What is the Most Comfortable Sofa for a Sore Back?

What Is the Most Comfortable sofa For a Sore Back

We often complain about having a sagging sofa to deal with while enjoying a good movie. Why don’t we do something about it? What is the Most Comfortable Sofa for a Sore Back? Sit back and relax, we have some best selections for comfort that will help you ease into relieving the aches and pains of an unconventional sofa set.

Below you’ll find a list of primary causes of back problems and the sofa that can not only handle your back aches, but its design also to withstand the test of time as well. But first, let’s make sure you are in need of these sets by running a quick check down of the problems you may have.

What are the primary causes of back problems?

What Is the Most Comfortable Sofa for a Sore Back?

1. Saggy Warned out Sofa

When your sofa sinks in the middle or the most warned spot of the couch. This is due to the number of times people sit on a couch for long periods of time. Look For a curving shape in the sofa when you take a step back and look at it.

2. Weak or broken lumbar Support

The lumbar support is broken or warped due to overuse and can cause a lot of stress in the lower back area. This is supposed to support and keep the back up right and straight. It’s important to have a strong lumbar system to keep your lower back supported.

3. Worn out Couch Springs

Some couches are built with old material such as factory springs that were made in the 70s or 80s. Combine with the number of times we sit on these sofas with old sprigs can cause them to break down or bend to the pressure, instead of supporting the weight.

4. Sore muscles for work or over exhaustion

When working all day or using your back to get the job done can make your whole back have issues later on. It’s not even worth it to try to sit on a broken couch to ease the pain. This will increase the aches and cramps for long periods of time.

5. Poor sleeping habits

Sleeping less can cause more issues with your muscles and joints especially the back area. It’s great to get at least 6 to 8 hours sleep time, not rest or naps, sleep. The more you sleep the better your back will feel. It’s okay to want for a sofa that can support you comfortably and allows you to get that sleep time needed.

6. Sagging old worn-out bed

Do you get that sinking feeling when you sit or lie in bed? It’s because some springs are loosened and can no longer support the weight you put on them in a particular spot. Causes sagging bed syndrome. Why bother with an old bed when it’s possible to have a state-of the-art furniture for snoozing?

7. Sleeping on the couch in an uncomfortable position

Sitting or sleeping in an uncomfortable position can cause a lot of issues with your back and neck area. This is also a sign that your couch is too small to support your body, or the couch is worn out in a way to cause the cushions to feel uneven evened or warned down. Try not to sleep on these couches that are too old to use.

What is the best solution for these symptoms?

You need a Comfortable sofa that can handle and support your lifestyle.

It’s no secret, it’s time to replace the sofa, bed or chair. For those of you who are dealing with these issues, we found the best solution to offer for great comfort and maximum support. I was in your shoes not too long ago, until I made the decision to buy this sofa and its has made my life 100 times better.

According to clubfurniture.com It’s important to take couch construction and design into consideration. This will help you get the right type of sofa or sectional for a sore back. We come in different shapes and sizes, so our sofa should be the right fit for our bodies.

Getting a reclining sofa helps create the relief that is possible to have while settling into a relaxing position. Check out the image by clicking on it to find out about discounts and offers on free shipping details

My story on how a Saggy Couch Hurt my Back

There was a time when I was watching TV on a saggy old couch, for hours my back was on fire with aches and pains due to discomfort of sitting in one place for too long in the most painful of ways.

This is not supposed to happen to me. Even falling asleep, there should be no reason why I should not have to deal with soreness and aches after sitting on a chair. So, I took matters in my own hands and ordered a new Catnapper sofa for my living room and my bad back problems were gone!

Change is good, what led to my decision to change sofas? the list above gave me proof that I needed to make that change immediately! My hope is that you will make the change soon before its too late. The latest recliners and sofas are designed to create an environment of comfort and flexibility. It’s supposed to be a place of peace for relaxation. So now that we identified the problem let’s check out the solution.

What is the Most Comfortable Sofa for A Sore Back?

Trent Collection 1929 1153-18 81

Catnapper Reclining Sofa:

This is what you had been missing. It’s plush, soft and comforting to your upper and lower back. It’s full features to enjoy.

