Yamaha 5.1 Channel (4K Ultra AV Receiver Review)

Yamaha 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra AV Receiver

Model Number: RX V485BL

Best place to buy: Amazon

Receiver Color: Black

Receiver Weight: 17.86 lbs

Best features: Bluetooth connectivity, 4K Ultra HD, Music Cast

Receiver Dimensions: 12.6 x 17.1 x 6.3 inches

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

To continue to make your home theater system come alive you have to make sure that it’s more than enough in high performance and power that makes things a whole better in your family lifestyle at home. If you desire HD powered top-notch devices with a lot of special features to hook your favorite devices to for excellent streaming and superb quality performance. One of the best forms of high quality entertainment is the Yamaha 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra AV Receiver.

Some people love to use This receiver for sound control for watching movies. Others Like to just listen to good music and just relax or do more things while the receiver takes the control of developing a great opportunity for a sound concert inside your home.

But lets take the time to understand the true aspects of this great receiver, also where are going to find out what ways do this it creates a better opportunity to enjoy the family lifestyle together or entertain friends with the features this device has to bring to the table.

What is Music Cast?

It’s wonderful display to connect all of your favorite musical devices to one hub to listen to the best forms of music you have been waiting to hear for a long time. Applications like Napster, Pandora, and others helps your turn you live room into a concert hall which helps because of the echoing sound but it’s just you make the decision to take your music to the next level by combine it into a great source for great listening.

Best thing about this feature is you have the power to share this feature around the house and into your bedroom. There is nothing like walking form room listening to you favorite tunes while taking care of business. It’s make thing so much easier than well when you do it hands and headset free.

Yamaha has produced some great sound devices for years but has yet again surprised us with another feature to use which called Alexa, this device has more than enough to help you get around the house, plus navigate though playlist and search and find things on the web. This feature along can make your life a lot better. In terms of task to do and in record time frame how to get things done properly.

Check out details on Alexa and more by visiting this link here and remember to share your comment with us to let us know to improve our site.

DSP Cinema Sound Performance

Its so worth the time to stop and listen to higher quality sound that will set you on another level. Hearing the crisp timing of the suspense of music plus the sharp clarity of a background effects displayed in the different areas of the room is truly amazing to hear. If you ever had the chance to go to the movie theater and hear the experience of a live theater sound?

Well take that and place it around the room times (two) with the magnificent construction of digital signal processing.

Yamaha has taken the time to capture the greats of sound field data the most famous concert halls around the world to deliver to you some the greatest sound to grace the walls of your home. With Great synchronization of action theater movies at your finger tips and soothing tunes to relax to, your in store for some of the best forms of entertainment Your ears has yet to hear.

Connect and Stream Your Favorite Applications and Enjoy

There is nothing have the comfort and convince of using your favorite applications to connect and stream music, the way you always wanted with a simple voice command feature with alexa of course that will give you all power to command your home lifestyle the way you choose it fit to be.

It’s mostly about the flexibility to have more options in your life that make it worth the money to invest in. Trust me, the last thing you want is buying something that cost you a lot of money only to find out that it’s outdated or under recall structure.

If you knew to the realm of streaming music and don’t know where to start, Don’t worry, your in store to find out there is a wealth of stream music options to have on this device which can give you more than enough to choose from. For those of you who have a certain favorite That you love to have check out this list see if your favorite is here.

Spotifly, Pandora, Napster, Tidal, Dezzer, Sirius, XM

These are just a few to check out more click here


Yamaha Continues to develop the best features to enjoy this receiver. It’s all about convince, the ability to have a certain option available for you at a simple voice command is very good to have in the home. It’s like have a virtual assistant at your finger tips.

The Bluetooth is a nice touch I can see many people enjoying this feature that allows you to connect other devices and port them with your own to have full control. The feature that is not even noticed in this receiver is the Easy Sound Optimization (YPAO) Yamaha Parametric room Accoustic Optimizer which anaylizes the rooms level of sound by giving you the regular sound control and enhancing it to bring out more the feature sounds effects in the room.

You have the love the way the 4K Ultra HD pass though has made things easier for your level of comfort and enjoyment As you get use to this high level style of comfort it’s safe to know that ‘its good to have more than enough options on the table for Casting the music around the house.


he Bluetooth technology is wonderful to have but it’s not so supportive towards headphone hook-ups and connections. Then again its worth noting that it’s better to have A B speakers options for those of us who are old school fans of the wired hookups and connections. These are small things but makes the biggest difference do to lack of options.

The Users Manual is a bit confusing for connecting devices and does not have a different manual for IOS users which is a bit odd for Yamaha. I found also it’s a difficult to maintain a good connection and stabilize services before locking up and shutting down.

Proper directions for connecting the AV equipment is essential to your home entertainment needs. And also it has to be listed in a simple guide to help those who are looking to connect multi-port functions for greater audio quality.

My Recommendation:

To have a Yamaha high performance receiver that has this many options for this price is well worth the look and try for sure. This will give you the back and support to truly master the art of experiencing one of the true valuable features on the market of home theater entertainment.

To miss out on this spectacular device is just a crying shame. Just listen to the high end quality audio that the system produces in such a way will make you stop whatever your doing and notice the greatness of sound and performance that you have been missing in your life.

If you enjoyed this review on Yamaha receivers please lets us know by commenting below. If you have question or you feel the need for more information and tips to install your home entertainment system the right way, check out our tips and advice here at Coolhometheaters.com

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