooth technology that can give you more than what the average portable speaker give in terms of value.

JBL Charge 5: Has some the best valuable speakers for outdoor entertainment. Makes the most of your summer activities. Powerful, handy and is tuff enough to take on the elements of what life has to bring. Take a look at some the features:

  • Wireless Bluetooth allows up to you two devices for connection to the speaker: (Smartphones & Tablets)
  • Link Up To Multiple Compatible JBL Speakers to Increase up to 80 decibels of amazing Bass and Stereo Sound.
  • Built in Power Bank that charges for 4 hours charge. Allows playing time up to 20 hours.
  • Water Proof/Dust Proof Design, so getting wet in rain storms or pool parties is not factor plus it able to handle dust too.
  • Has a frequency range between 2400 MHz to 2483 MHz this Bluetooth version is 5.1 which is the latest.

There is so much more to discover with using Bluetooth technology. With the market in such demand with newer faster connections, it seems everything is going wireless.

What Can You Benefit From Using A Wireless Speaker?

Discussing The Benefits of using a Wireless Speaker For Home Theaters and other devices. And looking at what improvements made from using it inside and out the home.

Using a Wireless speaker can be very easy to use, or quite difficult if your educated to use it the right way. Luckily for us it’s becoming more and more simple to use these devices nowadays. We can grow to love this form of technology in many ways today. You have audio speakers on door bells that’s connected to the WIFI for security. Then you have access to the heating and cooling temps for setting the controls from afar though wireless monitoring.

Then, there is wireless speakers for activities you have been looking for, in places you need it most. That is what we would like to show you. Take a look at our list of areas we frequent the most. You’ll notice these ares we love to use wireless speakers the most. While doing chores around in the household and outside as well.

Best places to benefit using a Wireless Speaker:What Is The difference Between Bluetooth Vs Wireless Speakers?

The backyard: Place a smart Speaker, or a portable speaker in this area and your in tune for some great music at high peak ranges. With the right speaker of choice, Voice command functions is a blast to have especially if you hands are full with other things.

The Basement: What a difference a sound system can make in this area. It’s better than you expect due to the echos of sound bouncing off the walls and surround you with great audio theater.

The Bathroom: We all love to listen to the smart speaker or portable speaker here. Get up to date news, or listen to the music while you sing to your hearts desire. A water resistant wireless speaker is perfect for this area of use.

The Kitchen: To have you recipe verbally instructed to you with no problem is great while you complete the meal you been eyeing for a while. Maybe you would like to listen to some soothing music while handling the dishes. Finding your options is easy with this area of use.

The Bedroom: Getting ready for work or waking up to the news stream can be such a convenience. Get the latest sports updates while selecting what to wear for work. With the help of voice commands like Alexa, the operations become touch less. Program your wireless speaker to start and stop at a certain time frame.

There’s Wireless speakers which connects you to the world of entertainment. And then there are wireless speakers that brings the world of entertainment to you. This type of speaker can give you an immense value of benefits waiting at your command. If your not familiar with this smart speaker, then allows us to show what you’ve been missing.

Sonos Roam: Makes the case for the best smart speaker to use for home away, and around the house for a variety of ways. You can make phone call verbally, Use voice command to change stations for songs, Also connect your smart phone for personal controls and favorite streaming apps to use. Let’s take a look at the features:

  • Drop Resistant Means your free from worrying knock overs and butter finger mishaps.
  • WIFI /Bluetooth Enabled gives you the choice to use it at home for WIFI and away for Bluetooth connections.
  • IP67 WaterProof Design can make life easier knowing it doesn’t get damaged from wet conditions like the pool or rain.
  • Connects to Apple AirPlay to give you access to the songs you have on your smartphone device.
  • Up to 10 hours of playing time gives you a full days worth of audio playback at your leisure.

As you can see, There are many similarities in using a both wireless and Bluetooth devices. Some would argue, that it’s both practically the same. We could agree on that, but one has the function of connection of devices, while the other connects your favorite Apps and the internet in many ways.

We hope you gained a better understanding of this topic. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us here by commenting below the article, and share your thoughts with us. Also, shares this article with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or Save it on your Pinterest Board labeled Portable Speakers.

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What Is The Difference Between Bluetooth Vs Wireless Speakers?

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