And if this sofa is not your cup of tea, its fully customized. Take a moment and feast your eyes on the way it looks with you sitting on this sofa. Instantly, aches and pains are melting away. To bring a new level of comfort your back needs. Click the image to get yours today! —->

Let’s take a look at what makes this sofa one of the most comfortable sofas on the market.

Comfort Gel Coil Seating

This Material is made to withstand the pressures of life with you and your family. You can tell how much the difference is when sitting on these sofas. It’s amazing how elegant the design is. The way it is built to sooth and support your weight.

The gel material has a bit of memory foam to it. once you sit down, the coils surround you with soft plush comfort. After you get up, almost immediately the coils retract back to its original form. This prevents sagging and keeps your lower & upper back supported.

Special Stitching for Strength and Support

we all love to have a sofa with a nice look, but what good is it when your back is hurting from the hard leather or worn-out fabrics? That is why the catnapper sofa has a luggage stitching design. It is created to handle wear and tear from constant sitting and potential spills on the seating. This creates a soft to the touch feel.

Sleek Look with Auto comfort control

Catnapped has determined that in order to satisfy the customer with the best of comfortably by making its sofas more modern and sleeker to fit the modern living space. The seating is manufactured to bring a high level of luxury which matches the level of plush and soft design. You can rest at ease knowing these sofas can make you living room look good while making life for you family happy.

Suede With Faux Leather

The type of material that is for comfort. As you slide into its seating, your reminded how a real sofa is supposed to be. Catnapped has the right mindset to develop the best in design, creative comfort, and bring a level of class to your home living room.

Catnapped Reclining Sofa Specifications

  • Dimensions: W 81 inches x D 40 inches x H 40 inches
  • Weight: 198 LBS
  • Color Charcoal, Black, White, Tan
  • Upholstery: Faux Leather- makes these sofas more affordable but stronger, with no animal Hyde (vegan friendly)
  • Style; contemporary – Original for modern living rooms
  • number of seats TWO
  • Type of style: reclining

The best part of these Sofas is the reclining feature. It’s designed to help you enjoy watching and reading while kicking back and relaxing. Check out why is this recliner made for Theater room use below.

Is Catnapped is great for Home Entertainment?

What's the Most Comfortable Sofas for Sore backs?Having a Catnapped is great for watching sports, movies and live TV shows. As you sit for long hours it not only takes you mind off the pain its melts it away at the same time. This is a double benefit because you have pain relief and a premium sofa with a comfortable look that is ready for prime-time action on the screen.

It’s great to have a recliner in your home for preventing further back problems that could make you have bad posture, difficulty walking and standing on your feet for long periods. Also, the pain and soreness of muscles in the legs and feet. But you can benefit from watching great movies while sitting this reclining sofa for long periods of time.

The downside of sitting in a regular chair

For those of you who are take a look at the modern chair. It’s not really built for comfort, It’s designed to give you temporary rest and the ability to take care of things while sitting. It’s stiff, hard but supportive. Many of us rest on these things to get a sense of comfort and ease off our backs. But fail to realize that its only made for temporary use only.

For those of you who are enjoyed reading a newspaper, or novel, watching movies and TV shows is your escape. Then you would need more than just a chair for comfort. It’s time to look into why a reclining seat is best for home entertainment.

As you sit back in a chair, we tend to slouch down which cause a lot of pressure on the lower back. Later on, that will make you have minor aches which could develop into chronic pains. If you’re a napper, this could be even worse when sitting in a regular chair. That is why the need for a plush comfortable chair that reclines for ease of comfortably.

Whether its automatic or Manuel, it’s great to know that relaxing in a reclining sofa can bring a level of stress relief that is soothing. That is why the Catnapped reclining sofas is perfect for you. Not only can you experience the joy and ease of pain relief you finally can benefit from it as well by just sitting back and relaxing in minutes, and watching the pain just melt away.

Catnapped Reclines for Sore legs and feet

Sedona Collection 762229 2793-28 86

                                 This is the Most Comfortable Sofa for a Sore Back

For those of you who are had been on your feet all day, or perhaps been in some type of rigors workout for some period. You would need immediate relief from the aches and soreness. Many of try to get that in just sitting a wooden chair not knowing they are causing further damage to the body. Have you heard the saying ” take the load off”? It’s true. You need to elevate that pressure and take the weight off it by reclining into a Catnapped sofa

Reclining into a Catnapped sofa helps your feet from the stress of standing on them all day. And while you rest, the pain just alleviates the tension and cramps your muscles develop from exhaustion.

