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Are you living in a wireless world of convenience and technology? It was not too long ago that we had to connect to the internet though an Ethernet cable and listen to modem sounds as we log on online for surfing.

What about the telecommunication industry, over 40 years ago we had telephone booths and rotary phones that connected to the wall to reach out and talk to someone, Now its all about the latest and greatest cell phone technology and we’re making phone calls though our cars, while driving hands-free.

So today were going to take a look into the wireless lifestyle for home entertainment. Many of these wonderful devices and appliances can help you in many ways.Old School Devices

Wireless Television Is where It All Starts

Most can remember when we all had to watch TV on a black and white with bad reception. Did you know that in order to get an okay picture and decent sound on those type TVs we had to wrap aluminum foil around the antenna just to pick up a few more channels?

It’s crazy to read this but its true. Watching TV with only two colors(black & white) and only having access to a hand full of channels was a challenging option for home entertainment.

Growing up poor I found an old 4 head (VCR) video cassette recorder that was not working completely, I rigged it to operate at a moderate level. This was my high tech opportunity to enjoy movies with low quality sound from an 3-inch TV speaker that often pop and crackle due to the wear and tear of an old television set. It was a Zenith BTW.

This was my pride and joy, but as time change my living situations change as well. Today I can look back and laugh at this type of humbling situation but It makes me feel even more grateful for the wireless technologies I’m using now.

Thankfully you don’t have to live though this type lifestyle and can look to build your home entertainment with creative money saving ideas that will give your family something to be proud of. Enjoy the new ways of wireless devices we are about to display, this will set up what is the biggest need for change in your living room.

Sony 4K Smart TV

Where Can You Buy This: Amazon

Model Number: XBR55A8F

Size: 55-Inches

Best Features: Voice Control Remote, 4K HDR Processor, Google and Alexa Assistant for voice control

Pro’s: You can have the best type of entertainment with IMAX enhanced quality viewing, plus voice control remote to make the whole process easy to operate. It’s amazing to know that Sony took things to another level with self illuminating pixels for the best contrast of colors and deep black tones.

Con’s: One thing I found out about this model is there is no video port to connect other gaming devices physically but its the wireless connectivity that makes it work. I noticed the set displays reds and blue colors but these show bright eye popping displays.

It’s worth taking a chance compared to some the best forms of entertainment. you can truly see the High Definition Resolution (HDR) which makes the difference between models.

My Rating: I would give this model a solid 4 out of 5 stars. 


LG 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED

Model Number: OLED65C8P

Where Can You Buy This: Amazon

Size: 65-inches

Best Features: a9 Intelligent Processor Enhances the depth and sharpness of the picture, 4K Technology, Dolby Atmos which brings extra amazing sound to from anywhere in the room.

Pro’s: What a way to enjoy Movie theater Viewing though LG with Artificial Intelligence Using a feature called ThinQ. though out this set you have the power to control all of your devices with a simple voice action command. It uses 8.3 million pixels to illuminate automatically which enhances the overall quality picture.

Con’s: This model has the tendency to cause burn when left on for too long due to the over use exposure. So its recommended to get an extended warranty and turn off the TV when its not in use. Also, you can notice a dip in the pixel rate, which makes sense due to the very large numbers of pixels you have no control over.

My Rating: I would consider giving this product a try but if there is another option to find that is better you should do a comparison to find out which one works for you. Many people have found model very satisfying and delivers the most quality in picture but I would do some research before taking my word for it. My Rating is 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Wireless Surround Sound Systems

Tired of walking from area of the house to another just to hear what’s on the radio? There is a Wireless device for that. Want better sounds for your movies but your tired of the wires clogging up space? There is a device for that as well. Were committed to help you with your wireless needs for sound and convenience.

Did you know back in the day we had to use cassette tapes and eight track tapes as well as turntables to listen to good quality music? Well today we can load tons of music on a computerized device that has Bluetooth capabilities for head phones and wireless speakers.

Here’s a list of wireless surround sound systems I would to share with you to help improve your home entertainment needs. Please take the time to compare these models to find out what is your biggest need for purchase.

Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio System

Model Number: 006007

Where Can You buy This: Amazon

Best Features: Wireless Audio/ video cables, Dolby Digital, HD Sound Capabilities , 360 sound with 24 bit audio sync Technology. 6 speaker design with three HDMI ports or gaming and other device connections.

Sizes: 17x 31.7x 21.66

Pro’s: The best form of audio wireless technology you could have ever experience. It’s no wonder why amazon rated this model its best choice to buy. Setup is easy, just place the speakers where you want and it has only ONE port for hookup which is the HDMI cable to connect to the TV set.

Enclave has a feature called Enclave smart which connection and regulates the devices. Plus connect to multiple audio apps to get the maximum effect of music and streaming.

Con’s: Even though this device has a wireless speaker connection you have no Bluetooth access, Bulky DC power supply plug in. This model does not completely compatible with other platforms like Sony, Vivio, or Samsung TV sets. The on screen interface is not easy to navigate though so it may takes some time to get used to the controls.

My Rating: I would recommend giving this model a try for the benefits out weight the common minor troubles you might run into, with any wireless home audio set. It’s a safe buy in my opinion. 4 out of 5 stars


Wireless Projector Systems

Many homes used old school style projectors with the motorized noise catching each frame at a time while displaying it on a white wall or a classic screen. This type of projector tends to break down due to limited use lighting and motor maintenance issues.

But these new high tech projectors has a lot more to bring to the table than just a wireless setup. Most of these new wireless projectors can be placed virtually anywhere around the home to give you more of a home style theater experience that has brilliant colors and high definition quality.

You don’t have worry about the life expectancy of these devices because of the long life technology that has been incorporated to allow you to enjoy the many of the features without any interruptions and mishaps due to minor technical issues.