This could be a game changer when your feel a chronic illness in your legs or feet and need to keep off of them for a certain amount of time. don’t ‘t worry about falling asleep in a catnapper, you will feel rested and pain free after sleeping. It’s all about comfort control, and that is what Catnapped delivers.

Are you a victim of soreness and aches and pains? Do you experience muscle cramps? These are the results of having a bad sofa or bed to sit or lay in. The Catnapped sofa recliner help you solve that issue. Sometimes sitting in a certain position with a hard or stiff seat can make your muscles ache to the point of having more cramps.

The Catnapped will resolve that issue with support and comfort by placing your body into a set position to prevent sore cramps in the neck and back areas.

Why Is It Important to Buy a Catnapped Sofa?

Bolt Collection 2281 2114-28 89

Purchasing a Catnapped brings add value to your home environment. It’s increases enjoyment and interaction with the family.

Most of us Think having a Sofa is for the living room only. You have more than one option for this type of Love seat sofa. It’s possible to have it in your man cave as the centerpiece of your entertainment. Click on the Sofa to Get Yours Today–>

The basement is perfect for the Catnapped sofa. The garage is a prime spot for your outdoor and indoor entertainment.

The attic can be converted into a home theater room with the catnapper as the number one spot have in the house. This changes the way family lives their lives for the better. Study time is a joy for the kids when sitting and resting while studying.

Your spouse loves reading in the recliner, that makes novels enjoyable to read. The kids love to play video games sitting in this sofa. And of course, you can relax to the soothing sounds of music while melting the stress of the day away.

These things are what makes families enjoy being at home with each other. That is what so important to buy a Catnapper for your health and the benefit of your family.

Power Vs Manual Reclining Sofas: Which One is Best for You?

Having a great recliner that automatically adjust to your back and legs and weight is amazing. By the push of a button, you can reach maximum comfort in seconds with no effort at all.

That is the joy of having a power recliner around the home. Some power recliners have some the best features to choose from and customize for a better luxury option. Here’s some features you can expect in a power recliner. Click the Image Below to Get Your Catnapped Recliner Today! —–>

Power reclining chair features

Crowley Collection 64772-7 1777-14 37
  • temperature control cup holders
  • USB Ports
  • Storage Compartments
  • Lighted footrest
  • Center docks for snacks and treats
  • Message sensors for back stress relief

For more details and specifications, check our article review on this topic for more information. Click here to read about top five best recliners for small spaces

Enjoying the abilities of a manual reclining sofa has it benefits your back as well. You can rest and recline in no time.

Just rest and watch the full motion of reclining as soon as you sit down. It’s marvelous! In some instances, its even possible to just kick your feet in the air while sitting and watching the sofa react to your legs by extending out the support while kicking back.

Click the Image on the right to get a closer look at our top choice for power recliners as well

Manuals are still a hot commodity, and can be a lot cheaper for the money, no energy use for comfort, and you get the option to choose what position sofa is in without reaching for the button to make it happen. Check out the features for manual reclining sofas below. Click The Image to Get Your Catnapped Sofa Today! ——->

Manual Reclining chair Features

Trent Collection 61920-4 1153-18 44
  • Levers are easier and manageable than buttons and remotes
  • Sack compartment on the side of the armrest for ease of access
  • Auto manual recliners are easy to kick back relax to in one sitting motion.
  • Leg rests are extended in seconds not minutes
  • Head rests are extended to your liking

We have an article that talks about these features and more just check out this page about manual recliners here at Recliners for small spaces with big ideas for those of you who would like to take a closer look, we selected the best recliner for manual recliner lovers just click the image to get started.

We hope you found some new information to use for finding what’s the most comfortable sofa for sore back. The catnapper is the considered to be the best among others. Which continues to help those who suffer chronic back and leg issues.

For those of you who are know anyone with soreness of the back legs and feet please share this article on Facebook, Post this to your Pinterest page titled Theater seating or share it on Twitter as well. Thanks for reading our article and check out more articles and reviews and more at coolhometheaters.com.  Also, comment below and tell us what you think.

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