Let’s take a look at a projector that will change the game when it comes to visualizations and home cinema viewing.

Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p MiraCast, 3LCD Projector

Model number: HC2150

Where is the Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Best Features: 3LCD feature which totally eliminates the Rainbow effect, 1080p quality, HD widescreen plus view it up to 11 feet, Stream Gaming and movies, Position the Epson Projector in many areas for viewing and entertainment. !0 watt speaker built in to increase the level of audio quality. Wide screen is always better but view it 4x larger than a 60-inch Flat could.

Save with this Device: amazon has a great offers to save good money

Sizes: 12.2 x.11.2 x 4.8 in


Pro’s: Enjoy the premium quality of HD picture with 60,000 to 1 contrast that enriches darker scenes complement that with the placement of where you feel its best to place this model for better viewing. don’t’ even worry about lighting because Epson uses a feature called lumens 2500 for brighter whites to enjoy the full spectrum of colors. The Wireless mirror device can hold your most precious photos to view over a larger screen.

Con’s: Epson projector is not recommended to watch over regular TV channels, its built for movie, photo, gaming entertainment this Epson model does not support 4k Technology which is a huge bummer because that is the next level of higher quality picture. You might want to stick to Epson wireless speakers for full use of its high quality experience but its not compatible with other platforms.

My Rating: I would give this Projector a 4 out of 5 stars


Wireless Audio Systems

The larger the speaker the better the sound right? well that was when you could buy a high end speak set to hear the best sound money could buy, but nowadays its about the smaller high definition sound system which delivers more audio with less distortion to create a world of sound clarity.

Wireless audio can change the way you listen to music and transform the movie experience to a whole new level.

Its amazing to see that your in a different world when listening to sound of the movie from different areas of the house other than just right in front of you. Wireless speakers have the power to transmit sound in ways you never heard of, as though as if your in a movie theater.

These speakers come in very small sizes but can carry so much more force to the keep you engaged and tuned into the music you’re listening to. Watching a scary movie in the dark while these speakers on will make you think twice before turning out the lights to watch another one.

Check out these sets of speakers that you will find to be most interesting to find with features that has some things you have been looking for.

Amazon Music Speaker Displays


Wireless Internet Devices

When you think wireless devices, you think cell phones and tablets but what makes these devices powered to log on to the internet? Remember when you had to log on online though a low grade modem which took about 15 to 30 seconds or more to make the connection possible.

I remember that annoying weird dial tone sound you would hear every time you clicked to logon to the net. It’s was like listening to a fax machine making a transaction.

Wireless devices can come reinstalled in many ways like a TV set or a digital cable modem to a smart phone device. I truly believe that we have made strides towards making the wireless access so convenient and possible for anyone to make the transition online with a push of a button.

The latest type of Internet technology we use is the voice command device which uses a simple plug in and play hookup which has no extra wires or weird phone dial tone noises, just speak and these devices speak back to you while executing your commands.

Here’s some of the best forms of wireless internet systems to power all of your favorite devices while taking on operating technologies to deliver the best entertainment for your home.

Wireless Internet Devices


As you can see there are many ways you can develop a wireless home entertainment lifestyle which has all the options to keep you fully entertained and satisfied with comfort and convenience.

I would like to know what type of wireless lifestyle you live with. If your looking to enhance it pleases give us your ideas to know what can make a home wireless entertainment  enjoyable for people to use and appreciate by commenting below in full detail. I truly value your opinions and questions.



  1. I’m so glad I found your post. We have a new project for this year which is preparing our cinema room. We were searching for information regarding surrounding sound systems, projectors and audio systems. The wireless devices described in the article seems the perfect match for our project.

    We also took in to consideration the smart TV solutions and we decided for LG, but according to your ratings the Sony one has better ratings.

    Thank you for an informative article.

    • Hello Dany,

      I’m glad you found this Article helpful. It’s great to know that we have come so far in the technology world when it comes to home entertainment. Could you imagine us still using the same type of electronics we had 40 years ago? 

      If you have any questions on Sony’s products please be sure to check back with me. I will do more in-depth research on this type of model to provide helpful ways to fully enjoy home entertainment for your home. Good luck on your new project and I look forward to hearing the results.

      Thank you reading and please visit us again. 

      Jerald Polk

      The advice Giant

  2. Hi ,

    U have written a great article about old and new technology.

    I remember the time where i had a walkman and a big tv that is freaking big!Today everything got smaller.

    I remember the 65k internet-modem and the windows 3.11It was soooo… slow  >:-(

    Thank God that time has passed !! 

    I am interested in the big 4k Sony tv and having to setup everything wireless.That would be perfect for me because i am not technical and don’t know how to connect wires.

    What made me a bit afraid was, u have written:The tv is able to get burn … ?

    Is this with al big wireless tv’s and what is the best choice to make when choosing a tv ?Are there different models and different colors to choose from ?

    I also have children. What do u recommend for someone with a big family and many children ?We already have internet at home but not a wireless surround sound.

    Is it possible to have surround sound all over the home like in a movie-theater ?

    Hope to hear from u.


    • Hello Dahay,

      I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my article on Wireless Home lifestyle. I would recommend you should look into a wall mounted Flat screen set  that meets the families obligations for home entertainment, you could also look into using a projector system for movies and tablets for the little ones.

      Since you already have Internet services it best to have multi-purposes devices for individual services and entertainment.

      It’s crazy how we all have come from humbling backgrounds with early technology, But the change makes so much sense from then to now. Thank goodness future generations  can benefit from our early struggles as consumers. Here is a good place to start your for home entertainment though Amazon

      I hope this helps you and please visit us for more information and better options to check out.

      Thank you

      Jerald Polk

      The advice Giant

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